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Posted 5/1/09 , edited 5/2/09
Quote Contest Rules:
1. All CR rules apply to this contest
2. Length should be limited to a phrase or sentence. For those who prefer long quotes, we will give a maximum of 3 sentences.
3. The theme is family.
4. It should be creative.
5. Do not copy somebody else's work.
6. You can send more than one entry.
7. Deadline would be June 1, 2009.
8. Winners will be chosen by daddyluvboo and the mods. Winner will be announced on the first week of June.
9. The poem that wins will be posted in the group profile for the entire month of June.

Judging/ Rubrics:
originality 35%
creativity 50%
choice of words 5%
Following the rules 10%

BONUS: Anyone who was able to put and fit the word ice cream in the poem will get an additional six points but those who can put the flavor of the month which is Caramel will get additional 10 points in the scoring.

For any other questions, please post in this forum.
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Posted 5/13/09 , edited 5/14/09
Name: Cherry, Kurosu_YukixKuran_Kaname
Quote: Family means Fate . and . Memories Of You and Me . I . Love . You
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Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09
The happiness when eating ice cream is delightful, but it cannot only be felt by yourself, so share that feeling with your family, and spread the ice cream love!
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