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Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/8/09
Does Any1 watch Gakuen Alice? Please watch it! It's awesome~ ...


Mikan Sakura, a ten-year-old girl, following her best friend, Hotaru Imai, entered a school called Gakuen Alice. Upon entering she discovered that the teachers and students here have special powers called Alices and she also has one. Here she meets her bestfriend and other kids as well as the mysterious Natsume Hyuuga.

Natsume hates the school because it uses the Dangerous Ability class which he is in to do the school's dirty work and even if his alice eats his energy, he has no choice but to follow their orders because they threaten him that they will hurt his loved ones.

As Mikan enters the school she becomes friends with the other kids and comes to love the school. Also, she begins to melt Natsume's frozen heart but what is Mikan's true identity? She lived with her grandfather and never knew who her parents were so why is the school watching her every move? Who are these people they call the " Anti-Alice Organization"? and who is the person they keep calling "That Women?"

Join Mikan and her friends in their adventures to save the students of the academy from those who want to use them in a bad way and to unveil the mysteries of Mikan's parents!
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