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Posted 4/27/09 , edited 4/28/09
So, there's this model shop near my house (the ONLY one for MILES!) it mostly sells gundam model kits and plane kits, as well as a few figurines.
I want to get a job there because i think it would be fun, and I don't want a job that I hate. So... I was wondering if some of you guys could read my cover letter and switch it up? It kinda sucks.

Dear Kelvin,
My name is Sarah, and I am seeking part time employment at your store, Aura Model Shop. I think I would be suited for this job because I love working with people it’s something I really like to do.
I also like to watch anime; I have a lot of knowledge on that topic so if a customer were to ask me about something specific I would be able to tell them a lot about it. This would include shows that haven’t been translated into English yet, like Kuroshitsuji and many others. I’m also taking Japanese classes next year to further my knowledge in the culture!

Although I have never received formal training in a cashier position, I used to sometimes work in my family’s restaurant and I knew how to use a cash register so I think I’m well qualified for this job. I promise you that I’m reliable, sincere and articulate. I hope that you pursue my application!
Thank you for reading,
Saeema S.

Sucks? Yep. Please help me pursue my otaku-ness!! >_>
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