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if you have adopted a chibi, you can make a chibi profile here! when you make your chibis profile you need to find your birth certificate and put at the top of the profile. you can chat with other chibis and do lots more! its like a little chibi myspace. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS OR ELSE THE CHIBI PROFILE WILL LOOK UGLY!!!
you need to fill this out}}}


ps: put the banner on top of this post in your chibi profile if you'd like
only the ppl who adopted a chibi can put this in their profile:

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chibis name: hiroshii-kun
chibis age:13
interests: drawing
likes: music, ducks, pretty things
dislikes: mean ppl
personality: sshy, outgoing, fun
msg to buddies: hello d(+.+)b
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CHIBI'S NAME: Yoshi and Yumi
AGE: 15
INTERESTS: drawing.^^
LIKES: cute animals.^^
DISLIKES: mean and rude people
PERSONALITY: both are shy. Yoshi is playful. Yumi is sweet.^^
MESSAGE TO BUDDIES: hello there.^^ hope you all have fun here~! XD

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CHIBI'S NAME: Miku and Akita
AGE: 16
INTERESTS: singing and dancing
LIKES: family, friends, and cute things<3
DISLIKES: braggy and mean people
PERSONAL: Both are shy, loving, pretty, smart, have a beautiful voice. Miku never really gets mad and Akita gets mad once people hurt her precious sister or her friends.
MESSAGE TO BUDDIES: Hey! Hope I get along with everyone here<3
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CHIBI'S NAME:alucard
LOCATION:Hellsing manor
INTERESTS:hunting vampires and pestering others XD
LIKES:drinking blood and sleeping on my head
DISLIKES:people poking his fangs and stealing his tiny hat
PERSONALITY:mischievous, loves attention and teaser
MESSAGE TO BUDDIES:This kind of night makes me want to drink blood
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