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Posted 9/12/10 , edited 9/13/10
He could have solved the problem on his own, but because Meyrin forces her way in to give him a solution . She told him to hide and just started taking off her clothes. with the situation then, he did not have the time to respond quickly enough. The soldiers were knocking on the door and sounds as if they were going to break down the door.

Now, if you are a man (and a gentleman), at that point in time, when
1) you are stuck in a situation where you nid to escape
2) a girl forces herself to save u even with you saying no and starts taking off her clothes
3) soldiers were about to knock down the door on the other side (AND CAN POSSIBLY SEE THAT GIRL NAKED!)

what wud you do? I don't think there are a lot of courses of action for athrun.

To add on to that, if that girl is found with you..... what are the consequences for the girl?

In a way, the way I see it, Meyrin is trying to protect Athrun, but because of that, Athrun ends up being the one who is OBLIGATED to protect her. If in that situation, he knows that he had to lie low and let Meyrin do whatever she wants to do.
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