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Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/23/09
This thread was posted for The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Council 2009. This thread is composed of the captains of the seven mist swordsmen as listed below. This council is basically a place where captains will tell us on major changes of the group. Members and vice captains can come to discuss.
NOTE TO CAPTAINS: Only edit this post if you want to post major changes. Edit in order by date.

Vice Captains - You can tell us what is needed to be changed in case your Captain is unaware of needed changes (like the manga..member of the month etc) - Given that a Captain has approved of it

Members - Post on the group wall or p.m a Vice Captain or a Captain or myself if u have any complaints, suggestions, or questions.

No order of importance = all seats are equal

Council Seat One -: Ryanrob2o
Council Seat Two -: Cactusito
Council Seat Three -: BrokenRose666
Council Seat Four -: NavyShadow210
Council Seat Five -: Youichi_Hiruma
Council Seat Six -: Gartordog
Council Seat Seven -: Worldm

May 2009:
1st- Leader Ryanrob2o has returned. Lets start getting more captains active. We need active captains.

8th- Deleted Group Advertisements~We are practically dead... advertising other groups wont really help us. What we need is people to be interested in actually talking here.. It raises there cr points.

9th- locked and close a few vacant topics: No captain roles.. everybody has to work together. No group advertisements. Locked and closed original council forum so this one can be for the new year... Only edit this post.. try to keep from posting unless you are discussing changes or suggesting new ones. Locked and closed Group history.. because this is the same thing as group history.. a place where we list major changes.
Also, Cloud123 has been demoted due to inactivity. Twilit_Knight has took his place.
Squads have been wiped except for captains and a couple vice captains. The squads purpose are to find out, who actually is active in our group. I have deleted everybody from squads.. and to join again they must be active as in post a few times every single day that you can.

18th- Forums have been updated. Threads that are inactive have been closed and reorganized. Twilit_Knight has been demoted due to inactivity. BrokenRose666 has taken his place.
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