Granado Espada
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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09
Look like there new version for GE (Granado espada),Version 3.3

new Faction hav been appear,the "Clown Faction"

new weapon hav been adding,

new stance skill will been adding

new quest and mission also been adding

for new information.maybe new costume also will been adding.

This i wan to inform to all GE fan....(im also fan this game,i play it who play this game plz add me as friends,my Family name: Annolia,Service: Bach)

but i wan all fan also share inform not just news also problem with u that hav problem to with the game like quest problem..mission problem..vis problem..feso problem..item problem..

ok my problem is now im poor..i need vis..i wan hav many poor because i buy too much costume..who very nice wan to help me plz donate vis for me plz depend on u how many u can donate for..i wan vis buy lvl 100 or veteran lvl or elite 92 weapon and armor...or donate item that u dont use so i can sell to get vis or use it any item also can...plz help me

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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09
I got pretty pissed when they took away my outfits. I liked being able to choose what they'd wear when I create the character.

I played this game the first day it was in open beta, and its really fun and all, but it gets incredibly slow. My setup is always a Magician, a Scout, and an Elementalist. So I use area effect spells and auto healing.
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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/9/09
looks good
Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
looks interesting.
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Posted 1/1/12 , edited 1/1/12
*looks at the date* Are you still playing this game? I do
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Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
Just Started but my gaming is soooo separated right now Dungeon Defenders, Portal 2, and this =) idea crunchy roll clan hahaha
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