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“I often pictured that 40, 50 years later, I will be staying at a garden’s residence in Nankang, walking barefooted on the sand in places I go, spending my life rearing dog, planting and cooking…” When talking about her dream, the excitement in her emotions and her swift talking was felt by the editor sitting opposite her; and that is definitely not a fairytale but a well planned practical dream. Ariel Lin told us whenever she was released early from work; she would go for lessons on wine-tasting, French cuisines, interior designing, etiquette and courses related to life enrichment. She is looking out and consistently learning on things which are of values to her life as she is worried that she might regress if she stops.

On regards to her figure, she is working hard on researching the best diet coordination for her body as she wants to slim down in a healthy manner. Mentioned below are Ariel’s best examples of her way of living.

1.) Happy to be a morning person, waking up daily at 4.50am.
When she is not busy filming, Ariel will sleep at 10pm and wakes up at 4.50am. She uses the time in the peaceful morning listening to English broadcasting, reading scripts, books, and fans’ letters and writing diary. Immersing everyday in the moment when the sky turns from dark to bright and chuckling to herself in satisfaction of her success in [stealing comprehensive time (for herself).]

2.) 45 minutes of night exercising + hot bath, no supper.
Those who met Ariel in person will definitely say “She is injusticed by the camera’s angle.” We observed off the camera that in actual fact, she has an oval shaped face, her arms and legs belong to the result of ‘well toned because of sport activities’. When asked about it, she insisted on running for 45 minutes after dinner, followed by immersing herself in a warm bath in order to perspire before going to sleep. She is firm about not eating supper.

3.) Breakfast: Sweet potatoes + self made soyabean milk or coarse grain’s porridge + meat floss
Speaking about eating, Ariel’s sentences will never left out ‘organic’, especially breakfast in particular. She would patronize organic products’ shops to purchase soy beans and use blender to mix soybeans and water to produce soyabean milk (no added sugar!); or eating coarse grain’s porridge with meat floss as it aids in digestion and detoxifying. Born in 1982 and due to her work’s scope, Ariel is more particular on her diet’s regime than the other girls with the same age. It consists mainly of unprocessed ‘coarse’ food and she would not touch on food which is too ‘cooling’ like tangerines.

4 Cutting down on nutrients for dinner, eating raw or cooked green vegetables
Before meal, I will consume fruits to increase the feeling of being full. I eat normally for lunch and dinner consisting mainly of green vegetables and food that are of less fat. Since the nutrients between the raw and cooked vegetables will be different, eating them together will make up the different nutrients needed.

The life role she played in reality (private)
Ariel was describing that people’s first impression of her was “cold and distant”. Frankly speaking, the editor also did have the feeling of ‘coldness’ (from her) at the initial photo shoot. For some reason, the editor arranged a second phone interview and understands that she is not cold but ‘just being slow in opening up’. She is actually very obliging! Having a cute appearance with a ‘silly big sister’ personality and in particular when she gave her opinion on her ‘roles’, and situations when people is stuck in sticky situations in love or family; they contain very deep values and understanding which are of useful reference.

I am “sincere in my intention, (having) smart strategy” as a role of a girlfriend
Her ideal of a 100% perfect girlfriend and nurturing a relationship are like irrigating plants; if you gave too much in a short time span, it will die faster instead; thus, finding out your other half’s movements which shows habitual behavior and dependence towards you. [What’s your strategy?] [“I will use cooking to grab hold of him. At the initial stage of the relationship, let him have a good taste of dishes like plain porridge and side dishes. After that, I will then introduce and serve him with ‘Royal feast of complete Manchu-Han courses’. You must control the intensity level well and lengthen the time as it will help to strengthen the relationship.”] In order to grab the other half’s heart; it’s ok to have well intentioned strategies.

At home, I portrayed an initiating role, I do everything myself.
Besides having her parents separated since she was young, she also needs to help her dad in clearing debts. Being the ‘household head’ of the family, Ariel believed that since she is the initiator, she feels that for any matter, she should not wait for other people to accomplish them. She should do it herself if she want to encounter anything in her own expectation. When asked [What is the recent activity you initiated?] She said: [Inviting family members for breakfast, strengthening the family’s bond and atmosphere and also making the initiative to open up and get closer to my dad.] To renew oneself, one must start by making changes in their current situations.

Idol drama’s little princess, Ariel Lin 10 Q&A

Q. Your definition of the ‘perfect celebrity’ is?
A: It’s tough to become that!! Need to have [talent, passion, ability to response] these three qualities. Able to talk about her inner thoughts, Ariel laughed and claimed that she failed in her ability to response with the media. If she meets media with bad intentions, she tends to stone easily when getting interviewed.

Q. Favourite idol?
A: Maggie Cheung. Among the female celebrities, 98% of them would state Maggie Cheung as their idol. It is not only her fashion sense which attracted Ariel, she also yearns to progress towards her supposedly unattainable ‘balanced condition’ in regards to her life in private or work. Love, family, health, beauty… all of them balanced and attained.

Q. Favourite magazine?
A: GISELE. I read it every month. My favourite section is seeing candid street photos of the celebrities and models, hoping to cultivate my fashion’s taste.

Q. Favourite fashion icon?
A: Nicole Richie.

Q. Favourite trendy brand?
A: Alasha, Bread n Butter, Whiple.

Q. Her good friends in the entertainment industry?
A: Traveling queen Janet, Chocolate sweetheart Stella Huang.

Q. One cosmetic item which you must bring out?
A: Lash curler.

Q. Favourite restaurant?
A: PAUL (breakfast), Fan Hong Hua (Indian cuisines).

Q. What kind of book attracts you the most when step into a bookstore?
A: Novels like ‘The kite runner’, ‘The memory keeper’s daughter’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Jin Yong’; I am now reading ‘The last lecture’.

Q. In this economy recession, what is that little yet significant happiness in your heart?
A: When people are feeling insecure and dejected in this economy recession, being able to eat breakfast with her family members is Ariel’s most significant and cherished happiness she has everyday.

Q. What is the praise does she want to hear the most?
A: It will be [You are gorgeous] for now but [Peerless grace and talent] in the future.

Source: Flower, Beauty Pioneer [2009-05-11]
Translated by: Kathykel @ TKA Subbers
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