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Title:Winx Club People And Specialist At The Bottom Of The Page


Bloom was born in Domino and was sent to earth when the three ancestors of Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.Bloom's immortal sister(Daphne)had sacrificed her own life just to get Bloom to earth, where the three ancient ancestors can't go, was sent there and Daphne was dead but still comes out and is not a regular person like Bloom the Fire or Dragon Fairy Girl.Bloom soon found Stella and discovered new things and wanted to be a fairy and she was,she then dcovered in Season 1 that she was the princess of Domino(not playing dominos!)where she actually lived.But her Castle and things were destroyed and she had nothing to do.In Season 4 she had her Alfea Magic Power and transformation and then she had defeated Baltor and that was when Bloom died just to sacrifice back to her sister(immortal sister Dapne)and she wanted everything that respected her,well she sacrificed all herself and powers and made everything that cared for her never gonna die like she is.She made her decision at the last moment and said if her friends and family are all gone,she is going to be like this too.This happened when all her friends did not care and broke apart just because they did not listen to one another.Now Bloom had made up her mind and went to Domino,find her sister and sacrificed her own life(Bloom's)to get it to Daphne,and Daphne lived but Bloom did not and Daphne could not do anything so she left.


Stella was born in Solaria and is the Princess of Solaria.She left Solaria when Shimera and Cassandra sent the guards to arrest her and took over Solaria.Stella was happy when she got her Enchantix and Charmix and Transformation.She made Cassandra and Shimera go to the saddest kingdom ever in the end and was the Princess again in Solaria and never bothered anything until Baltor,Icy,Darcy,and Stormy showed up and made Bloom to Dark Bloom with her Enchantix and together they defeated winx and so Bloom was dead the time when she attacked them but rose again and made her friends live.

(Ps I will write about Layla,Flora,Musa and Tecna in another Forum, and Thank You For Everybody who read it.I have to go to the jamberee now so bye!It's already 5:30!So thank you for reading!)Please also reply to me in this forum part!And I mean it!)
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