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Hetalia Family~
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M / The Land Of Ooo
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
Favorite Character:Denmark
Country you live in:Cyprus
Sibling #1
Sibling #2
Best Friend

I didnt get anything
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F / Camelot
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
XD I took this quiz, like, ten times with different favorite characters (Because I love so many) But I'll just put only the two most faved charas tests:

Fave chara: England (His name didn't even come up in the test...)

I got America as my father! Oh no! I'm going to be forced to watch homemade movies, fly in airplanes and eat hamburgers every night! XD

My mother... was Greece... XD, seriously? Why would they even get together? Aww wells, at least my mum's lenient... "Hey, mummy, how'd you give birth?" XD fun conversation....

My #1 Sibling... is France! Umm, umm... France-nii-chan! Please don't grope me! No incest, no incest!! Waah! (No, France would be a good older brother... hopefully... TT-TT)

My #2 Sibling... is Spain! Ah! N-nii-chan! Thank you for the tomatoes! Such a random brother I have... with a fettish for tomatoes...

My pet is... Belgium! My pet likes beer? Ah wells... since it's Greece, she'd be a kitty... Here kitty, kitty... get your saucer of hard liquor XD

My best friend is Hungary! Yes! Beat the bullies to death with your frying pan of doom!

My lover... is Russia! I'm fine with that... I love Russia XD I just hope he doesn't stalk me... Oh dear... Be nice, Russia-kun... Do-don't kill the boy who was hitting on me... TT-TT I have a feeling I'd be an outcast in school if this was my real family and lover... God! Why does my lover stalk half the people who took this quiz, and China and Lithuania regardless? Ah... it's fine... I love Russia! XD

Hong Kong seems to be a very popular stalker XD Hong Kong, why? Why do you stalk people? You shouldn't do that, you know... Russia's already a stalker... do I really need two? TT.TT
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32 / F / Kinda lost right...
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/23/09
Name: Alex
Age: --
Favorite Character:I love them all...Italy !! XD
Country you live in:Ecuador

Father: ME O_o I mean North Italy! That was freak....I don't now if I would like to have him as a father, I mean "where's Italy jr.? I trade her for PASTAAA~" XD ha ha ha nah I think he would be a really loving father!! And a plus, I would have all the pasta I could eat!! XD
Mother: Cuba O_o ??? Some more randomness well since I don't know a lot about their international relationships... ¬_¬' guess everything is possible!!
Sibling #1: Seychelles!! (I believe its written like that) Ja ja ja I really don't now her that well.....but she looks pretty funny! Like a cute little/big sister!! XD with a fish! ¬¬
Sibling #2: China!! I would like to have a brother like China (since I don't really have brothers or sisters I'm alone ;_;) with a wok and smart and fun!! I like China!!
Pet: Russia!!! XD this really killed me. it was like you have a pet and you were afraid of it!! XD so totally funny!! hahahahaha
Best Friend: England....I don't picture myself being friend of him, more like stalking him!! >///<
Lover: GERMANY!! This made my day!! I so totally agree with this!!! And since I'm North Italy its like FATE!!!
Stalker: Liechtenstein!! XD I felt like the quiz told me "You're a tsundere" I don't know I think she would be a cute stalker!! but maybe my dog would take care of her ¬¬ poor Liechtenstein!! XD

Ok that's it!
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27 / F / Anywhere
Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09
Father: Liechtenstein (rofl)
Mother: Prussia
Liechtenstein is more manly than Prussia, rofl. XD

Sibling 1: England
Sibling 2: Poland

Pet: Switzerland
Father Liechtenstein must like her pet :o

Best friend: Turkey
Lover: Japan
Stalker: Holy Roman Empire

um, ok XD
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F / lost
Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09
Father: Ukrain
My father has BREASTS?!?

Mother: Estonia
lol mother.... shouldn't it be the other way around?

Sibling# 1: America

Sibling #2: Spain
tomatoes for life!

Pet: Cuba
no comment...

Best friend: Seychelles

Lover: Poland
KYAAAAA!!! this is destiny! *nosebleed*

stalker: sealand
........ should i be happy or scared?

2nd attempt sowwy its addicting...

father: Russia
Mother: China
Russia x china! *MOE!*

sibling # 1: Seychelles
A sister with fishing skills! yay!

sibling #2 : Latvia
lol our dad is russia XD

Pet: Latvia
WTF my bros my pet?... cool

Best friend: Spain
hooray randomness!

lover: Japan
ummm... silent type?

Stalker: America
Yesh! I knew u couldn't resist me!

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23 / F / Under your desk
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09
I can't open the page... what's wrong?
Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/18/09

Father :: Doitsu!!
~kyuu,so strict T_T (WURST!!) i think Italy will come visit him EVERYDAY

Mother :: Hungary!~
~nyaa,my mom's a yaoi fan!why couldn't Austria-san be my dad instead?

Sibling #1 ::
~My brother is a HERO!<3 nyaa,why couldn't he be my lover instead T_T *incest?!!??!*xD he's super fun as a brother anyway^^

Sibling #2 :: Prussia!~
~I bet he'd fight with America nii-san to see who's more awesome =w=,*don't invade our vital regions!*

Pet :: ENGLAND?!
~nyaa,tsundere pet! @[email protected], America'll spend a lot of time with him i bet ^__^~

Bestfriend ::
~She'll show me around school!and we'll go Bishie Hunting! xD

Lover :: S-sweden
~*no comment*

Stalker :: Sealand?!
~O_O a pipsqueak is my stalker???my pet,ATTACK!!

AMAZING @[email protected]
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23 / F
Posted 10/21/09 , edited 10/21/09
*looks at her results..*

*mutters: Lover.. Finland..*

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22 / F / Matthew Williams'...
Posted 10/23/09 , edited 10/23/09
Father: Germany
Yay~ I get to eat good food. =)
... Okkkaayy
Sibling 1: USA
Sibling 2: Prussia
I don't want Yogurt as my sibling! D8 lol. jk. 8D
Pet: UK
Best Friend: Seychelles
Stalker: Sealand
... 0_o
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M / I'll Bite You ;/
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/7/09
Name: Shin
Age: 15
Favorite Country: Prussia

Mother - Sealand
haha I have a small mother //gets brick'd//
Father - Japan
... I never knew dad was into shota D:

Sibling #1 - Liechtenstein
Sibling #2- HRE

Pet- America
he'd be playful x) just hope he doesn't eat and litter on the floor too much...

Best Friend - Prussia
Haha oh yess >3

Lover - Russia
o-O //somewhat scared//

Stalker- England
d'aw x3
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