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23 / F / E- Arth [--does r...
Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/29/08
Name Abbie
Age 13~
Hobbies Drawing, sleeping, internets, being a band nerd, etc.
Fav dollfie store Eluts(CP), DreamofDoll, and Dollzone

I don't really have my full dollfie, he's sorta still roling around as a head<_<;; I think my ANI is hating me at the moment >.< but soon enough! I have plans to get more soon when i have money <3
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68 / spain
Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/17/08
Name: Shimei
Age: 18 ?

hobbies: draw, photography, sleep , eat, dollfies, speak with ghost~~

Fav Dollfie store: luts ♥ dz ♥ and more~~ I think almost all have a good dolls ^^


More about me? I have a sky from B&G, I love japan and visual-kei, my fave band is diru ..and ....I 'm so hungry! ! !
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26 / F / U.S
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/26/08
My name is Shannon and I'm 15.
I fell in love with these dolls thinking they were digitally made, BUT later I found out they're hand made.
I have too much hobbies so </3 I also get bored easily. Dx
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32 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/1/08 , edited 4/2/08
Im Anne... I just love dollfies.
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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
Nice people i would be really happy to be friend with !!! ^^

oname wa(name): boko wa Asuma desu (Asuma-chan^^)
nenrei(age): =P
shumi (hobby): ANIME, MANGA, addicted >w< and D.O.D FAN
i own a D.O.D DOLLFIE daisukii!!!! ^w^
Ja i hope to help you if you need anything i'll be more than happy to Help!!

Asuma-chan ^^
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26 / F / Akasarushi Land!
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
I would like to introduce myself also~

Name: Shichikou
Age: 20
Hobbies: Draw, Design, Dollfie~~~ Sew for Dollfie. Recently taking interest in Cosplay~
Fav dollfie store: LUTS and Fairyland

I've been into this dollfie hobby for over 2 years now. I owned 3 dolls today~ And soon to have Lots of Floaty heads.. ehhehe

My first doll is KDF ANI from luts. Then Second is Actually SOOM NAMU, but i let him go since SD size is not for me. Then my Third(now second) KDF BORY from luts again. ^_^ ;
Recently, I've got my little PUKI PIKI! He's ADORABLE!
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48 / M
Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
Age, Old.
Hobbies yeah alot.
My wife collects dolfies, and then ropes me into making them clothes :P

We like Lutz, ect, and try to avoid DoA since they can be a bit hard to take at times
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28 / F / Anjo city, Aichi,...
Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08
Name: Kaiya
Age: 17
Hobbies: Piano, going to the gym, crafts
Dollfie: i honestly would never be able to spend so much, but i love to admire them.
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25 / F / Upside Down In Wo...
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/19/08
Name: Rachael, called boris, dont ask why.
Hobbies:... well, i watch movies, a lot, its all i do, its kinda sad...

well, i'd love to buy one, but i cant afford one at this point (my mom would murder me if i did), i've always wanted dolls like these, but the best i could get are cheapy ball joint dolls for childre, wich of course are still good, but not nearly as beautiful. i hope to be able to buy one within a year.... it may take a while though.... but it will be worth it.
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27 / F / ......
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/19/08
Name: Haley.
Age: 15
Hobbies: ...quite a lot....umm...

I don't own a dollfie, because I am not wealthy enough...I really do want one...
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28 / F / My head
Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/28/08
Name: Kuro-chan ( Chloe)
Age: 17 ( 3 weeks till i'm 18)
Hobbies: Internet... does that count

I am probably gonna save up and buy a Dollfie when I move to Japan to teach English next year!!!
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25 / F / In ur dreams,Canada
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08
Name: Wynona (Y-Boha, Nona, Nonni, Y, Nana (for some reason Nana is rescently new to me...).)
Age: 15 years young
Hobbies: Drawing, Story written, being hyper with friends, listen to music and babysitting my siblings after school.
Fav dollfie store: any place with clowns and cute silent looking dolls ( LMFAO XXD All of them are silent )

I'm actracted to Clown Dolls. I L O V E them I only have 8 clown dolls at the moment. My first one that started my collection is from an old childhood friend. He gave it for me on 6th brithday.

and I have other dolls too :D

P.S. My guy-friend says that my clowns are Devil Clowns
Some how one of my clowns cut his pinky finger for some reason...
and I dont have a dollfie... I'm really new to this stuff...
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78 / F / Down by the dark...
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
Hello Hellos everyone !!
I'm Keiko, age 14 new to this lovely group ^O^
Fave dolls ... I love all kinds xD
Since many people know they're extreamly expensive T.T
I share many lovely dolls with my friends ~

Uhm .. My hobbies are dancing, singing, photo editing and taking pics x3
Add me or ask me if you wanna know more about me ~~

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32 / F / Milford, PA
Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
Age: 21
Hobbies: Drawing, taking pictures, sewing, and cooking

and this is my super dollfie violet:
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