For All Members to Read! Please Read Rules! Very Important!
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Posted 5/5/09 , edited 5/6/09

1.Do not SPAM. I repeat, DO NOT SPAM. If you came here to get more CR points then I will kick you out of this group forever.

2.Harassment of other members and staffs is not permitted.

3.This group isn't the kind of group for moronic kinds!! Like if you're stupid then don't come here.'

4.Do not spread unfounded rumor to our group!

5.You can upload images to our group's album, BUT make sure it's PG-13. No mature images that includes:
a. Adult Scenes
b. Violent Blood Scenes
c. People Neud

6. Please be nice to other members and staff in the group! The members are real people and you are a real person and I'm a real person typing this down!

7. Use of swear words such as: "ass," "damn," "crap," "hell," and "piss" are permitted, as long as you aren't flaming a user.

8. Respect everybody property!!

9. That's all for "the everyone rules for everyone" part :D

II. Here are the mod rules if you are a mod.

1. Always pass the requirements for a mod. (Will be later explained in the next section)

2. Be kind to others.

3. Again, don't put violent images. Keep it PG-13

4. If you have a problem then please report the information to me.

5. Try to invite more people if you want.

III. How to be a mod.

1. You must be at least two months old to be a mod

2. You have to be active in our group wall by:
a. Helping others
b. Keep the group active by talking to other people

3. You must be a fallen angel and not a spy from the light

4. You would have to send me a message of approval before I let you become a mod.
Include these in your approval message:
a. Why do you want to become a mod?
b. Why should we let you become a mod?
c. When is your birth date?
d. How did you became a fallen angel in the past?
c. How long have you've been playing on crunchyroll?

If you want to include more details, that is fine.

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