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New Korea drama That Fool ....
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Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/6/09

mimeportcrush wrote:

hamstie wrote:

like full house????

It does sound like full house but has different causes...

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Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/20/11

I can see people are comparing That Fool drama to Full House perhaps due to some similarities they can see in the story, but the truth is the whole context and approach is entirely different, and as for me, I definitely love That Fool drama more than Full House due to the "purity" of the story... If you're a hopeless romantic, then definitely this drama is a must watch for you.
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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 7/24/11
i loved everything about this drama
it was a breath of fresh air n it totally caught me off guard
i was feeling down after "can u hear my heart" ended but then this wonderful drama started airing in kbs world
i couldn't wait so i watched the rest of the episodes online
i love the sizzling chemistry between hwang jung min and kim ah joong
jung min is soooo cute
he's better than most male leads
it goes to show that status and materialism are not factors in finding one's true love
most people find this drama incredibly predictable, well for one thing the drama is called "the accidental couple" :P
watching the struggles the two main leads have gone through n eventually ending up in each others' arms was incredibly heartwarming for me
plus i had a lot of "laugh out loud" moments thanks to this drama
i wish that i found out bout this drama when it premiered 2 years ago
i can't find any interviews with the main cast :(
what a shame
ow well im giving this drama 2 thumbs up!!
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