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here are the poems.

Heart of Ice

Heart cold as ice
Never again to fell
Never again to love
Broken so many times
i have closed my heart
for feat of being hurt
why must i hurt so?
i am cold so cold
Never again shall i feel
Never again shall i love
For my heart is made of ice.


I hide in the darkness.
I do not belong in this world
why must i suffer so much?
Darkness holds my soul.
Can anyone save me from this pain i feel?
Darkness brings more and more pain.
Someone save me before i am gone forever.


Pain is nothing new to me
It surrounds my heart in
a cloud of darkness.
I do not feel pain
I can not feel pain
I have been hurt so much
that i do not feel anything
The fires of hell can not compare
to the pain i have felt.
Pain is hell
Death is bliss.


From dusk till dawn i roam
for to the darkness i am bound
to roam this world alone
for all of eternity
Why must i suffer so?
What have i done to desserve this?
Darkness owns my soul
It surrounds my heart in a blanket of comfort.
Will i ever be normal? Will i be free?
Darkness is my only comfort.


From dusk to dawn i roam
for to the darkness i am bound.
To wander alone is my curse.
For i am meant to suffer
for as long as i live.
Why have i been cursed?
What have i done to deserve this?
Can i ever be set free?
Will i?
Why must i suffer so much?
Am i forever to be alone?
Why oh why must i be tormented?
Why must it be so?
Forever i must wander alone
this is my burden
nothing can free me
not even death himself

What is love?

What is love?
Is it real? or is it something that we made up?
Love is a fickle thing my my friend
Its real then again its not
some saythat love at first sight is true.
Its not then again it is.
does anyone really know that answer?
There is no real answer.
What is the point of love?
There is NO point.

Tears Of Blood

Every time i cry
i cry tears of blood
why i do i do not know
when i do someone i love dies
why must this happen to me?
why are my tears made of blood?
Why must i hurt so?
why ME?
was i meant to to save someone?
why oh why do I cry blood?
is it mine? is it real?
someone please stop this madness
I am afraid that i may go insane.
Then again it could be too late.
Do i seem crazy to you?
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just the sixth one ._.
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