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Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
The role playing missions will be added soon after, the 'rules' which i dont like typing... anyways here:
-the mission always begins in the HQ of Enternal. Then set out on w/e mission it is.
-i will do the other characters in tht mission with italics. You may call more ppl to help u in the mission (actually ppl role-playing).
-when talking out of character use () so tht ppl kno. If u want to think n type it use ' '. if u want to speak use " ". If u want to like narrate ur cahracter to somewhere just use it normally like right now.
-when u want to do a mission with another person (like partners n three ppl groups mission) plz pm me or post it with the username of the other person.
-the ranks will decide whether the mission is hard or not. the hardest will be when 5 ppl are sent on the same mission.

More stuff witll be added later....
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