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[I'll complete it by the end of the week, ^^'' it's a short story anyway :]. Since I obviously suck at finishing full stories~ '-']

. . .Your everything I thought you never were...but still you live inside of tell me, how is that? Your the only one I wish I could forget...the only one I love to not forgive, and though you break my heart...your the only one...and though there are times when I hate you, cause I can't erase...the times that you hurt me and put tears on my face...even now that I hate you, it pains me to say...I know I'll be there at then end of the day. . .

I don't want a broken heart...don't wanna take a breath without you...I don't want to play that part...I know that I love you...but let me just say, I don't want to love you in no kind of way...There's something that I feel I need to say...but up to now I've always been afraid...that you would never come say you got the most respect for me, but sometimes I think your not deserving of me...and still your in my heart, but your the only one. And yes, there are times when I hate you, but I don't complain...cause I been afraid, that you would walk away...oh, but now I don't hate you...I'm happy to say...that I will be there at the end of they day. Now I'm at a place I thought I'll never be...I'm living in a world that's all about you and me...I gotta be afraid that my broken heart is spread my wings and fly away...awayyyy withhhh youuuuu...

<< In they're happiest times...

~We took one step at a time, and found love, but, who am I exactly referring to?~

The last memory I remember, the last memory that is most precious...Every Fall, we would walk along a path to our favorite Super Market, it had our favorite snacks. Rice balls and Curry. Our hometown was as peaceful as ever. Everyday would be a joy, less than a job. Me and him worked part time at the Super Market. It wasn't as much fun working their without him, of course. One day in particular was very busy...

"Price check on Ramen Noodles? Isle 11!" I slid it passed the price checker 3 times the charm, but failed once again. Then tried numerous more times. Haha, it's okay, Tessa, the Ramen Noodles don't have any price on them. His voice spoke from behind me, hugging me from behind. The Ramen Noodles fell out of my hands. I blushed. "Not" I giggled blushing. "Tessa...William...what did I say about personal affairs during work?" The manager, Coan said in front of the cash register. A restless customer rang the pretty golden bell next to the counter. Making me jump a bit. "Can you just tell me how much the Ramen Noodles are!?" He said too fast for me to even comprehend.

"S-sorry sir!" William released his grasp around myself, and I rolled up my sleeves and got back to work. But it was pretty hard to do so, William was right behind me...and the Manager was hovering over me, watching my every move. My hands felt slippery, and I was recklessly dropping customers items. "It's so funny when your nervous, Tessa." William said laughing, staring at me from his own Isle, Isle 9 would be his. The manager finally left as William did. I sighed for a brief second, then got straight back to work. "That'll be 9.98$, please."

After work, me and William went out on our 21st date. We've been going out about everyday since we met...we're not a couple...we're not together...we're just friends...can't friends hang out with each other and go on dates? As we walked along our favorite path to our favorite Park, it started to rain, or sprinkle actually. "Aw." I said looking upward into the depths of the sky. "Told ya it would rain...but you wouldn't listen." He smiled, so I couldn't be mad at him...or think he wasn't right all the time. "Your right." I chuckled lightly, opening up my striped umbrella. At first, it was sprinkling. Then it started pouring down very hard! We both held onto the Umbrella's with our hands locked together around it. Lighting struck and I screamed a bit. All William did was laugh. "We should hurry up and go home!" I insisted still lightly laughing to myself, trying to maintain the grasp to the umbrella. The wind became very tense. "THE UMBRELLA!" I shouted as the umbrella flew away from us, eastward. We chased it, still laughing our hearts out. Enjoying the precious time we had left. Some people aren't lucky like us...To have what we have...

I stepped on a puddle, then some mud as I chased the Umbrella farther than I've expected. "Where are we?" William asked, in our view we saw a bridge, beyond it a swing. We crossed the bridge, and examined every inch of our location. There was one swing, it was wooden but still looked decent enough to use. And as I examined more, I saw a tree...It was tall and and a good green color. "The air really...unexplainable." I said lifting my head into the air, letting the scent flow into me. "Your right." William agreed. Taking my hand by surprise. I gasped silently. But why? I'm used to Williams actions by now...

"Hey." He said. "W-what?" I widened my eyes starting at our locked hands in place. "We should make it a habit coming here everyday." His eyes wondered up, staring at the tree that I had someone came to be attracted to. We both walked up to the strange, but alluring tree. William picked up a stick near the tree, still holing my hand. And carved in the tree, our names...and a simple heart that meant so much more. My eyes became a little watery, I was so embarrassed then, trying to turn away from him. But he noticed. "Don't cry Tessa..." He dropped the stick and placed his hand near a falling tear, drying it away. "I-I'm not crying...! There's just something in my eyes..." I rubbed my eyes with a goofy grin. "Sure." He laughed, my vision of William became blurry, because of my crying. "I'm okay." I said putting on a smile. "I can see it in your eyes...deep inside you still want to there something you need to tell me?" He asked with one of his serious looks I adored so much.

"N-no...I just...l- oh, never mind." I sighed smiling at the dark clouds above us. That had lightened a bit, for now. "...Seems like...the sun is about to appear." He said with his soft voice, whenever I heard his voice...I swear it was like a lullaby and I would always feel like I wanted to sleep so suddenly... "That still missing." I reminded him, laughing. As our laughs continued throughout the bright and sunny day, we thought we should get one step closer into our relationship...and become boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Next Day...

...I realized everything I ever wanted was right in front of me. Every time I thought William would let me down...he doesn't. Impossible. Because we really...are together for real now. I cherished every moment with second. His birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks, I was exited for that you see, I would give him a special gift, from the heart.

"William!" I ran into his arms, gripping onto his white shirt. He smiled. "Hey." I stared up at him. "I can't wait until next week! By the way...what do you plan to do for your birthday?" I asked.

"Nothing special..." He answered. William was about to turn 17 years old, I was only 15.

"NOTHING!?" I cried. "I don't want it to be a big deal..." He explained. Then I frowned. "Fine..." I lied though, I wasn't even sad about it, If he wasn't expecting anything special, good! I would then be able to throw him a surprise party.

After that discussion, we went on a couple more dates, it seemed like...we would never get tired of these dates we had everyday after work. We would never get tired of one another either...I know I've only been his girlfriend for a day...but, it seems so much longer...The fact that I've known him for 10 years...we had a lot of chemistry together by then! You see...I think I'

"TESSA! STOP DAYDREAMING AND GET BACK TO THE CASH REGISTER!" My manager disrupted my wonderful thought, I scurried back to work, forced to work under pressure. I heard a silent chuckle come from Isle 9. Then started my very own chuckle. I couldn't wait until work was over with...William and I, would go our Usual Spot again today.

Then came...the time for our date at the Usual Spot. We crossed the bridge, admiring a few flowers along the path. I bended down near a particular flower I grew interested in..."William, what are these? They're so pretty!" The flower stood out next to the rest of the flowers, so it was noticed easily. It had a light pink color in the middle of it, and around it a dark pink color. It smelt a bright and joyous day...kind of like today, actually. "Not sure." William answered, placing his finger to his chin. I was still amazed and wide eyed at the flower. Smiling widely. "Tessa..." William said as I turned my head around and looked at him over my shoulders. I looked sad..."Let's name it Tessa!" He hollered with a huge smile. I seemed somehow relived...the way he said my name like that...was...somehow disappointing to me. Maybe because...THIS TIME...I actually thought William would let me down somehow...I took in a fresh breath...Never wanting to think that awful thought again...

"That's so...sweet of you." I grinned, throwing myself at him. We were on the ground to the bridge. The sun shined on us. And we both laughed joyously. When we walked up to that tree, it still said what William carved from yesterday. It would always make my day happier. I walked up to the swing, and sat on top of it, holding onto the rope connected to it. William came from behind me, and pushed my back as I started swinging faster and faster. "Close your eyes, Tessa!" He shouted. I listened to him. And as he swung me everything I would come back to the surface, it felt WONDERFUL! It was like you were flying! With your eyes closed, and the breeze going threw you, and the hair in the wind...Man...William always knew the right things to say...He was truly sent to me from God...I made many memories with William each day I would spend with him...I truly...began to, LOVE William...

The next Day...

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