Kinda disappointed with the direction Naruto is taking
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Posted 4/29/09 , edited 4/29/09
Before I say anything, I just wanna say that I don't want anyone to misunderstand me. I still like the show and the manga, I just think that it's had better times. With that being said, I just wanna express the fact that lately I'm disappointed with the direction that Naruto is heading in. I'll start by saying that I like the story, I like the characters, I like where the plot itself is moving. What I don't like is what they're doing with Naruto himself. Without giving away any spoilers, he's simply getting more and more powerful. He's to the point he can take anyone, Kyuubi or not, and I think it's ridiculous.

A centralized theme of Naruto has been the fox, which represents a cunning, clever figure that outwits it's opponents and tricks them. Foxes in general are fast in mind and body and tricky, which is how Naruto started. Remember him turning into a shuriken and Sasuke throwing him at Zabuza? How about when he tricked Neji at the Chuunin exam and dug that hole? Tag teaming with Sakura to take the bells from Kakashi? That's what Naruto is about. He's crafty, he messes with your head and he'll hit you when you least expect it. His determination brought out his cleverness. Most recently, he outwitted Kakuzu. I won't say how, but watch Naruto Shippuuden 88 for yourself. What he does is awesome.

Nowadays, Naruto is all brute force. He gets more and more chakra built up. His moves are more and more devastating and he's simply a ridiculous amount of destructive force. His determination is there, but he's beating his opponents with pure strength rather than outwitting them. That to me is taking away from what Naruto is supposed to represent. In fact, I think Shikamaru is more "Narutoish" than Naruto himself is. I don't mind Naruto being powerful. I don't mind him getting stronger. What I do mind is his power replacing his cleverness.

If you've read the manga, you'll understand what I'm talking about for sure. He's just so freakishly powerful and fighting mano e mano. That's not Naruto and that's not ninja. That's just fighting. Naruto and ninja's in general are stealthy and tricky. Naruto really isn't (tricky) anymore. I wish they would bring that back. Nothing beats an opponent thinking they're gonna destroy Naruto's world and all of a sudden "Nani?!" and BAM, wtf?! Naruto just hit them from out of nowhere with some stunt he pulled out of his @$$. That's the way it should be. That's my 2 cents anyways. Feel free to disagree but I just wanted to say that Naruto was better when he didn't rely on his power to win battles.
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I for one don't really think that way. Well in one of the latest chapters when he was battling pein, he disguised all his shadow clones as rocks and then attacked pein, and everything. I think thats pretty clever since pein actually got tricked with that and all.
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Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09
You are starting to see naruto mature and become stronger, his cleverness is still there but he had a need to become stronger to battle against stronger opponents. Being clever helps him a lot but fighting someone like sasuke or madara tricking them is not so easy he needs to have raw power and skill also.

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It's just a natural transition for Naruto. He had to be clever in those examples you gave because he was going to lose, but now that he has trained with Jiraiya and became a toad sage, he's better equipped to fight an opponent using some taijustsu moves.
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well, what the hell do u expect from a mature Naruto?
to play dumb and still be totally clueless and outwitted like a little kid .-

Well.- people grow ind mind. I also loved the dumb and foolish Naruto when he was a kid, but in Shippuden u see he has become more awarness of his own powers.
ALso it would be quite sad Shippuden if Naruto still was that dumb when he was a little kid, then there is no point in making a Shippuden.
The concept of the story is still the same .- Naruto is still the nr.1 surprising ninja, coz' he does some surprising stuff .- like he surpassed Yondaime in Rasengan Shuriken .
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