My Memory is the Key: Part 2

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Chapter Six Cont.

Pyro told him of how he had woken up a few miles down the beach from Ember and how he had met her. Ember blushed when he told Fang about their first battle. That made Pyro blush, and Fang said, “So you can’t remember your past either?”

“That’s right…”

“Don’t worry. You will both have your memories back in time. But for now, I must show you the city,”
and with that, he beckoned to the confused Ember to make a flame disk. Then he told the confused Pyro to get on.

Ember was more confused than Pyro, for she had flown above the whole island and had not seen any city.

Fang led them through the forest and to the edge of the mountains. He stopped above a large plain on the edge of the forest and mountains.

“Now, Ember. You must repeat what I say.”

He spoke to her in her mind.

Allow what's been unseen to me,
To reappear so we may see
Things how they ought to be.

Ember closed her eyes and repeated what Fang had told her out-loud.

“Allow what's been unseen to me,
To reappear so we may see
Things how they ought to be.”

She opened her eyes and looked down to see something that took her breath away, but brought on a single shock-induced unconscious dream.

Chapter Seven

Ember stood, watching a little girl of maybe 3 years old, playing alone in a sand box. Larger, presumably adult figures were in the background, but they were too faded to see anything identifying about them. They watched the girl, seeing what she would do, but didn’t come to join her. The girl picked up some sand, and put it back in the pile. She looked sad, and wanted someone to play with. She slowly looked up at Ember, as if she were actually there. Then, a boy came into view, and sat down next to the girl. He handed her a shovel and pail, and took out some for himself. The adult figures in the background were startled at first, but relaxed as they realized the boy meant no harm to the girl.

The girl looked up at him, and smiled a wide smile.

He played with her until it was dark, just digging sand up and putting it in the bucket, to end up dumping it out again and starting all over.

They talked. Well, the girl mainly talked and it was more babble than speech and very hard to understand. She talked about her morning, and how she had wanted a friend to play with. And the boy listened. Just listened. As the girl continued to talk about her lonely life, with just parents and a sibling, she grew more and more upset.

Then, the little girl started to cry, and the little boy wrapped her in a big hug, and they stayed like that for a while, just the girl sobbing into the boy’s shirt, and the boy comforting her.

The scene slowly faded, and all was calm and silent.

Ember came back from her vision and nearly fell, with Pyro on board. The vision had somehow drained her energy. It seemed to be some symbolic thing, probably of the same nature as the other dreams.

“Ember!” Pyro said, holding her up, even though it would not do much good if they fell. “Ember, are you okay?” He asked, looking her in the eyes.

Ember felt dizzy, and swayed a bit. “Yeah… I think I’m okay. But maybe we should land before I fall,” and with that, she slowly descended from the great height she was at. Pyro held on to her the whole time, and somehow, it helped her to not loose control.

When she landed on the ground, just outside what looked like a small shop, Ember sat down in the dirt. She was thinking of the vision she had seen, wondering who the girl and boy were. She wondered why the girl had been playing alone, and why she had cried. Did it maybe symbolize a lonely life?

Ember, you should rest.

Fang was speaking to her.

I know. But what about this city? Shouldn’t we find a place to stay? And shouldn’t there be some kind of castle or something? Where the rulers of this place would live? I didn’t see one. Then again, I didn’t see this city either…

Yes. There is a place for you to stay. Follow me, and tell him to come. There will be room for both of you where we are going.

“Pyro, Fang says there’s a place for us to stay. He’ll lead us there, and then I can rest. Once I’m better, we can explore the city and hopefully learn a bit about ourselves.”

“Huh? But Fang didn’t say anything… how could he have told you?”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you. I can speak to him and he can speak to me through our minds. Dragons can all do that, but I guess I’m the only human who has ever been able to. I’ll be translating everything he says to you, because dragons prefer not to speak out loud if they don’t need to.”

Pyro still looked a bit confused, but he noticed Ember sway a bit again, and held her up.

You are not well enough to fly with fire, and it will take too long to walk. You will ride on my back, as we used to do so many years ago.

You sure, Fang? I think I can make it. And what about Pyro?

He can have a ride also. Now jump on.

“Fang says to jump on his back. He’s going to fly us there.”

Pyro helped Ember get onto Fang’s back, and then jumped on himself.

Fang took off. After a little while, he spoke to Ember.

The palace is a little ways off, and I hope you will remember it once you are in it.

What do you mean? Is that where we’re going?

You are the ruler of this land, Ember. The palace is your home.

What? Me, rule? How?
But even as she said it, she remembered a portion from the diary in her dream. Only the King, Queen and Heir to the throne could control fire. Now it made a little more sense than it had before.

You don’t remember yet, but you will when the time is right for you to.

So you’re saying that I ruled, even before I lost all my memories?

No. But you did live in the palace. I will tell you more later, but now, here is the Palace.

Ember looked ahead of them.

What she saw blew her mind. The Palace was huge, and beautiful.

The Palace gate, a large metal one with complicated designs, hung open, and the wall surrounding the living area was only 10 feet high, and was made of slate slabs.

Inside the Palace walls, there was a large garden. It had twisting paths, and many small ponds with rocks and flowers surrounding them. The flowers were all oranges and reds and a bit of pink. Beyond the large garden, the most beautiful Palace house stood, with wooden shingles and white clay walls with stained wood sidings. The many windows looked as if they were made of nothing but air, and had beautiful wood shutters. The Palace itself, with what Ember thought would be conference rooms and a thrown chamber and other such things, stood not too far off, at the other end of the large garden.

The front door to the Palace house was the same stained wood as the sidings of it. It had a doorknob of pure gold, with intricate designs in silver leaf. The door was large, and Ember wanted to just run up to it and stare at it for the rest of the day. But she was too weak to run, and needed Pyro’s help to stand even. The woodwork on the door was marvelous, and she could not see it now, but the carvings depicted a scene from long ago.

Fang flew down and landed by the door.

This is your home now.

This is the most beautiful Palace I have ever seen! But then again, I have only seen this one, and since I don’t remember a thing from my past about them, I have not even thought about it. But this is the most beautiful house I could ever imagine and hope for!

Go inside. You will like it more, just as you did before.

Pyro helped Ember off the dragon and helped her up the stone path, neatly lain years ago, to the door of the house. He opened the door, which was surprisingly not locked, and led her into the palace house. Fang could not follow them, for he was far too big to fit through the door, and waited for them outside.

Ember and Pyro walked through the door and stood for a moment, letting their eyes adjust to the dim light coming through the windows. They found a candle mounted on the wall, and Ember used a little of her remaining power to light it and the rest in the room.

They were in a beautifully laid out room with stained wood floors, and walls painted a light earthy color. On the walls, there were many paintings of mountain, forest, and garden scenes, and at the end of the room, there was a large fireplace. Pyro picked up one of the candles on the wall and took it to the fireplace. It already had kindling in it, and all Pyro had to do was hold the candle to it for a second or two before it lit, and a warm glow was cast upon the room. He didn’t want Ember to use her powers and her energy. She needed to rest, and regain it.

Ember and Pyro slowly walked across the room to the gently curving stairs that led to the second of the three floors. Before they reached them, Ember lost her balance, and fell. But Pyro caught her just in time. He lifted her up and carried her up the stairs. She was too weak to walk now and only had enough strength to hold onto his neck. He did not stay and explore the rest of the first floor (and there was much to explore), and went strait past the second, not even stopping there. He went up to the third floor, and somehow knew which room was supposed to be Ember’s. Pyro opened the door to the room and carried her through to the large bed with a deep red and orange bedspread, and pulled back the covers and gently lifted her in.

He pulled the covers over her, and said, “Good night… err… afternoon? Sleep tight.”

She smiled sleepily, for she could not stay awake for much longer. Her body needed rest and her powers needed to be recharged, and she fell asleep within seconds. Lifting the spell over the city had completely drained her.

Pyro walked over to a large fireplace opposite the bed. He assumed that they were directly above the room downstairs that he had lit a fire in. But he realized it was impossible, remembering how he’d gotten up here and relating it to the downstairs floor. He felt a chilly springtime wind blow past from an open window, and shut it too keep Ember warm. It was springtime, but still a bit cool in the afternoons, especially near the mountains. He went downstairs and got another candle from the wall. He took it up to Ember’s room and used it to light a fire in the fireplace, and a few of the wall candles in the room. He did not need to light many, because the windows faced the sun, and light shone in.

He sat down on a plush sofa facing the bed on the side of the room with the door. He watched Ember, and did not want to leave her alone at all, even if she was sleeping.

He looked past the bed at two glass double doors on the other side of the room. He walked over to them, and opened one. A gust of air blew in, and he stepped outside, and slowly closed the door behind him, to keep the cool wind out. He stood on a large balcony with a wooden railing going around it. He looked out, over the garden below. It was beautiful. From the balcony, he could see a forest at the edge of the mountains. He stood and just watched for a while.

Fang flew up to him from the forest and said, “How is she?”

“Asleep. I lit the fireplace inside to keep her warm.”
He paused. “Ember said you have been friends for as long as she knows.”

“Yes. I hatched the day after she was born. My mother and father thought it would be a good idea for us to meet when she was only a week old, and I was twice as big as she was. I still remember the day I first saw her. She was so small and pink.”
He had a longing in his voice. “I immediately looked after her just as a big brother would. I was always with her, watching over her and making sure she was safe. Then, when she was less than 2 months old, she spoke to me. Through my mind. I was young, but I knew that that had never happened before. I remember talking to her all the time.”

“You must really love her,”
said Pyro, looking into the room to see Ember still asleep.

“Yes. I love her. I think of her as a sister. Or even a daughter, even though she is a day older than me. In dragon terms, I am older than her. I have a mind that would be like that of a human the age of 80 or so. Dragons grow fast at first, but don’t die for thousands of years. That is the worst thing about a dragon loving a human. As the human ages and eventually dies, the dragon will live for thousands more years and mourn them forever.” He looked away. He knew that he would have that fate, and didn’t even want to think about it.

“Ember was singing a song like that a few days ago. I don’t think she meant for me to hear it, but it sounded lovely. The dragon loved the beautiful woman and when she grew old and died, she became the trees and he laid down and never got up again, becoming the first mountains.” Pyro remembered the song clearly.


After a short pause, “I’m going to go inside and make sure she’s okay,” said Pyro, turning toward the door.

“I have just one question for you before you go back,” said Fang, pausing to wait for Pyro to turn around and face him. “Do you love her?”

There was a long silence. Fang waited patiently for the reply. Then it came.

“I’m not really sure what ‘love’ is. But I think I do,” and he turned around and walked through the glass double doors into the bedroom where Ember slept.

Meanwhile, Ember was dreaming.

She was once again in the endless hallway, and she had a feeling that she knew where it would eventually end.

And she was right.

All of a sudden, she was in that same room that she had always been in, in all of her dreams.

The diary was on the floor again.

Ember walked up to it and picked it up. She opened it, as the lock on it disintegrated to let her in. She turned to the first page, and found the part she had read in her last dream. She dared to turn the page and found that she could. She looked at it for a while, not actually taking in any of the words. Then, she looked at the words and read it.

Deer Diry,
Adam and me had a reely fun time tooday! He tuk me to the park! We climd the play fort and slid down the slids! Then we plaed in the sandboks! It was so much fun!
Wen we went to the sandboks, I made a sand casile, and he made wun too! We pretendid we were a prince and princess from the too casiles! I think he only plaed it becus I wanted to tho. But he had fun I theenk. Wen we were dun in the sandboks, I plaed the game he wanted to! He controled a litle toy arplane and I made litle eksploshons and we pretendid it was a spy jet, flying throo the bomms of the enamees! We had lots of fun! Then I tuk him back to my hows and mommy made us peenut buter and jam sanwichis! Wen his mommy came to pick him up, he asked if he cood stay, but she sed no. But she sed he cood cum over tomoro, or I cood go over to his hows! I cant wait! It will be so much fun!
And after he left, I traned my powers in the cortyard. I’m geting a lot beter now! I can make a little flower out of the flames, and make it turn into a litle dragin flame!
Princess Fira, age 5.

Ember put down the diary. She knew she would not be able to turn the page any further, so she didn’t even try. She wanted to know who Fira was so badly. And this Adam, too…

It can’t be me, she thought. I would be remembering these things as I read them. Maybe it’s one of my family members. Maybe my… my mother…!

Then, she woke up.

She rolled over in the bed. It was soft and fluffy to the touch, and made her warm.

She could feel that her energy was back, and her powers restored. She sat up in the bed, and noticed that her shirt was wrinkled. She tried to straighten it, but to no avail.

She looked around, and saw Pyro, fast asleep on the couch by the fireplace. She walked over to him, and watched him for a while. His breathing was even and steady, and she could see his chest moving up and down with each breath he took.

She saw the double doors, and she thought they looked exactly like the ones in her dreams, only larger. She walked over to them, and opened them. She stepped out onto the balcony, and looked around. The view was exactly the same as it had been in her dream. The meadow she had seen turned out to be the part of the yard that was kept wild, allowed to grow at its own free will. She saw the forest and mountains in the distance, in exactly the same places as in her dream. She stared, put under a spell by the same view that had put her under a spell in her dream.

She saw Fang flying in the distance. He was doing cartwheels, and flying in circles the whole time.

She turned back to the doors, and walked back into the room. Pyro stirred as she closed the doors, making a soft clicking noise, and woke up.

Ember came up to him, and sat next to him. She leaned in and hugged him so hard he could not breath for a second or two. He awkwardly hugged her back, and awkwardly stood up, before saying, in a soft voice, “Let’s go explore the city, like you said we would. We can learn more about ourselves and each other.”

she said, wondering why he was so awkward.

Chapter Eight

Ember and Pyro walked slowly out of the palace house, completely ignoring the rooms they had not yet explored. Ember made a flame disk, because she had regained all of her strength, and hopped on, gesturing for Pyro to do the same.

They flew to the city on her swift disk of fire, and were there in minutes.

They landed, but the place looked deserted. None of the stores looked open, but there was still merchandise in the windows. The streets were still and silent, and there was no sound. Not even that of a lone mouse.

"Shouldn't there be more people here? Err... any at all?" Pyro asked.

"You'd think so... but I don't see anyone."

"Well, that won't stop us, will it?"

"No, not at all,"

They walked along the empty streets, peeking into shops through the windows here and there to see if anyone was inside. But no one ever was.

After an hour or so of walking, they came to a courtyard in a park. It was a large square shape, and had red and gray bricks making circles in its center. The courtyard had a wooden bench at one end, perfect for two to sit, and a wall on the other. The three other sides had grassy mounds and trees around it. The space looked like it was perfect for training. It also looked familiar to Ember.

Neither of them knew it, but two eyes, amber colored and sharp, were watching them from the shadows.

Pyro had to see something. He wanted to see Ember fight with fire again.

"You wanna fight?" He asked in the exact same way he had the first day they met. "You can choose the style."

She smiled. "Yeah, that sounds like fun. How about hand to hand? I warn you, I'm a master at it."

"Just what I was hoping you'd say,"

They got into fighting stances, keeping their eyes glued to each other. Pyro made the first move, a kick at Ember's legs to get her off balance.

Ember jumped up and flipped, dodging Pyro's kick and hoping to get him down by kicking him in mid-air.

She missed because he had seen it coming. He used it to his advantage, and grabbed her leg while she was in the air and swung her around.

She broke free of his grasp, and shot flames out of her hands. She didn't let it actually hurt Pyro though. She didn't want him to be all burnt when they got back to the Palace. Pyro jumped out of the way. He had forgotten that the flames wouldn't hurt him if Ember didn't want them to. He did a few back-flips, and when he stopped, he was almost 10 feet away from Ember, and they were both ready to start all over.

They stood for ages, just staring at each other and calculating when the right time to spring was. They were both breathing heavily, and both had smiles on their faces.

They lunged at each other, at almost the exact same time, and started using their arms instead of their legs.

They took turns attacking, always countering the others’ in between. Soon, Ember had had enough of it, and flipped into the air and landed a few yards away. She jumped into the air, and shot flames at him as she went down to the ground. When she landed, right in front of Pyro, an idea burst through both minds. It seemed like one of those things that, if you didn't do it right at the exact moment it was meant for, you would regret.

She did something she knew how to do. She knew she had to, and that it would lead to something important. Something more powerful than instinct was telling her to do it.

She jumped onto her hands, and set a torrent of flames shooting from them, propelling her upward. Pyro had to stand back to avoid being burned, even though he had remembered that it would not hurt him by now. The sight alone was enough to make him jump back. She spun in the air, surrounded by fire, for a few moments.

She looked down, and saw Pyro standing beneath her, ready to catch her. As if they had rehearsed it, and both knew exactly what to do, she let the flames around her disappear, and aimed her fall right at Pyro.

He caught her, and said, "Well, looks like I've caught a little bird, haven't I?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and replied, "Maybe you have." He held her close, and did something he had not planned on. It just happened. Something deep inside him that was stronger than instinct told him that now was the right time for it.

He leaned in and kissed her, lightly at first, on the lips. He leaned back up a bit, and Ember didn’t move, stunned by the gesture. He kissed her again, this time fully on the lips, passionate and deep.

Still in his arms, Ember's emotions went overboard. She could not stop herself from surrounding both of them in flames, and bringing them up into the air.

Ember's powers were linked with her emotions, and when her emotions got out of control, so did her powers.

They floated to a height of hundreds of feet. The flames swirled around them, so dense that it was impossible to see what was happening outside. When Pyro finally stopped kissing Ember, she leaned her head on his chest. All she could hear was his heartbeat, and the roaring of the flames surrounding them.

Pyro stroked her hair. They just stayed like that for so long that Pyro's arms were stiff when he put her down later.

Ember looked out, and saw only flames. She let them reduce to a disk that Pyro could stand on, and looked around her.

The place they were at now was not the city.

They were in the little tree surrounded clearing in the mountains again. The pool was right there, where it had been earlier, and the waterfall continued to flow into it.

Even though Ember did not want to leave his arms, she said to Pyro, "Put me down for a second or two. I just want do something quick, and then you can have me back," she smiled at him as he slowly let her down.

She slowly walked over to the little pool, letting her legs get used to walking again after being held for so long.

She stooped by the little pool and drank deeply. The water was the freshest she had ever tasted. She looked at the water, and waited for the ripples to settle.

She looked at her reflection in the water. Her eyes were indeed dancing as a flame would. The power within them became evident as the colors swirled within them.

She turned back to Pyro and looked into his eyes.

She gasped.

"What?" Asked Pyro, a bit confused.

"Your eyes," she said, almost breathless.

His eyes were a shade of deep red and orange now. They danced just as Ember's did now.

"What about them?" he asked, worried that something was wrong.

She silently led him to the little pool.

They both peered in, and Pyro gasped, just as Ember had done.

As Ember looked in, at her eyes near his, a memory came back to her. A recent one, from after she woke up on the beach a few days ago. She remembered the two fish she had seen in the pond near their clearing. The one with a lot of bright orange and flashes of bright red, and the other, with mostly deep red, and flashes of deep orange. Her eyes next to his looked almost exactly like the two fish. They seemed to swim in place in the reflection in the water.

"You have beautiful eyes," teased Ember, looking into the deep red eyes of Pyro.

"And you too," he replied, kissing her again.

He scooped her up in his arms again, and walked over to the soft grass near the water. He laid her down in the center of the clearing. He then lay down next to her on his back, facing the sky. They both just stared at it for a while, and then Pyro broke the silence.

"I love you Ember," he said, looking over to her. She looked sideways at him and smiled. He looked strait into her eyes. "I can't help but love you. You're too beautiful for anyone not to."

"And I love you,"
she paused, "Because you're you." She kissed him on the cheek, and they lay there for hours, talking and staring at the changing sky.

Ember eventually made herself get up, and pulled Pyro up with her.

She pulled him to her, and hugged him hard. He returned the gesture, and Ember said, "We should get back soon. Fang might be worried."

"Yeah, I guess we had better,"
he replied, giving her one last squeeze before he let her go.

She slowly made a flame disk in her palms, and lowered it to the ground.

She stepped on, and Pyro routinely stepped on after her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. And this time, he lightly kissed her hair. She felt her heart flutter a bit.

They flew off and were soon at the palace.

They walked up the stone walkway to the front door of the palace house, just as Fang came down to greet them.

Have fun at the city?

Err, yeah, you could say that. We had a nice battle.
She was blushing

I know. I saw the whole thing.

He winked, and Ember blushed deeper, embarrassed that he had seen them.

But that's all I saw, don't worry. I didn't leave the city after you two left.

She sighed in relief, and Pyro looked at her, confused.

He still felt awkward when they talked through minds and he could not know what they were saying.

They walked inside the house, and sat on the big comfy couch that was in front of the fireplace. It was relit, it seemed. But as they peered closely at the fire, they noticed that the wood was all burned up and in a pile of ashes beneath the rail that had held it the day before. The fire was burning, without wood. Ember remembered her experiment with the flame and wondered why she hadn’t known this would happen.

They got up, both wanting to explore the rest of the house. They walked over to the stairs, but did not go up them, but past them, to a long hallway, lined with doors and paintings. Candles were lit by Ember and they passed them, and stayed lit.

Ember and Pyro walked to the first door in the hallway. It was a plain wooden door, and when they opened it, led into a small room with a small bed. They assumed it was a spare bedroom, and that there would be many.

They went to the door across the hall form it, and found that it was a good-sized bathroom.

They walked down the hall, and opened the doors to two more bedrooms, a study, and another bathroom.

There was a turn in the hallway, and then another, and they opened the doors on more rooms and bathrooms. One of the rooms was a master closet apparently, because it was large and had more linen than Ember had ever seen in one place.

When they had walked the whole length of the hallway, they were back at the stairs, on the other side.

They now walked across the room with the fireplace, to a pair of large glass double doors, a bit like the ones in Ember's room. They walked through them and were in the dining room. A long table, able to seat maybe 20 people was in the center of the room. It was made of oak, stained dark, and had matching chairs lining the sides. There was an empty vase in the center, and Ember decided to go out later and get some flowers from the garden for it.

The walls were painted a dark red, and had paintings of past queens and candles between the many windows. The room was warm, and looked inviting. She supposed that there were normally many guests at the palace; people of importance, and high stature. She looked across the room, past the table, and saw another door. It was a wooden door and was the same type of wood as the front door. She and Pyro slowly walked over to it, and opened it.

The door led to a short hallway that looked the same as the other one. There were three doors; one on both sides, and one at the end of the hallway. The two doors on the sides led to what looked like large conference rooms. In each, there was a long table, lined with 10 or so chairs. The walls were a light creamy color, and there was one window in each room. Candles lined the walls, and in the corner was a little bench.

They walked on to the door at the end of the short hallway.

It led to a kitchen.

It was large, and looked beautiful. The edges of the room were lined with oak cabinets, and the walls were painted a deep, dark orange. The refrigerator stood in a corner and was at least five feet wide. The stove, underneath the countertop, was large and looked like it could hold a million pies.

The countertops were made of marble, in a shade of blackish gray. In the center of the large kitchen was an island, with the sink on it. The sink was deep and long, and the faucet gently curved over it.

Ember loved the look of it and could tell that she would spend many hours in there, cooking special meals for her and Pyro, and baking cakes and pies and cookies. She could now remember that she loved cooking, and working in the kitchen. She remembered endless secret recipes, and couldn't wait for some time alone in this room.

They walked back down the short hallway, and re-entered the dining room. There was another door, next to the hallway. They opened it, and a long flight of stairs, going down, was revealed. They walked down them, and when they reached the bottom, there was another kitchen. It was larger, but not as nice. They guessed this was the maids’ kitchen, which was used for large meals with guests. There was another door coming from the kitchen, which was a laundry room. There were lightning-powered devices to wash clothes, and lines to hang them up to dry. They walked back up the stairs to the dining room.

They went back out to the front room with the fireplace, and went past the stairs, to the other half of the room. There were no doors in this part, and they knew they’d explored the whole first floor.

The second floor was only a half floor, because the living space with the fireplace had tall ceilings, and there was no second floor above them.

The stairs opened into two hallways in two directions. Left and right. They headed right first, down a hallway that was short, and curved left after a few feet. In this hall, there were three doors on the right, and only one on the left. They decided to save the one on the left for last.

They opened the first door, and came into yet another spare bedroom. But this one was larger than the ones on the bottom floor, and had a bathroom attached.

They went toward the second door on the right hand side, and opened it. They were in a large room with a large desk in one corner. It had a computer on it with storage bins on either side of it.

Ember knew that the only reason candles provided light in the house was because it belonged to the queen, who could control fire. It was a symbol of her power, and remained that way.

The computer seemed very high tech. She could tell it was powered by lightning.

She decided she would fiddle with it later. On the other side of the room, was a couch with plush cushions on it.

They walked out of the room, and on to the third door on the right, which lead to another spare room, exactly the same as the one two doors down.

Now it was time for the one door on the left.

They opened it, and found a lobby-ish looking room. There were two couches along each wall, and in the center was a table with four chairs at it, one on each side.

Pyro looked at it and immediately thought of cards. It looked just like a card table, and he assumed that this room was a place for guests to relax after a day of doing business with the queen.

They walked out of the room, and back into the hallway. It curved left, and led to another long hallway. They could tell that once they turned at the end of this hallway they would be in the hall on the other side of the stairs. There were four doors in this hallway on the right hand side. There was one on the left, which led into the large relaxing room.

They opened the first door on the right, and were surprised to see a linen closet. It didn't surprise them too much though. They had expected one to be there somewhere, but they didn't think it would be here.

They closed the door to the closet, and opened the next. There was another spare, with a bathroom attached.

They closed that door and went on to find two moor spare bedrooms.

They turned the corner and saw the last long hallway on this floor. As usual, there was one door on the left that led to the relaxing room, and three doors on the right. One led to a bedroom, and another led to another room with a desk, computer and couch. The last one led to the last spare bedroom in the house.

They could tell that the palace had many guests at times of political importance. They went out of the room and turned the last corner to the stairwell. They went up, and knew that the floor they were going to was the queen and family floor, and theirs alone. This floor was a whole floor, and the stairs were in the middle. The stairs led to a hall that went to the left and to the right, like the one below them. But these ones then went in both directions. When you turned right off the stairs, you had another choice of left and right to choose from.

They started right, then right again. The hall had three doors total, one on the right, and two on the left. They decided to take the one on the right first.

It led to a huge library. The walls were lined with bookcases, which were filled to the top with thousands of books.

Ember could again tell that she would spend many hours in this room.

In the middle of the room was a large desk, perfect for laying out countless books. There were eight chairs at it. One on each end and three on each side.

Four large couches stood against the walls of the room, one against each side. In the center of the ceiling, a large sky window was set so that near noon, the sun shone around the whole room.

Ember walked along the shelves, stroking the books' spines as she passed them.

"I call this room!" She said teasingly to Pyro.

He smiled and said, "Oh, we're playing that game, are we?"

They left the huge library, and opened the first of the two doors on the other side of the hallway.

It led to a large study, and had a long window on the side opposite the door.

Along that wall, in front of the window, was a desk and chair. The desk had another computer on it, but it looked more high tech than the ones downstairs.

There was a table along the wall to their left, and to their right, was another door. The floor was carpeted, and was a dark red in color.
"I call this room," said Pyro.

"You can have it. It doesn't seem to fit my style, anyways," she said, looking with distaste at the carpet and the walls, which were painted a little lighter red than the carpet.

They opened the door to their right, and immediately, Ember said, "Oh, I call this one!"

The room was almost the same as the other one, but the computer was orange. The carpet in this room was a light cream color, and the walls were a deep orange color, like the kitchen.

On either side of the door they stood at now, Ember and Pyro saw cabinets, filled with little knick-knacks and other things, like small books and a jewelry box.

On the other side of the room, the couch stood, bigger and fluffier looking than the one in the room behind them. Behind it, was another long window, which meant this room was a corner room.

"Yeah, I can tell this room is yours already," he said, looking fondly at Ember.

They walked out back into the hallway, through the other door in the room. The two rooms each had a door to the hallway, and were also connected by a door between them.

They turned the corner in the hallway, heading right, and came into another hallway with no doors, but windows lining the left side instead. This hall was on the edge of the library on their right, and the edge of the house on their left.

They walked silently along the hall, looking out the windows.

When they got to the end of the hallway, there was another right hand turn, and that led to another hallway.

This one had one door on the right, which led to the library, and one door on the left. They already knew which room it led to.

The Queen's room.

Ember's room.

Chapter Nine

Ember and Pyro opened the door, and walked back into the room where she had slept earlier. Ember looked around again, and noticed a door by the bed.

She wondered how she could have missed it before, and walked over to it.

She reached for the door handle, and opened the door. She disappeared into the room, and left the door open behind her. But she had a feeling that this room was for her eyes alone. Not even Pyro should see it.

The truth was, he couldn’t see it. All he saw was Ember reach out for the blank wall, and walk through it. He panicked, and didn’t know what to do. He ran to the glass double doors and opened them to call for Fang to help.

“Fang! Come help!” He called from the balcony.

Fang was there in seconds, and looked at him expectantly.

“Well, what is it?” He asked, and after looking around briefly, added, “Where’s Ember?”

“That’s just it! She disappeared into the wall over by her bed!”
Replied the frantic Pyro.

The look in Fangs eyes calmed, and he said, “Don’t worry, she can take care of herself.”

Meanwhile, Ember had opened the door to one of the most beautiful rooms in the house. In her opinion, at least.

She was in a huge master bathroom.

The floor was made of polished white marble, and was cool and smooth on Ember’s worn feet.

She stepped up to the sink, which was a deep-set bowl in the also white marble countertop. The faucet was made of pure gold, and Ember couldn’t go on without stroking it a few times.

The shower, which was in the corner to the right of the sink, had a curved glass wall, which rose to the high ceiling. Its base was the same polished white marble as the floor and counters.

Even the toilet seemed elaborate, with a cushioned seat that didn’t lift. She could tell by the look of the place that no man had ever stepped foot in the room.

But what she liked most about the room was the large tub, which was just her size. There would be enough room for her to stretch out in that tub, and she could see the jets on the sides. It was above the ground level, and had marble steps leading up to it. There was a cup holder, to put a nice hot drink, and a rack for shampoos and bubble baths on the side. She stepped up the steps and lay in the tub, just as she would if it were full with hot, bubbly water. The tub fit the curves of her body perfectly, seeming to mold to her.

She looked over the edge of the tub, and saw an electric towel rack, so that she could have warm towels to wrap up in after her bath or shower.

She loved this room, but she made herself get out of the tub and go out the door.

As she closed the door behind her, Pyro rushed over to her and hugged her so hard that he almost squeezed her in half.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, gasping for air, and Pyro let go of her, and stared into her eyes for a long time before answering.

“You disappeared through the wall!” He said, looking at her confusedly.

“Huh? There’s a door. Right there, see?” She said, pointing to the door.

“No, I don’t see a door.”

“Ahhhh, so that’s why the room is so clean…”
she mumbled as she sat, deep in thought, on the bed.

Pyro sat next to her, and said, “What room? And what do you mean, ‘that’s why it’s clean’?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just an old closet…”
she said, keeping the secret bathroom a secret from Pyro. She assumed that only the queen could see and get into it.

“Come on, let’s explore the rest of the house,” she said to the still confused Pyro, pulling him up from the bed.

She walked out the door, and Pyro tentatively put his hand to the wall where Ember had disappeared, finding it solid. He rushed out of the room after Ember, and with a few strides, was back at the stairs, on the other side, just as they had done on the first floor.

Now they went past the stairs, and explored the other half of the top floor, the side in front of the stairs.

They stopped at the first door on their left. It was the exact same as the door to Ember’s room, just a bit further down the hall.

Pyro reached out to open the door, feeling a strange pull, as if he wouldn’t be able to resist opening the door.

It swung open, and revealed a bedroom, as big as Ember’s, and with a bed on the wall adjoining the two rooms. Two French double doors stood across the room, just as in Ember’s.

There were two doors in the room, other than the one they stood at now, and the French double doors at the end of the room. One of these doors was next to the bed, on the opposite side as the door in Ember’s room. The other door was next to it, and looked exactly the same.

This room had the sofa, and a fireplace opposite the bed, just as Ember’s.

They walked to the door closest to the bed. They opened it and let it swing out on un-squeaking hinges. They stood in a large bathroom, but still smaller than Embers. It had no jet tub as she noticed and smiled, laughing inwardly. The floor, countertops, and shower bottom were made of a dark marble instead of white, and the faucet on the sink was silver, instead of gold. The toilet seat did lift, and was not cushioned, as hers was. The bathroom was a very fine one, but it paled in comparison with hers.

They walked out of the bathroom, and turned to the other door. They opened it, and entered a large walk-in closet. Along one side of the closet, clothes racks hung at shoulder height, and had clothes hanging from them. Ember flipped through them, realizing that all of them would fit Pyro perfectly. This must be his room, she thought. But that means he is royalty, doesn’t it? Or is this house magical? Adapting to... She puzzled this in her mind, while Pyro pulled things out and held them up, approving of them all.

Along the other side of the closet, drawers and shelves lined the wall. She pulled out each drawer; finding socks in one, and boxers in the other. She laughed, and threw one of them at Pyro, who blushed. The shelves had shoes lined up neatly. They were all men’s shoes, some athletic, some dress shoes, and some casual ‘around the house’ shoes.

Ember could not help but feel a bit jealous. She hadn’t seen a second door in her room. After the cockiness from the realization of how superior her bathroom was to his, the blow was hard.

They stepped out of the closet, and into the room. The bed was the same as Ember’s, just it had dark red covers instead of orange, and no canopy.

The couch and fireplace were exactly the same, she noticed. They walked over to the double doors and opened them, letting the cool spring air in. They stepped through these doubled doors, and realized that the balcony connected Ember’s room and this one. Neither of them had noticed it before. They had been too overwhelmed to notice. They turned their heads and saw the balcony extend farther in the other direction, but decided to look at it later.

Ember and Pyro walked back into the room, and out into the hall.

They turned left and headed down the hall to the next door, which was on their right.

They opened it and walked into a roofless room with grass and trees and flowers. A path wound into a forest-like jumble of plants, and a bench sat at the start of the path. The outdoor room was large, and the could not see the other side through the trees. They followed the path, until they came to a large square, a lot like the one they had battled in earlier that day. They knew at once that this was a training room, where they could practice and hone their skills.

“Oh, I know we’ll be spending a lot of time in here,” said Ember as she walked around the edge of the square. She could just imagine all the time they would spend here, training together. She liked the thought of it.

They went back down the path to the bench at its edge. Ember sat down, and Pyro sat next to her. She leaned her head on his shoulder, and they sat for a long time, looking at birds that flew in and landed on branches. They looked at the new spring leaves that were just escaping from their buds.

After they had spent too much time sitting, they got up and decided to explore the rest of the top floor.

They walked back inside, and had to stop for a moment to let their eyes adjust to the dim light of the candles.

They turned right, and continued down the hall, to another room. This door was on the left again, and was a bit further down the hall from Pyro’s room.

They opened the door, and Ember gasped. They had walked into a room, maybe half the size of Ember’s room, but with all the same features. Two twin-sized beds stood at the edge of one wall, and there was a small sofa and fireplace at the other end. Normal sized glass double doors stood at the edge opposite the door, and Ember knew where they would lead.

They were in the room from Ember’s dreams. To make sure, she ran to the double doors, flinging them open and looking over the balcony. This is the room. The same view! What is this? She was so confused. She walked back into the room, where a confused Pyro stood, waiting for her.

“What’s wrong?” He noticed that Ember looked a bit disgruntled.

“Oh, it’s nothing… just needed a bit of air,” she said, putting on a smile.

There were two doors by the bed, like in Pyro’s room, and they walked to the first one.

It led to a small bathroom, with a sink, a toilet, and a low bathtub. The floors and sink were white marble, like in Ember’s bathroom, but it was not as sparkly or clear.

They walked to the next door, and were led into a walk-in closet about half the size of Pyro’s. There were drawers, shelves, and racks for hangers, but no clothes hung from them.

They went back into the room, and walked to the glass doors. They walked onto the balcony, and found that it was connected to the balcony for Ember and Pyro’s rooms.

They wondered why this room was connected to the other two. And Ember wondered why the room felt so familiar to her. She knew it from her dreams, but it felt familiar beyond even that.

They walked back into the room, and back to the hallway. By now, they were at the end of the long hall, and turned right, to the hallway on another side of the training room, so there were no doors on the right side. There was one on the left.

They opened the door, and stood in a room with only three pieces of furniture.

The room was large, with a soft carpeting, and the only furniture in it was a bench on one side, close to the wall, but not right against it, and another bench on the other side. There was a mat in the center, and torches all around it. There was only one window in this room, a large round one in the center of the wall opposite the door. The window was about eight feet tall, and went from a foot off the ground and up. Ember looked out the window at the mountains beyond it.

Ember knew at once that this was just a room where someone could come to relax. Where you could sit and maybe do some stretches on the mat, and relieve your aching muscles after a hard day of training.

Ember guessed that the torches were for inscents or just for regular fire, because it seemed to calm her tremendously without stretches or soft music.

Ember and Pyro turned from the room, and headed along the hall to the corner, and turned another right.

They were now in the same hallway they had started in, but on the other side of the stairs. There were two doors still un-opened.

They walked down the hallway, and stood at the first door. Ember reached out her hand and turned the doorknob. The door swung open, and revealed a room with toys of all kinds. In one corner were stuffed animals and dolls and in another, there were endless children’s books.

The books were in bookshelves next to three beanbag chairs that were red, orange, and yellow. There was a small computer on a desk on one side of the room, and in the last corner was a chest.

Ember felt a compulsion to go to the chest. She slowly walked to it, and admired the carvings on the cherry lid, before opening it.
Inside was a jumble of children’s dress-up cloths. She pulled out the one on top, a white gown, which looked like that of a princess’s.

“Something feels weird… about this room… I don’t know what it is, but something feels odd,” she said, putting the dress back and closing the lid.

“Hm,” was all that Pyro replied.

They walked out of the room, and on to the next one. The last unexplored room in the house.

Ember opened the door, not to find a room, but an open deck-type area. There were walls on three sides, the ones that were the rooms on each side of it and the hallway. But the last side of the room had only a railing, and there was no roof. It was a bit like the training room that they had seen earlier, only there were so many kinds of flowers in so many colors to imagine.

It was an indoor garden, in a way. A hose trailed out from the wall to her left, and there was a cart with gardening tools to her right.

In an instant, she realized that she loved to garden. She had known that she had a thing for nature, but never dreamed that she would like gardening.

At that moment, Ember felt so helpless and pathetic. To not know what you like and what you are good at was the worst part of not remembering your past.

She walked out of the room with a hurt look in her eyes, leaving Pyro to stand in the garden.

When he realized that she had left the garden, he stepped back into the hallway, and saw her, leaning against the wall of the training room.

“I hate it,” she mumbled.

“The garden? Why?”

“Not the garden! The fact that I can’t remember who I am!”
She started to cry, and Pyro realized that this was the first time he had seen her cry. He didn’t know what to do, or how to comfort her. But instincts told him that a hug would help.

He led her to her room, for the second time that day. When they got into the room, the fire was still blazing, and he sat her down on the couch. He sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her, and they just stayed like that for a while. Soon Ember had stopped crying so hard, but she still had tears in her eyes.

When she had stopped crying, she said shakily, “I guess I can’t complain,”

“Why not? You have every right to be upset,”
he replied.

“But you do too. The only difference is that you’re strong enough not to cry.”

“Just because I haven’t cried doesn’t mean that I’m stronger than you. It has nothing to do with strength.”

“Let’s go out on the balcony,”
she suggested, and they got up, and walked to the double doors.

They walked outside, and the cool evening air hit them hard. It had gotten windy since they were outside. Ember led them to the railing, and she leaned on it, peering over the field as the flowers swayed in the wind. The wind blew at the trees, and it drew clouds over the mountains to the right. It blew at her hair, throwing it in her face, and it blew at Pyro’s black hair, turned golden in the fading light of the sun.

Pyro’s stomach growled, and he remembered that he was hungry.

“Why don’t we find something to eat?” He said, turning to Ember.

“Great idea.”

They headed to the door, but before they reached it, Ember heard Fang calling to her. She could not see where he was, but something told her he was far away.

Ember, meet me tomorrow morning in the waterfall clearing at sunrise. We should talk, and I have something to show you. Come alone if you can.

Okay, Fang. I’ll see you then. Pyro and I are going in to make something to eat now. Then we’ll go to sleep. Good night, Fang.

Ember and Pyro walked down the stairs, and when they got to the first floor, headed left, to the dining room. They went on to the kitchen, and Ember asked, “So, what do you want to eat?”

“Um… how about… spaghetti?”
At the moment, it was the only thing he knew of, and it had only just popped into his head.

Spaghetti. I know what that is, don’t I? Ember pondered the fact that she knew how to make it. “Let’s see if the ingredients are here.” She looked through cupboards and shelves, and came back with a box and some jars in her hands.

“Noodles,” she said, putting down the box, “spaghetti sauce, home-made it seems,” she said as she placed two jars next to the box of noodles. “With tomato, basil, some other spices, and mushrooms,” she said, reading the hand-written label on the lid. She remembered the recipe for the sauce, and decided that she would make more when she had the chance.

She got a pan out of the cupboard next to the stove, and placed it on the nearest burner on the cook top. She turned on the heat, and went to the refrigerator to see if they had some fresh meat. She doubted that they would, but checked anyway. She opened the door, and was amazed to find much more meat than they needed for the spaghetti. The fridge must have some spell on it to keep the things fresh no matter how long it’s in, she thought.

She took out what she needed, and put it into the pan. As the meat simmered, Pyro watched in amazement. The smells of the food was already too much for him. It smelled so good that he didn’t think he would be able to wait.

Ember stirred the meat with a wooden spatula until it was all brown, and in little chunks. She preferred it that way over the meatballs. She then added some of the sauce from the jars, and put the rest away in the pantry. She stirred the mixture a little before getting another, larger pot out of the cupboard, and filling it with some water to be placed on another burner.

As she waited for it to boil, she searched the kitchen for the plates and silverware. She got out two plates from a glass cupboard, and handed them to Pyro, saying, “Make yourself useful, and set these, please.” Before going to a drawer near where the plates had been, and taking out two forks, and handing them to Pyro.

By the time the table was set, the water in the second pot was boiling, and the sauce was ready. She turned the heat down on the sauce, so that it was just hot enough to keep it warm while the noodles cooked.

She dumped enough noodles for them both into the pot of boiling water, and set a timer to the right amount of time. While the noodles cooked, she stirred the sauce to keep it from burning to the sides of the pan, and explored the kitchen, looking for where everything was and getting to know the tools and appliances.

The timer went off, making Pyro jump, and Ember laughed slightly as she slipped on some oven mitts. She took the noodles off the stove, and rushed them to a counter nearby. She went to a cupboard and took out a bowl, just the right size for them, and dumped them in, after straining them over the sink.

She then took the sauce off the burner, and took it over to the same place as the noodles. She got out another matching bowl, and poured in the sauce. She got out a ladle and tongs to serve them with, and stirred the sauce one last time before she picked it up, beckoning for Pyro to take the noodles. She carried the sauce out to the dining table, where Pyro had set the plates and forks, and set the bowl down, soon after Pyro set down the noodles.

She sat down at the place next to the noodles and Pyro sat next to her.

As Ember ate, she couldn’t help noticing the slurping sounds Pyro made as he ate the noodles. She laughed, and said, “Are you always this noisy eating? If you are, you might have to eat in the kitchen.”

Pyro slurped up the last bit of noodle from his fork with added sloppiness. “You wouldn’t dare send me to the kitchen,” he joked. “Besides, there is nothing wrong with eating loudly.”

“You have so much to learn.”
For some reason, Ember felt that it was rude to eat noisily. She noticed that his plate was empty. “Well, if you are done, help me wash the dishes. I think you know how to do that, don’t you?”

“Maybe, maybe not,”
he joked as he followed her back to the kitchen.

They set their dished in the sink, and Ember turned on the hot water to fill it.

Ember scrubbed the dished and they were soon sparkling clean. Pyro dried them and placed them carefully into their appropriate cupboards.

“Well, I’m pooped,” sighed Pyro.

“Yeah, let’s go back up to our rooms and get some sleep for the night. It’s been a long, and very eventful day,” she said, looking at Pyro with a glint in her eye.

“Yes, it has, hasn’t it?” He looked deep into her orange-red eyes that danced like fire and remembered about his own eyes. He wondered why his eyes had turned red when he had kissed Ember.

They walked slowly up the stairs, to their rooms, and went inside. Pyro walked Ember to her room, and said goodnight at her door. He went to his own room to change into the night cloths from the closet in his room. With a pang of jealousy, she remembered that she had no closet. She wondered why the supposed queen didn’t have one, while he did.

She searched the room again, in case the door hadn’t revealed itself yet, and, sure enough, there was another door beside the door to her bathroom.

She walked up to the door and opened it.

She stepped into a room almost 30 feet long, and 10 feet wide, thinking how it was logically impossible, after adding up the spaces around the room. In the center was a cushioned bench and along half of one of the longer walls was just shoes. There were gold ones, white ones, back ones, silver ones, orange, red, yellow, blue, purple ones. All colors and styles of shoes. Ember looked at the end of the bottom row closest to her and saw a white pair of the fuzziest, most comfortable looking slippers in the world. She slipped them on after kicking of the tattered flip-flops she had been wearing for the past few days. She immediately kicked those off too, walking bare foot on the soft carpet of the walk-in closet. She sat on the bench and sank into it. It was comfortable, and she wondered if she should just lay down on it and sleep there. But then she remembered the soft down of the pillow on the bed, and the big, warm comforter that sat on top of it.

She walked to the other side of the shoe wall and found drawers of socks, underwear, and plane white under-shirts and tank tops. She flipped though the drawers and went on to the next wall of the room.

The whole wall opposite the door had shirts of all kinds. Two rows of hangers, one on top of another, hung, and hundreds of shirts were held. A lot of them were oranges and reds, and some were black, some were white, a few were a light blue, and a few were purple-ish. Some were brown and some gray.

She flipped through the shirts and found one that she especially liked. It was a creamy orange color, and had a black collar and cuffs. It was a button-up and had three-quarter sleeves.

She walked to the side of the wall to the right of the door and saw half the wall covered in hung up pants, skirts and shorts. She soon found a skirt matching the shirt she had found. The other side of the wall had gowns and dresses, and a lot of them, too. Ember was amazed at the amount of cloths that were in the closet. In the corner of the door wall and the pants/gowns wall, she found a little switch. She pressed it, and a wall-high mirror came down from the ceiling and unfolded. Ember stepped in front of it, and had a perfect view of her self. In the mirror in front of her, she saw her front side, and in the mirrors on either side of her, she saw her side views. She inspected herself, and found that she badly needed a bath. She wondered how Pyro could stand to be near her when she looked like this.

In the center of the room, surrounding the bench, were glass cases with jewelry of all kinds. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, broaches. She looked at them all through the glass, almost afraid to touch them, afraid that they might shatter or get smudged by the touch of her hands. One necklace in particular caught her attention. It was a golden chain with an orange and red stone like fire in the shape of a flame-like tear. The stone had gold spiraling around it, carved like flames. She already loved it.

She looked through the other jewelry, and then headed out of the closet, and into the bathroom. She stripped her clothes off, filled the tub with steaming water, and slipped into it. She soaked for a while, and then dipped her head in. She found the shampoo next to the tub, squeezed it into her hand, and rubbed it into her hair. The scent was soothing and it felt good on her head. She scrubbed her body with the soap at the edge of the tub, and stepped out after washing. She used her powers to surround herself in fire and dry, at the same time keeping warm. She wrapped up in a warm towel, just so she didn’t have to go walking into her room naked. She went to her closet and picked out a pair of loose pants and a tank top pajamas, and slipped into her bed.

Chapter Ten

Ember saw a scene in front of her that made her shiver. It was a spot in the woods, and three children were playing, one climbing trees, and the other two play sword fighting with sticks. The one climbing was a girl, judging from her colorless hair. It was long, and in a ponytail on top of her head. The two play fighting were a boy and a girl, ember guessed. The boy was taller, and had dark hair, and the girl had hair just past her shoulders. But the scene was in black and white, so she could not make out the colors of the children’s hair. Who are they?

Then, from somewhere in the distance, a female voice called, “Fira! Time for Dinner! Tell your friends to go home to their mothers, who must be worried sick about them!”

“Aw, fine,”
muttered the girl who was play fighting. “Guess we have to stop playing. I’ll see you two tomorrow, right?”

Said the other girl, now climbing down from the tree.

“You bet, Fira!” Said the boy, who was panting from their play.

The children raced toward the voice, and Ember wanted to follow, but could not move. And then she woke up.

Find Part 3 Here
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