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Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/7/09
General Rules - The Ten Commandments of RP'ing

1. No godly characters.
2. God Modding is unacceptable. You cannot auto-hit or auto-dodge.*
3. Evil or otherwise unbeatable enemies and NPC's can bypass the God Modding rule to an extent.*
4. Controlling another player's character without permission is not allowed.
5. Secluding one's characters to make the story about them is frowned upon.
6. Don't whine when things don't go your way.
7. Suddenly having a new ability while in the middle of a fight is not allowed.*
8. Keep OOC arguments short to avoid disrupting the RP. If unable to, resort to PM's.*
9. Give a brief history of the show or game being RP'ed.
10. The stats of all player-controlled characters and NPC's must be posted.*

* Section

1. Auto-hit and Auto-dodge/Auto-miss are not allowed unless given a valid reason or dictated by the storyline. This should be discussed by the people involved (preferably through PM's but OOC is fine if it can be resolved quickly).


A shoots B. The shot didn't hit because B was too far to be hit - B has to clarify how far he/she is to make it valid.

2. (refer to #1).

3. This applies unless dictated by the storyline or the ability is simply an extension of an existing one (character should be strong enough to make use of the extension). Upgrading an ability in-fight is not allowed unless dictated by the story.


A (can use electricity) uses magnetism to crush B's armor. - This is valid because magnetism is caused by electricity.

A (can only use basic spells) summons a high-level creature to attack B. - This is illegal unless storyline dictates that something will happen to allow it.

4. As long as the argument remains in the thread, the posts with the arguments must have an IC part to minimize game disruption. OOC-only posts can and will be removed by mods.

5. This is to avoid the following situation:

A uses a high-level spell on B. B is revealed to be immune to magic and is, therefore, unaffected.

General Posting Methods

"This is for dialog."

This is for thoughts.

'This is for mental dialog that involves other people.'

"This is for dialog through something like a phone or a PA system, etc."

PS. I leave the controlling and watching of rules to the maker of the RP itself. I do not wish or have enough time to look over all of them and make sure everything is ok. Oh and not really a rule, but no double posting.

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