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The Nekos live in harmony. Each one has its own place in the city. If its from a builder to a baker. A Cagohnies to a Demostracity everyone has their fair share of work. But does everyone have their fair share of life? In the city of Kinoki there are ranks which are based off of fame, beauty and more. Does it affect the lives of those unfortunate? Does it affect those who are? Everyone has their different views on life but they still have there flaws and secrets......


Three unaturally beautiful nekos started the city of Kinoki, realizing that there was a need for it. Unbeliveably gifted, they are higher than any demonstracity, feared by most. It's a true honor ever to actual see one in person,for they are known to stay in the Elder Mansion. Touched by the beutiful finger of youth they are, seeming to never age with there wisdom.

Haiji: One of the Elders, Haiji is the most strict out of them all, not caring what the feelings are of others but that things are done properly. Twisting your words so that they backfire is what he is known for. But with his cruelty comes hansome features that compell even the most stubborn at heart. HIs ivory ears, tail, and hair seem to bring out his pale skin. One blue and one red are his eyes, seeming to scare the most brave if looked upon.

Mana: Another Elder, Mana is warm hearted and gentle. Her soothing musical like voice gives off a mother like charm. The only calm one in the group, Mana takes the role of being the care taker. But with her generous ways comes a stern act of responsibility she expects from everyone. Even though she seems to have a matture manner, Mana looks like a small doll that is delicate to the bone. Her long glossy green hair and green feline parts are unusal for Neko kind. Most mistake her for a adolescent teen but do not be mistaken because under her fairy-like looks is a woman of intellengence.

Luyai: Last but not least Luyai, the final Elder. Luyai is the most childish out of them all. Usually up to no good, he is always flirting with girls even though he has no true feelings for them. With his childish nature comes stubborness and strong will, which leads him off into more trouble. His blond hair cascades down his back right above his waist, which also matches his cat parts which are also blond. His gold eyes seem to hypnotize all except for the other Elders, and makes them do things they probably wouldn't and shouldn't do. But beyond his immature manner is a bright man who is having trouble finding himself.

More to come soon.....
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