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Graphics Pro
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Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/17/09
Name/Username: racheele
How often you're online: I'm usually online, but I get a busy in the school year.
What editing programs do you use and what do you like making: I use Adobe Photoshop Cs2 &Photoshop cs4, I making alotta thing. But as for CR, I usually make simple Avy & Banners &icons
Why do you think we should make you a mod: Cause I make awesome graphics. >:D
Examples of your work:My user avy is made by me. &so is my profile. :3 ~ So please take a look

Posted 8/18/09 , edited 8/18/09

I would accept you now without any tests to do unlike the others just because I don't have the time to do it and we're so in need of mods right now. I don't mean that I don't like your work, I do, I would just like to say: please add more decor to the avi's. I really liked what you did on the banners and the icons, I just hope the avis would be less simple especially because we often do avi requests. Anyways, God Job, Good Luck and Congratulations.

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