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Here is the second edition of the Covert Hunt Bingo Book series. Unlike other Bingo Books, Covert Hunts can take place in any point in time and do not necessarily go with the storyline.

Sephiroth is a mysterious unit in Organization V. It is made of ten members:

Keter- defeated by N.V. and Valentine
Chokmah killed by Zwei and Winter (see "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown" for the fight)
Chesed - killed by Noah
Gevurah -killed by Ovan, Sirberius, Yuado, Tony, and Zevon
Tipheret -killed by Zwei
Netzach - defeated by N.V. and Valentine
Hod - defeated by N.V. and Valentine
Yesed - killed by Mewt, Brit, and Yamisel
Malkuth - defeated by N.V. and Valentine
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N. V. and Valentine vs. Keter, Hod, Malkuth, and Netzach
(takes place before SALIGIA Incident)

Four people arrived at a private island called Mirage Island. They were greeted by a nice woman who introduced herself as N.V. She led them into the underground complex.
These four people were members of Organization V’s Sephiroth. The included the following: Keter, Hod, Malkuth, and Netzach.
“I wonder why Valentine would like to see us,” wondered Malkuth.
“Shaddup, you hot head,” shushed Hod.
The four followed N.V. into a lab. They saw four operating tables set out.
“What is this?” asked Keter.
“Why, your operating tables,” said Valentine, appearing from the shadows.
“What?!” panicked Netzach.
Netzach used his invisibility ability and made a run for the door. N.V. tripped him and stabbed him in the back with one of the nine Azure Nine swords that N.V. and Valentine had divided amongst themselves.
“One down,” said N.V., “three to go.”
“Why you…” growled Malkuth.
Malkuth summoned a swarm of flames. Keter did the same.
“Pathetic,” said Valentine.
Valentine unleashed sand at the two. Keter got out of the way but the sand consumed Malkuth.
“Malkuth!” shouted Keter.
Valentine approached Keter.
“Next time I see you, I’m gonna burn you badly,” threatened Keter.
“I hope you keep your side of the bargin,” replied Valentine.
Keter was consumed by sand. Valentine looked at N.V. and Hod. Hod was laying on the ground motionless and N.V. had an Azure Nine at her throat.
“Don’t come any closer,” threatened Hod, controlling N.V.’s body.
“Or what? You’ll kill her? I’m surprised you didn’t notice that she’s a Frozen Sand replica.”
“A what?”
“She’s not real.”
Valentine ran over and stabbed an Azure Nine into Hod’s torso. Hod lost his control over N.V. and blacked out.
“That was risky,” said N.V., “your bluff could have gotten me killed.”
“Don’t worry, I know what I was doing,” promised Valentine. He looked at the four Sephiroth members. “Let’s get them onto the table.”
“Sure. What are we gonna use them in?”
“Key 4.”
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Battle of Shanra

One of the Wolfe Faction’s generals, Yuado Wolfe, stepped out of Dry Man’s Point and looked at the small village of Shanra. He and his lieutenant, Gevurah, noticed that a group of vampires were at the village.
Currently The Great God War was going on. The Rocain Faction, a vampire guild, recently joined forces with Atlantis in order to exterminate hybrids. Enraged, the Wolfe Faction, a guild of lycans, declared war on the Rocain Faction.
“They look like the Rocain Faction’s colors,” said Gevurah, “must be the enemy.”
“Alrighty then,” said Yuado, “CHARGE!”
Yuado’s army charged at the unsuspecting village. The vampires, startled, either ran for cover or got ready for a fight. With the battle at hand, Yuado ditched Gevurah to have his fun in the fight.
Yuado lept onto a vampire and ripped her throat off. He then went for a young vampire next. He was about to shred him apart when a boy yelled “Don’t you hurt Zevon!”
Yuado looked up to see a human boy run at him with a spear in hand. Yuado smiled and got up. He let the vampire, apparently named Zevon, to escape his clutches. Yuado grabbed the boy’s spear and snapped.
“Uh oh,” muttered the boy.
Zevon stepped in front of the boy.
“I won’t let you hurt Tony!” declared Zevon.
“How stupid you vampires are,” snickered Yuado.
“What are you doing?” whispered the human boy, Tony Glut.
“Mee Chee Nee Qi Yha,” chanted Yuado.
An illusionary wolf made out of blood and dirt materialized. It growled then charged at Tony and Zevon.
“NO!” shouted Zevon and Tony.
Just as the wolf was about to pounce on Tony and Zevon, a hybrid rushed out and shot it with Rengito, a demonic gun.
The boy was Sirberius Reono. He was a Kim-un-Kur whom The Order had been looking for. Yuado wondered why Sirberius Reono was with the Rocain Faction.
“Gah, why are you people getting in my way!” complained Yuado.
Yuado was about to use Mee Chee Nee Qi Yha when an old man with musky purple hair grabbed Yuado’s arm and chanted a sealing spell. The old man sealed Yuado’s spell.
“Why you!” shouted Yuado.
“Hello, Mr. Fünf,” greeted Tony.
“So this is where you ran off to, Tony Glut,” said the old man, Ovan Fünf.
Ovan Fünf was a respectable prophet from Redona. He traveled from town to town helping hybrids persecuted by Atlantis. He was on his way to Zelcova when he lost track of his assistant, Tony Glut.
“Don’t you see this is the Lamia Faction and not the Rocain Faction?” asked Ovan.
“Lamia?” repeated Yuado. The Lamia Faction was another group that was at war with the Rocain Faction. They a group of vampires who had recently assassinated the Rocain Faction’s head, Ranmaru “Zyko” Rocain.
Yuado twisted his head towards Gevurah.
“You told me they were Rocain,” snapped Yuado.
“Of course I did,” said Gevurah, “that’s what I was ordered to by Lord Kira. You know, I hate that Sephiroth has to obey the orders from the Juunikoudoutai.
Sephiroth? Koudoutai? Yuado had never heard of those groups. What he did know was that Gevurah needed to pay for pivoting the Wolfe Faction against the Lamia Faction.
“Die!” howled Yuado.
Yuado punched Gevurah to find a barrier protecting protecting Gevurah.
“Sorry but my Judgement of Intention won’t let anything through that means me harm,” informed Gevurah.
“He can’t stop all our attacks,” said Ovan, “attack all at once.”
“Wh-what?!” panicked Gevurah. “You can’t be serious, Ovan. You can’t kill me…”
Yuado, Ovan, Sirberius, Tony, and Zevon attacked all at once. Gevurah’s Judgement of Intention wasn’t able to handle all of it and shattered. The attacks kept on going and struck Gevurah. The Sephiroth agent was dead.
“Sorry about this,” apologized Yuado.
“It wasn’t your fault,” said Ovan.
“Still, I shouldn’t have fallen for that. To tell the truth, I’m done fighting. All I’ve wanted to do lately was settle down and retire.”
“Shanra would be a nice village to live at,” commented Zevon.
“Yeah, I think your right.”
Yuado followed Zevon over to the injured soldiers. Ovan, followed by Tony, walked over to Sirberius.
“It’s been a long time since we met outside Besaid,” said Ovan.
“It sure has,” replied Sirberius, “how’s Saria?”
“She’s doing well, I hear. In fact, Tony and I are on our way to Zelcova to visit Saria and Ruuso and Rubi now. Want to tag along?”
Sirberius left the Lamia Faction, which he had been hanging with for a while, with Ovan and Tony for Zelcova.
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Mewt vs. Yesed

Z'Niel passed Mystia and her Guardian Angel*, Yamisel. While Mystia and Yamisel went to meet with Kami in the Black Circle's headquarters, Z'Niel went to a gate. He met Brit at the gate where she kept it open for him. He walked inside where he waited.
Ten minutes later, a cloaked figure arrived.
"Are you Z'Niel?" asked the figure.
"Yes," answered Z'Niel.
The figure took off his hood to reveal Evan Nigel, the Crown Archangel.
"Heaven Ruler "Athius" is sending two seperate assassins to take care of a group called the Black Circle. The first is known as the Demon Destroyer of Gods. The other, the Yes Man. The Demon Destroyer of Gods will be able to sneak in without trouble but my superior, Phaethon, wants to make sure that the Yes Man can get in."
"But why take out the Black Circle? They're just a radical group created by Azriel. Besides, with Ppelono dead, its falling apart."
"Ovan Fünf of Die Endgültigen Fünf** had a prophecy that Black Circle might be the undoing of Organization V. We must make sure that doesn't happen."
"Okay, if you say so. So who is this Yes Man?"
"His name is Yesed. He is one of the Sephiroth. Unlock the Northern Gate to allow Yesed inside so that he may take care of any survivors of the Demon Destroyer of Gods' massacre."
"Understood. I'll go now."
Z'Niel and Evan Nigel went their seperate ways.

Z'Niel met at the Northern Gate. A flame elementalist arrived; Z'Niel guessed he was Yesed. Z'Niel unlocked the door.
"Thanks," said Yesed unsympathetically.
"No problem," replied Yesed.
Yesed screeched.
"Something wrong?" asked Z'Niel.
"Everything is perfect."
"Good. Remember, Organization V wants no survivors."
Yesed screeched again.
"Oh... kay..." muttered Z'Niel.
Elder God Kami spotted them.
"What are you doing?" asked Kami.
"Yes Bless," chanted Yesed.
Kami went flying. He landed ten feet away. Yesed fled.
"You traitor!" growled Kami.
Kami summoned Divine Light. He was about to attack when Z'Niel took out the Oracle that Nemesis gave him. He used it to create a Nobody of Eon.
The Nobody charged at Kami and stabbed four swords into the Elder God. The Elder God sighed.
"Good job," said Z'Niel, "you shall be known as..." Z'Niel thought for a moment. "I know. You're new name shall be... Noe."
The Nobody of Eon, now named Noe, grinned. The two fled the Northern Gate.

Mewt M. Morakami was talking to Brit, leader of the Black Circle, when they heard screams from the Black Circle Headquarters. They ran to the site. As they got there, they saw The Demon Lord's Hand lead a hybrid into a portal. The portal closed and the two were gone.
"I see I have company," said a voice.
Mewt and Brit turned around to see flame elementalist.
"I am Yesed," said the flame elementalist, "and I am going to burn you to a crisp."
Yesed summoned a giant fire ball and hurled it at Mewt and Brit. Brit dodged it but it hit Mewt straight on.
"Ha ha!" laughed Yesed.
"No one will kill someone like me so easily," said Mewt.
Yesed screeched. Mewt regenerated what had been burnt.
"Die!" screamed Yesed. "Yes Bless!"
Mewt and Brit were thrown into a wall. Yesed materialized flames around his hands.
"No you won't!" shouted a voice.
Yesed screeched. Yesed hadn't noticed that Yamisel was still alive. Yamisel grabbed Yesed's chest but was knocked to the ground.
"Fools," mocked Yesed.
Brit picked up Mystia's sword. She charged at Yesed. Yesed grabbed the sword and injected heat into the blade. It burnt Brit's hands and she let go. Yesed picked it up and stabbed her in the chest.
"Gah!" screamed Brit.
Mewt got up. He took the sword out of Brit. He looked at Yesed.
"You'll pay," promised Mewt.
Yamisel grabbed Yesed's torso and pinned him down. Frantic to get free, he grasped Yamisel's head and lit it on fire.
"Do it!" begged Yamisel.
Mewt charged at Yesed and stabbed both Yesed and Yamisel in the chest.
Yesed burst into flames. His body began to turn to ash, just like Yamisel's. Mewt went over to Brit.
"You okay?" asked Mewt.
"Been... better," Brit struggled to say. "Tell... my boyfriend... I'm sorry..."
"Who's your boyfriend?"
Brit closed her eyes and she was dead.

(I was bored and I thought I'd do a little story on the Black Circle Massacre while also paying Mewt back for stealing Luther from him)

*Guardian Angels are angels assigned to protect a particular Elder God
** German for "The Final Five"; the original name of Organization V's Final Five, led by Ovan Funf
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Life of Tepheret, aide of Zwei

Tepheret was born the child of Tobiya and Ovan Fünf. He had an older brother named Pathio who was slain by Ky and Deidore.
During his childhood, Tepheret became great friends with Ovan's assistant, a human named Tony Glut. Due to his mother's insane personality, Tepheret rarely made any other friends except two others: Zwei and Valentine, two business partners of his father (Tepheret always wondered if Zwei and Valentine were in the same group since neither were at Sibilis at the same time; either that or they knew each other and didn't like each other). Tepheret, Pathio, and their parents lived in a mansion in Redona, a village near Sibilis.
One day, a group of people from Ovan's group visited their house, Zwei included. Besides Zwei, he didn't know any of them. Ovan introduced them as Voz and Leviat.
"Hon, Kurasawa Cross wants us at The Cell," Tobiya told Ovan. More or less also to her children but they were young and didn't care much. "He's going to begin experiments on Dante today."
"So why are you going?" Ovan asked Voz.
"Athius wants me to deliver a few experiments -a vampire named Rebecca, a Nobody named O'Dranoel, and a resurrected angel named Rachel- to The Spire. Spread the word... or wait, that's a top secret assignment so maybe that wouldn't be a good idea."
"I see. I hope everything works out."
"Rarely does it ever," commented Zwei gravely.
"Yeah right," argued Leviat. "As long as the Death Knights Clan and I are in Sibilis, nothing can hinder our plans."
"Your precious Death Knights Clan has been proven to be not doing so well. Wasn't it just last week that Isthil, Va'ashear, and Zycaira, some of your best members, quit?"
Leviat got red in the face from anger and embarassment. "We shall stand tall, mark my words. Me and my son, Ferrinez, shall bring the Death Knights Clan back to power!"
"Ferrinez? The bastard born from Naomi Xion? That's funny. If I remember right, she's with Luther now."
"Quit you!"
"If that pleases you," mocked the masked man. He went over to Tepheret and shook his hair. "This matter of business should not be discussed here. Let us go to The Cell."
Tobiya, Leviat, Voz, and Zwei left. Ovan was stuck caring for Tepheret and Pathio at home, with the assistance of Tony, for a few days. Finally, Leviat knocked at their door. None of the others were with him.
"What happened?" asked Ovan.
"Dante went berserk after he was implanted with the Wave. He killed Kurasawa and his team. A few of my men were lost in the incident."
Tepheret pulled on Leviat's coat. "Where's momma?"
"We don't know. She snapped and ran off. Zwei doesn't expect Tobiya to return."
Ovan punched Leviat square in the jaw.
"You promised me that your Death Knights Clan could secure The Cell and my wife!" exploded Ovan.
Leviat punched right back. "Don't start with me. Or have you forgotten that Tobiya is a succubus for the Demon Lord? You should have known that she wouldn't always remain with you, regardless of what happened in Sibilis or not!"
Ovan took in a deep breath. He calmed himself down. "You... you're right. Her absence is no surprise. I just wish... oh I wish it weren't so. Leviat, leave me be. I need to tell the rest of Die Endgültigen Fünf that I will not be able to work for a while."
"Zwei already guessed that and told Ein Stein and the others. I'll take my leave."
Leviat left. For two weeks Tepheret and Pathio witnessed Ovan's grief over Tobiya. When he finally was done, he had a grave made for Tobiya even though she wasn't dead. Tepheret and Pathio were forced to come to Tobiya's "funeral". All that ended up doing was making it harder for the two brothers.
Four months later, Pathio ran away from home to learn under Manuel of the Black Circle. Tepheret and his father were sent many letters telling how Pathio was progressing. Years later Pathio became like Manuel, a servant of the Horseman of Pestilence, Drakov.
Three years after the incident at The Cell, The Great God War broke out. Since Ovan was assigned to spy in Zelcova, Tepheret had to stay with Zwei at Vaquero's ranch. Tepheret was displeased when he learned that Tony was going with Ovan instead of going with him.
During The Great God War, Tepheret was very useful to those at Vaquero's ranch. The owner, Vaquero of Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes, was tasked with keeping his ranch appear like a real one so basic ranch settlments were installed; Tepheret always like helping Vaquero milk the cows.
A few times Voz would visit Vaquero's ranch. He was always a pest to Vaquero so Tepheret was usually asked to keep Voz company, a.k.a., keep Voz out of trouble.
The one whom he helped out the most was Zwei. Zwei and Ein Stein were usually doing experiments at Vaquero's ranch. Tepheret worked really hard to assist Zwei. One day, Zwei offered Tepheret the chance to become a full pledged member of Organization V, a group Tepheret's father worked for. But it wasn't just a spot in Sephiroth, it was an offer to be Zwei's assistant. Tepheret eagerly accepted.
When The Great God War finally ended with the signing of the Dry Man Treaty at Dry Man's Point, Ovan came to pick up Tepheret at Vaquero's ranch. He was very angry with Zwei when he found out that Zwei had enlisted in Organization V. Regardless of Ovan's disapproval, the contract had been accepted by Draethius himself so Ovan was unable to get his son out of Organization V.
Zwei took Tepheret from Vaquero's ranch and to The Spire, a Valentine Facility stolen by Organization V. When they got there, Zwei and Tepheret had to attend a meeting. Tepheret's father, Ovan, was there.
"I have obtained a new servant," informed Draethius to the other Heavenly Rulers and Die Endgültigen Fünf members.
"Who is it this time?" asked Nemesis, a Heavenly Ruler.
"His name is Sirberius Reono, a KIm-un-Kur. He has great potential." Reading Ein Stein's expression, he added "and no, Dr. Stein, you cannot experiment on him."
Ein Stein complained but it was dully noted.
"Tim Drei," said Draethius, "you shall be me eyes and ears. Report everything that Sirberius Reono does."
Tim Drei bowed. "As you command, Athius."
Tim dismissed himself.
"Zwei, tell me your progress concerning the Past Code and Known Code," ordered Draethius.
"I have the Known Code now but it is still not ready yet to be extracted. The Past Code is proving hard now that a man named Grimm from the future to bring himself and the future Oracle to our time."
"So there's two now?" asked Phaethon.
"Yes," confirmed Ein Stein, "Nemesis has one and Valentine has the future Oracle."
"I do not like this," said Draethius, "Zwei, you and your new assistant are to ignore the Past Code for now. For now, search for the other Codes."
Zwei bowed. "As you command, Athius," he said, mocking Tim Drei usual response to obtaining a mission. Not wanted to be rude, Tepheret copied Zwei and bowed too.
They were dismissed. Tepheret had hoped to talk with his father but Ovan stayed behind to discuss about a new member to Die Endgültigen Fünf named Vier Weiss.
Zwei took Tepheret to Zwei Manor in The Spire. He offered a chair to Tepheret.
"Tepheret, listen closely," said Zwei. "While under by authority, you must never question the purposes of the Codes. They are only important to me and Athius. Understand?"
Tepheret nodded in acknowledgement.
"Now, I'll explain a few things about The Spire. The Spire, like the Mu where SALIGIA lives, lays in between the land of the living and the land of the living. While the Mu is between Atlantis and the Mystic Realm, The Spire lays in a realm between the Death Dimension and the Mystic Realm. There are Four dimensional Gates in The Spire: Forbidden Gate, Mystic Gate, Lost Gate, and Heaven's Gate. Forbidden Gate leads to the Death Dimension, Mystic Gate leads to the Mystic Realm, and with great difficulty on my part, the Lost Gate leads to Atlantis, home of the gods."
"What about Heaven's Gate?" asked Tepheret.
"That is a Gate that was suppose to lead to another realm but it failed so it leads to no where. Now, one cannot go through the a gate except the one he or she used to enter The Spire. You'd be best to remember that. If you'll excuse me, I'm tired and want to sleep."
Zwei left Tepheret to ponder his thoughts.
For the next few years, Tepheret helped Zwei look for Codes but with no luck. One day, Phaethon summons the two of them to Castle Cross on Isla Noche. With Phaethon were Zein and Kira.
"I have bad news for you," said Phaethon, "Tepheret, your father, Ovan Fünf, is dead, as is my son, Noe."
"Who did it?" demanded Tepheret.
"Sirberius Reono, Grand Mystic of the Mystic Council and former servant to Draethius, killed your father."
"So what do you plan to do next?" asked Zwei.
"I plan to go to the Mu. Kira and I shall begin preparations for our takeover."
"Oh, can I ask for a small favor?"
"And what would that be?"
"A Nobody of Sirberius named Sir Sirbue escaped Ein Stein yesterday. He thinks Sir Sirbue may be hiding out in the Mu, if you see him, can you have him eliminated?"
"Only if the chance arises. Don't forget that you answer to me, not the other way around."
"Is that so." There was a hint of amusement in Zwei's voice.
"Don't play your games here, Zwei. 'Accidents' happen all the time, especially here. I am always watching."
"So I've heard. Well, to serve as a reminder, I better make sure you always have an eye on me."
Tepheret blinked and Zwei was gone. A blink later and Zwei was in front of Phaethon, reaching in Phaethon's eye socket and ripping out an eye.
"Damn you!" cursed Phaethon, "Zein, kill them!"
Phaethon's bodyguard, a Nobody of Elder God Izen named Zein, burst through the door. A scythe was in his hand.
"Time to make our leave," Zwei told Tepheret.
Zwei teleported himself and Tepheret to The Spire. Afterwards, Zwei had a long talking to by Draethius. When he was done, Zwei mentioned that if Phaethon were to die and his body destroyed, the only remnant of the Shinigami King would be the eye. If that did happen, Phaethon's eye would become the Death Code.
As it so happened, the Mystic Council attacked the Mu. Phaethon's plan backfired and he got himself killed by Valentine. His body was ripped apart by Valentine's Fatal Attraction, ending up destroying the body. Thus, Phaethon's eye, serving as the last remnant of the Shinigami King who bore the Death Code, became the Death Code.
"One down, eleven more to go," Zwei muttered once.
Zwei tracked down the location of a Code to a witch named Prof. Pound, who worked at Chronos Academy. However, since Aeris Nightstriker was Chronos' headmaster, Zwei thought it be wise not to go after Prof. Pound. To Zwei's disappointment, Prof. Pound suffered a heart attack and died. The successor of the Code would have gone to Pound's apprentice but the apprentice's identity was unknown.
The next week Zwei went with Tim Drei on a secret mission. When they got back, neither mentioned what happened. Tepheret overhead Voz mention that Tim visited Dominic de Avaritia before his death by the hands of Larac.
A couple weeks later, Zwei discovered the War Code in the corpses of the four Key 4 members. Now they had two Codes.
Some time later, Zwei discovered that the twin gods Hallelujah and Alleluia held the Peace Code. When Valentine, Kira, Sirberius, and Tenkai killed the Kim-un-Kur Committee, Zwei was disappointed that Hallelujah did not meet the same fate as his partner, Elder God Amen. Their luck returned to them when Vier Weiss, the Final Five member who never got the chance to work under Tepheret's father, killed Hallelujah and Alleluia. Tepheret collected the corpses and Zwei extracted the Peace Code. Vaciar had come to Zwei Manor to get treatment for Voz who barely survived an attack from Dmitri and Ashley.
Tepheret noticed three stigmas on Zwei's body.
"What are those?" asked Tepheret.
"The Stigma of Greed, the Stigma of Wrath, and the Stigma of Envy," informed Zwei.
"Valentine and Kira fought each other and Valentine froze himself in time along with Kira," explained Vaciar. "Zwei now has those two Stigmas along with the Stigma of Greed which he obtained when Larac killed Dominic."
"You see, Tepheret, the seven Sin Stigmas, which symbolizes being a Sinner, makes up the Sin Code. Once I get the other four Stigmas, I can obtain the Sin Code."
Zwei began operating on Voz. His injuries were not as bad as previously thought. While preforming the surgery, Zwei extracted something.
"A few members of Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes holds one of the Codes," Zwei told Tepheret. "While it severely weakens them if taken out, the Code can be removed anytime. I decided to take his out since the oppurtunity arose. What I have here is the Unknown Code."
Tepheret found out that Vaciar once held the Nihilism Code but it was stolen by one of Les Chevaliers Du Six, another unit in Organization V.
When Zwei was done, he summoned Tepheret to the garden.
"What is it that you need?" asked Tepheret.
"The time has come for me to take back what Ovan stole," said Zwei.
What my father stole? thought Tepheret.
"You see, Ovan stole the Known Code from me years ago," Zwei continued, "for years I thought he gave it to Leviat to be used in bonding Draethius' aura into Dante but Tim Drei has confirmed that that is not the case. Further inspection in notes by the late Tobiya Fünf that Nemesis found at The Cell proves that the host of the Known Code... is you."
"M-me?" stuttered Tepheret.
"Shame really. Since you were bonded with it at birth, extraction would prove to be fatal. Alas, I must do what I must."
Before Tepheret could even begin to defend myself, Zwei stabbed Tepheret.
"As a reward for being the host of the Known Code, I'll tell you the function of the Codes," said Zwei, "the Codes, the 'missing link' and the Waves are all needed for the End of the World."
"End of the World?"
"Yes. Blue Satan must be resurrected to stop Holy Lord, thus obtaining Organization V's true wish. Draethius's wish. My wish."
Zwei took out the Known Code. Tepheret was dead before his head reached the ground.
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