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Well basically a place to show off your creativity, and design your own Claymore! The bio should look like this--

Random Info:

C'mon, you know you've made one up! ( Any drawings are welcome! -^o^-)

Lol, I'm REAL bored, so here's a bio I use in a RP on CR

Name: Evangeline (Amber Evangeline)

Rank: #1

Bio: Unlike most Claymore, her family was not slaughtered by yoma. She left home when she was about 8, because her Father abused her and her Mother. She was atacked by a yoma on the way to a neighbouring villiage. She was saved in the nick of time by an unknown Claymore, who appeared to be the current #1 at the time. Evangeline followed the Claymore, (Whom she later finds out is called Lucy) Eventually Lucy, tired of having a child following her, turns Evangeline into the Organization. Evangeline started off at #7 where she demonstrated great prowess with a sword and an exceptionally large yoki, witch she had little or no controll over. The turning point for Evangeline came when she was sent on an Awakened Being hunt. Evageline lost controll over her yoki and succeded in killing the Awakened One, with a partial awkening. Lucy stepped in and provented Evangeline's awakening (Think Jeanne and Clare). Since Evangeline has no memory o the actual event, she blames the Awakened One for Lucy's death and now vows to wipe them all out.

Description: She is a normal Claymore, her hair is mid-length, but she has it tied up in a messy bun most of the time. She wears a normal Claymore outfit at all times. Her eyes are always yellow...

Specialities: Her eyes are always yellow because she still has little controll over her yoki. However, her body shows a strong ability to avoid awakening, even if she awakens in body, she usually returns to a normal state in about 30mins. She is able to perfrom feats of great strength, and she is able to do flash-sword for around a minute.

Random Info: She is a very violent person and has occasionally been known to obsess about Awakened Being hunts. She has been a Claymore for about a year, and #1 for 6 months or so. She loves violence and generlly shows little respsct for other Claymore, but she shows inital respect for awakened ones, before fighting them. She has lots of experience hunting Awakened Ones considering the amount of time she has been a Claymore.

-^o^- There's mine, I use her for an RP here on CR, (and a good one it is too!) You should PM me if interested in it.
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Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/5/08
... BEHOLD!!! The power of boredom!

Name: Fate
Rank: #10
Bio: *back turned*
Description: (looks exactly like in the picture ^_^)
Specialties: Partial Defensive Precognition and uses Gentle Blade (nudge away attacks rather than block)
Random Info: Attended Miata's party (LOL quest for cake reference)

Note: "Quest for Cake" is a Claymore spoof I did with the manga (changing the dialog)

EDIT: I'm aware that she is a brunette, why is she a brunette? Good question, I dunno either.
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Name: Kett'r "K The Sword Dancing Shadow"
this is how her name is pronounced[Kehrr] but when she is called by her comrades they call her K because they think her name is not pretty or not lady like

Name: Kei or k
Rank: # 24

Bio: *smiles*

Description: black long hair (sometimes tied with a red cloth), has a tattoo on the neck left side"Joseph", carrying a black claymore, tied to her left wrist a piece of red cloth which she sometimes you use to tie her hair.

Specialities: she can synchronize and link her yoki with any yoki that exist close to her detection. can manipulate her yoki with the other yoki thus changing it, making herself invisible from detection. Known for her unbeatable sword handling, offensive type claymore.

Random Info:
she is called The Sword Dancing Shadow not because she carries a black claymore but because when she synchronizes her yoki with the enemy not one will sense her presence.
known for her unconquerable sword handling(just a little tiny bit better than any rank#1).
history about the neck tattoo *smiles "this is just ink on flesh nothing special"* *pause* *stares at the sky* *smiles*
reason for her different claymore unknown or classified
in her first hunt for awakened beings, her comrades was puzzled when they heard kett'r was playing a harmonica

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Posted 2/12/08 , edited 2/13/08
Too bad I have no aptitude for designing images. I have a fine imagination, but I don’t know how to draw or digitally create pictures. Well, I can at least write a profile. I made up a Claymore who has relationships with the Claymores in the manga so I could feel a part of the story because I am the number one supper mega nerdy looser.

Name: Akuma

Rank: Previous Number Two

Type: Defensive

Sex: Male

Nickname: Elder Akuma (He’s the oldest living Claymore,) Akuma the Abomination. (He’s fused parts of his body with those of Awakened Beings he’s defeated.)

Strengths: Because he has lived for a long time Akuma has learned many techniques and tricks for combat. He knows very well how to survive and how to fight. He’s a master at suppressing his yoki.

Weaknesses: Because Akuma is a male Claymore it is very dangerous for him to use his Yoki. As a result many of his techniques are worthless, and he cannot go past ten percent of his true strength. (Enough to turn his eyes gold.)

Techniques: Akuma knows many techniques but can only use some of them. He’s a master of detecting yoki and has the ability to manipulate an enemies yoki gaining a certain degree of control over them so long as he isn’t harassed while in the process. Akuma is well known for his signature slice, a move in which he bends his entire body around dozens of tiems and releases. It’s known to be the strongest and fastest attack in the history of Claymores. However, it also leaves him completely helpless until he can heal, something that takes great time for him since he can’t release his yoki. His greatest trick, however, lies in his right arm. In his most heated battle he managed to slice the arm of the Abyssal One of the north, and healed it onto his own limb. He now has the same ability as Isley, to a lesser degree, and it is with this weapon that he has preserve his life.

Bio (Spoiler alert,): The Organization’s first attempt to create a Claymore as powerful as an Abyssal One actually created an Abyssal one. The attempt was made with Isley and his brother Akuma. Akuma was supposed to keep Isley under control but because he failed miserable he was removed from the Organization. He, however, later returned when he discovered that the Organization was making the same mistake a second time. Despite his intervention, however, the sisters were used and a second abyssal one was created. He fought with the monster and failed to subdue it. However, he managed to save many Claymores and was allowed into the organization in secret, serving as a recruiter. He later discovered and trained Teresea until she overcame him. Whenever she went rogue he was sent to capture her, but refuse to fight his pupil, saying he could not win the fight either way. He was exiled once more as a result and vanished into the north where he remained ever since.

Descript: Common Claymore hair and color, no scars. He’s very plain but regarded as incredibly gentle in his composure and expression most of the time. However, when he becomes angry, or is put into a combat, many find his look frightening. He doesn’t hide his emotions well, and so keeps his face hidden beneath a gondolier’s cap.

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Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
Name: Ryche.
Rank: # 9
Bio: Ryche grew up inside a well respected family. They worked their butts off to put food on the table and get the kids nice new clothes every now and then, however one day when Ryche was going to collect wood for the fire in the nearby forest she came across a man being torn apart by a huge dark looking creature that loomed in the shadows. Fearless as ever, Ryche approached the scene with little caution, thankfully scaring off the feasting yoma as it was tired from the kill. Realising the dead corpse belonged to her missing brother who had ran away a few weeks before, Ryche stumbled back home with her dead brothers remains in her arms. Upon returning to her village she was greeted by chaos and destruction. A pack of yoma had become ravenous and eaten away at all the villagers including her mother and father. Dropping her brothers remains to floor, Ryche swore revenge on the trecherous vile beasts and on her journey from town to town to find someone willing to teach her the ways of the warrior, she came across a Claymore. From then on she befriended the Claymore until eventually the organisation realised she was a nusience to the Claymore (currently ranked number 3) and gave the girl what she wanted; the Claymore ability.
However, on her first Awakened Being expedition, Ryche having gotten carried away with the prospect of dieing before she got to fulfil her life-long goal, half awakened and is now, permanently in that state.
Description: See picture.

Specialities: Throwing small daggers at the enemy before dealing the final blow with her Claymore sword.
Random Info: Known as Ravenous Ryche as she uses the word ravenous in every sentence she can. Also because people have described her fighting style as 'ravenous' at best. A very quiet and sad Claymore who keeps to herself. Sticks to her own kind and her own kind only [Claymores].
Has her symbol tattooed onto her forehead. Her symbol looks slightly like a bullseye. She believes this is because she constantly feels that she is being victimised or used in some way.
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I'll think of one later.
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
Name: Josephine
Bio: She and her mother(Jay) grew up one the streets of a rich sort of town and was kidnapped into slavery , sold to a family of rich snobs. They both were slaughted by the stepbrothers and mocked by the stepfather. On the day Josephine turned 13, a large group of awakened beings came and destroyed everything . The rich snobs escaped and left behind Josephine and Jay, locked in a cage. As the awakened ones were approching the two, Claymore # 3 Irene killed them all and turned Josephine and Jay to the organisation. Jay was then made Claymore#47 and was put onto missions while Irene trained Joesphine. During the years of training, Jay was made no#7 and was given another task to hunt down no#1 Teresa with 4 other members but died because
Pricilla(sp?)awakened during the hunt. When Josephine heard the news she was filled with anger and swore that she will be the next number #7 to avenge her mothers death.
Description: She looks just like Teresa with the simillar adittude but her hair is slightly longer, When all claymores look into her eyes they know something more than anger is simering within the silver orbs.
Specialities: Learn't a higher version like quick sword, can make clones of herself , warp time and her stats are very close to Teresa
Random Info:
Offensive type
Known as Josephine of the Passionate
Josey for short
During Clares Era

Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
Name: Deianera
Rank: #21
Bio: There was a war between humans in the west, when she was little. Her parents were killed in that time, and she ran away from her village. Short after that she joined a group of raiders, and so she got familiar with murdering and robbing. One day, they robbed a village where a yoma was hiding. The raiders were eaten by the yoma, but Deianera ran away and hid in the forest. When traders came by, she was captured and sold to the Organization. Now she's been a Claymore for over a 100 years, which makes her one of the oldest Claymores among the Organization. A lot of those years she was assigned to train young Claymores, and now she knows the abilities and weaknesses from about every Claymore. Because of that, she's suitable to make teams for hunts of Awakened Beings, and to assasinate betrayers of the Organization.
Description: Short hair (from her years as a raider), she is long and for the rest she looks about every other Claymore, except for the fact she has two scarfs on her face, one on every cheek. She is good at hiding her emotions, but very cruel and bad at hiding her yoki.
Specialities: She has the best swordmanship in the organizantion and has very quick reflexes, but her real special ability is that she can make her body invulnarable for arrows, spears, yoma claws and fire. For this she's known as Deianera the Indestructable. However, it takes a lot of her energy to do this and it only works against yoma, human weapons and fire. Awakened Beings and Claymores are still able to kill her.
Random Info: Defensive type warrior, has trained some of the greatest warriors of this time and was the tutor of Riful of the West.
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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/18/09

Name: Citil

Number: 16

Combat Type: Offensive

Techniques: Extream Speed, Strength, Yoki Manipulation(Can stop Claymore going over their limits), Pain Suppression, Regeneration.

Status: Alive

NicName: Painfilled Citil.

Reason for name: She can use her Yoki Manipulaion on her self to trick her body into not felling pain which would fill her with pain. Untill after the battle when she turns it off and all the pain that would of been inflicted during battle would come at the same time which would usually end with Citil passing out.

Bio: Citil was forced in to the organisation at a young age by her parents for money, during the painful combinding of yoma in her body Citil did not even screw up her face in pain she merly held back the pain, Which gave her the nicname Painfilled Citil, after they found out that she had trained herself to feel no pain and that she is can hold back pain by using her Yoki Manipulation on herself to trick her body in to not feeling pain. Which came in handy during her training as that she never gave up even if she had a broken arm she would still fight which was one down fall to her ability she wouldn't know if she was reaching her limit because if she couldn't feel her own pain then she could't tell how bad it really was untill after the batlle and she turns off her Pain Suppression and all the injures would all hurt at the same time which would fill her with so much pain that usually she would pass out, so the organisation told her to only use it if she really had to or if she knew that she could win the battle fast with her Extream Speed and Strength.

After 2 years in the traing fase she learned Fast Regeneration so now She could atleast Regenerat her small to medium injuries during battle, but if she lost limbs or broke bones she would have to fight whith what she had left and suffer the pain afterwards, and use normal speed regeneration to fix them as the Pain Supperssion and Fast Regeneration durring the battle would of already broght her close to he limit.

After starting her jobs to kill yoma, she would rarly use the Pain Supperssion if she knew she could finish the Job quick because of her Speed and Strength. She could finish up the yoma quick and usually didnt have to use her yoki in battle.

Citil was never orded in to battle she would always ask for the hadest jobs and never agreed to jobs that would require her to be with other Claymores because she didnt want to have t be faces with the death of another Claymore, unless she knew that she could finish the job Quick. During her rare jobs with other Claymores she learned that she could use her Yoki Manipulation on other Claymores, and she could use her ability to stop them from going over their limits this ability was very weak and could only be used for a short amont of time and could only be used on weaker members, and that she could also use her Pain Suppression on them as well, and this was bad for her because that ment that now she was getting forced to go to assist other Claymores in their their jobs.

Now Citils life consists of running around to assist in Awaken Being hunts and Yoma hive raids.
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