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{fanfiction} a continued story...
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118 / F / Funky Town!
Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/20/09
GAHHH!...I luv it! Best fan-fic EVAR!
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23 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
Where s' the next CHAPTER ? i what to see want happened s' next
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/5/09
glad to see my fan base spreading.
sorry, i cant upload right now, im in the middle of exams!!
but spread the word, and ill have your chap ready soon! arigatou!!
Posted 12/11/09 , edited 12/11/09
I'm back!!! *applause* thank you! thank you! and hello to all my new fans!!
oh! and my icons are finally working because my computer got updated! *applause*


How is it? I love my Zero!! Soo coool....
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23 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/12/09
that was great ! i think Zero still love s' Yuuki and i wonder want will happened next ?, i love Zero and Yuuki kaaay !

im a Zero and Yuuki fan!
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25 / F / somewhere in indi...
Posted 12/13/09 , edited 12/13/09
yay!!!!love it!!!she's as clueless about a book as yuuki lol!!!
Posted 12/20/09 , edited 12/20/09
ALRIGHT!! i have just got to get on with my fanfic!! its going so sloooowww!


whew! done! i tried to make it longer! look foward to the next one!!

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23 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/21/09
i guess saiko-Chan know s' now Zero s' feelings for Yuuki she saw them together and was shock how Zero looked at Yuuki

go !!! go !!! Zero & Yuuki
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23 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 2/15/10 , edited 2/15/10
where is the next CHAPTER ?!
Posted 2/16/10 , edited 2/16/10
sorry!! give me 2 weeks and i PROMISE i will update!! i have my finals going on!! and iv been asked to go on a student exchange program to germany!!!

but ill do it after the finals!!
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23 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/21/10
OK and sorry !! i don't know your so busy
Posted 3/1/10 , edited 3/1/10
phew!! exams over!! my friend just called me up and asked me if i updated! i freaked out and hung up!!
but no worries, I'm here now!! gomene, its been too long!! but I'm updating, FINALLY!!!!

" Why are you acting like an idiot Zero? She was worried about you!" Yelled Yuuki.
"Leave me alone! She doesn't have to bother about me- What was she doing here anyway?" I snapped.
"She was here because i invited her! How could you chase her away like that?!"

I walked past her and muttered, "I'm going to bed." Yuuki made an exasperated sound and stalked away. I trudged down the hallway. As i lay on my bed i thought of how Saiko always threw me off balance. Her presence made my heart beat faster. I thought of how hurt she had looked. I didn't want her to worry.

Ugh, i really was an idiot. I thought that if i denied it i would forget about her.
I liked her.
But what about Yuuki? I hadn't forgotten about her. I placed a hand on my head. Falling in love was such a pain.



"This is the most boring part of guardian duty." I commented. We were filling out reports. I glanced at Yuuki who was less flustered than i was, and at Zero who was almost done. Yuuki looked up, "It time to get used to." She explained. I groaned.
Zero got up to leave," I'm done."
"Wait Zero!" Yuuki stopped him, "Why don't you help Saiko-Chan? It'll take her forever otherwise."

Both Zero and i stiffened. We hadn't spoken in the previous month. I glared at Yuuki because she knew that too. But she pretended not to notice. To my utter surprise, Zero pulled up the chair next to me. "I'll be right back!" Said Yuuki cheerfully disappearing behind the bookshelves, leaving me and Zero in solitude.

As Zero explained how the reports were to be filled out, I noticed he was leaning closer to me. My knee accidentally bumped his under the table. I blushed. Zero hadn't noticed or at least pretended not to. I looked and was startled to see how close Zero was to me. He looked at me with his clear silver eyes. His face was just inches from mine. Wha-? Was he going to kiss me?

"Got it?" He asked not looking away.
"Um- what?" I fumbled. My face felt hot. He tapped the sheet in front of me. "The report."
", yeah." I breathed.
He got up. "I'll be going then."
I watched him leave and buried his face in my hands. OMG, what had just- ? My heart was beating so fast, i felt weak.

"Done?" I jumped. Yuuki was peeking from behind a bookshelf.
"Y-Yeah." I replied weakly.


oops, what happened to the spoiler?
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23 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/26/10
i can't wait what happens next do your best OK !!!
Posted 12/2/11 , edited 12/2/11
I'm back.

Remember how at the beginning i promised i would never leave my Fanfic halfway?

I'm keeping my promise. Now, it's your turn to promise you'll keep reading! I had shut down my old account, but now i opened a new one in the same name. Rest assured, it's still the same old me! But i'm all grown up now! Well, It's good to be back! Now, let's continue.....


It's short, but i'm going to update more often.
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21 / F / Why do you wanna...
Posted 12/28/11 , edited 12/28/11
WOW this is really good hope you continue
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