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Weir says he wasn’t drunk (He just passed out in the car & had to be taken to the police station, that’s all)

Recently news broke out that leading actor “Weir” Sakollawat Kanarot got drunk and passed out in the middle of the street and had to be taken to the police station to sobre up. At the opening ceremony of his upcoming lakorn “Pra Jun Lai Prayuk” Weir confesses, it’s partly true..

“Honestly it was nothing. I went to work and had a bit to drink. Then I couldn’t drive so I parked my car to take a nap and when I woke up I was at the police station because a taxi came to help me because he thought I might be in trouble and called the police and they drove me to the station”

“Honestly I wasn’t that drunk to the point where I passed out on the street. The taxi driver told me I was sleeping in my car and the police carried me out of my car and put me on the street when they need to get into my car. Perhaps during that time someone saw and thought I passed out on the street but honestly it’s nothing. They said it was a good thing I didn’t keep driving cause I could cause an accident and I thanked the man who helped me”

From the incident people say your behaviour is inappropriate and not a suitable role model to younger generation

“Honestly I don’t think so. People should look at the positive side, and the bad stuff they don’t need to follow. I want to say when people are tired or drunk they shouldn’t drive and should just park their car somewhere and sleep so they won’t cause any accident. Honestly I wanted to park my car at the gas station but there were none in the area so I just parked whereever I was and it was lucky that someone came to help me”

“I do go to parties but not often. That night I was working too hard so that’s why I was so tired and usually when I have parties, I always have it at home”

Weir says his girlfriend Pancake didn’t say too much about the incident, she just said to drink less

“Nong Pan said to be more careful and try to think about other people before I do anything because so many people are worried about me and I said okay. But she didn’t tell me not to drink she just said to drink less”

“Her mom didn’t say anything either. She probably understands but she said to be careful because she is worried. As for the executives they probably know it was nothing. I didn’t get punished or anything but in the future I won’t let this happen again”

How do you feel about DJ Chao Chao announcing this on radio? He was the first to announce your drunken news

“As for P’Chao Chao I’m not going to get him in trouble. I think it’s normal because it was an interesting news and I’m not upset with him. I feel nothing by this and I feel I should be more careful and I don’t need to sort anything out with him. I blame myself for this, it was my fault”
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Aum Atichart admits to separation

So it’s a break and not a break up. He didn’t say why they are on a break, he did admit they have been separated for almost a month. On Saturday June 20, Pinky made it known to everyone at her birthday party she is single and ready to mingle. Today, Siamdara caught up with Aum Atichart at the Dutchie Boy and Girl Contest 2009 at Central World Plaza to get the scoop on his break with Pinky.

Let the interrogation begin….

They say you and Pinky have broken up, is it true?

Aum:’I think it is best to call it a time to consider, to do other things to make our relationship more clearer.”–translation, a break to reconsider their relationship.

How long have you been separated?

Aum:“Almost a month.”

Why did you separate?

Aum:”It’s an issue between two people, I have tried to reach an understanding, it’s an issue about understanding. I have tried my best. I think there is a time to think, a time for a break, to step back from a person and move forward.”

They say you are the one who broke it off with Pinky.

Aum: “Aye, hold that thought, I will summarize this again, I will do it cautiously, right now we are independent, she can do whatever she wants, I’m also independent and can do what I want.”

So we can call it a break and not a break up?

Aum:”Lets not use that term yet, lets have time to think, let us move back, have independence to do things on our own. I think that would be better.:”

So you two are sulking at one another?

Aum:”It is an issue between two people to have a moment of being angry and to sulk at one another.”

Are are the person who is sulking?

Aum:”Why would I sulk at her? Isn’t it usually the woman who does the sulking, why would a man sulk? I have tired bringing us together to the same point, it’s not sulking. If we are not in the same point, then it would be a different story.”

Can we call it a dead end in your relationship with Pinky?

Aum:”Dead-end. Can we call it a diverging point? (laughs). If it is a dead end, where can I travel to? If I have a clearer answer, I will tell you. Right now, I have time to think on my own because Pinky has been working a lot and I also have a lot of work on my plate. It has given me time to be on my own.”

Have you talk to Pink yet?

Aum:“We still talk, she is not mad, we are not fighting, she doesn’t hate, there is nothing, we are still in good terms.”

There has been a rumor you are seeing another person?

Aum:”It has nothing to do with another person, it is the problem between two people, there is no one else involve. I’ve tried to reach an understanding several times. If there is resistance, it is just tiring to continue.”–So Aum is trying to resolve the issue, but Pinky is not having it.

A reporter then ask about Pinky’s mom not liking him because he is not being accommodating as before. Like trying to please her and picking her up routinely.

Aum:”There is a time where we have to reach an understanding and a time to meet each other, there is a lot of things in a relationship. It’s not one or another, there is love, there is understanding, it is reciprocal to each other.”

Is there a chance it will be as before?

Aum:”We are still friends, it’s just time for us to step back. If I have a clearer answer, I will tell you.”

Has this love expired?

Aum:“I don’t sell telephones (laughs). I think she has done good and done her best, as for myself, I have tried my best, my utmost best. I also believe she has done her best . As for our relationship, how it will turn out, at least we are not angry with one another. We have not hurt each other, no one is hurt, it is a good thing.”

Any chance of opening your heart to another woman?

Aum:“It’s up to the future…blah…blah”

People have been saying, you have another person and once you break up with Pinky, you will reveal her.

Aum said he didn’t do anything, everyone is his friend and they have supported him.

What did you give Pinky for her birthday?

Aum:”I have her present saved up, I knew it was her birthday, so I sent her a happy birthday text message.”

It just seems like you and Pinky are in relationship for promotion purposes and now it has reached it saturation point.

Aum:”That is what other people think, I don’t blame them because we’re in the illusion industry. I’ve done everything from my heart and I have tried to make other people understand, but couldn’t. We are not commercializing on our relationship. It’s not like that. I don’t think Pinky is doing that either.”

We talked to Pinky the other day, she said everything is as before, will you change your stance?

Aum:”I’ve said that this is a matter between two people, it’s about understanding. What I say right now or my explanation, other people might not understand because we have not cleared it up yet. It’s really about the understanding of two people.”

How about your fanclub who is worried about you?

Aum thanked both his fanclub and Pinky’s fanclub for being concern and stated that he is trying his best to make it look good. Sometimes a relationship can get tiring and has reached it’s ending, that’s how it works.

About the present he has saved up for Pinky for her b-day?

Aum:”I will give it to her myself, I have to wait awhile, I have not been able to see her yet.”

Is this the last present?

Aum:”Can I answer that later?”
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Pinky Savika announces her break-up with Aum Atichart

Well, it just sucks to be Aum Atichart at this moment, he has been dumped by Pinky Savika according to Siamdara newspaper. Pinky has told a few of her closest friends she has broken up with Aum Atichart. She even broadcasted her break-up at her 23rd birthday party this past Saturday June 20. “I’m single and ready to mingle” was probably one of her statements.

Though Siamdara has not been able to reach Aum Atichart for a statement, a close friend of the rosy lip pra’ek did come out and said Aum is pretty upset over this news.

“Aum, he is not doing so well. He told me what Pinky had said, it’s probably true. Right now, he is trying to recompose himself and trying to resolve this relationship problem. In the past, he was already stressed out about the issue that lead to their sulking. Aum has told me, he has done his best. On her birthday, he even called her to wish her a happy birthday.”

They have been saying for a while now that the ‘love affair across channels’ is coming to an end
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A 2nd child for Ken Theeradeth!

From Daradaily and Siamdara! Actress “Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej is pregnant again with her second child with hubby Ken Theeradeth. She is 6 weeks along. Ken is excited and secretly wants a sister for his son Koon.

From a person close to the couple:”Confirm, it is true. Right now, she is 6 weeks along, he is very happy. Is he in a frenzy this time around, not as much as the first time, but he is extremely happy. He has been secretly wanting a little girl because his first born was a boy. Will he hold a press conference, probably not because this is good news and she is just pregnant.”
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Another Pra’ek off the market

One of our godly pra’eks from lakorns and movies, “Tik” Jesadaporn Pholdee, is getting married to a his long time girlfriend Sitamon Taengsuwan. The news has been confirmed by his younger brother actor “Tun” Pichetchai Pholdee, the villain in most lakorns.

From Tun:
-Tik will hold a press conference to announce his wedding soon.
-Right now, Tik is in the provinces working.
-The wedding is not next month, it’s most likely 2-3 months from now
-Is it hi-so “Peach” Sitamon Taengsuwan? “I can’t say, let Tik tell you himself,” he answered
-Tun’s parting words, “Confirm krab, I’m sure, P’Tik is a real man, he won’t hide it.”

Source: Inn News
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Confirm! Tik is getting married

Confirm. Confirm. Our godly pra’ek “Tik” Jesadaporn Pholdee is getting married.

Well-tanned, wearing a yellow bandanna over his head and a beat-up old gray shirt with the “Navigator” logo on the front, Tik confirms his upcoming wedding to girlfriend “Peach” Sitamon Taengsuwan.

This wedding is not a rush rush wedding like everyone believes. It has been discuss for a couple of years now. Everyone in his family knows about it, everyone is happy. Their is no time-line for the wedding, no date has been set. If the date is set for July 9th, he is ‘yindee’ to marry her by that date. The date is up to the elders to decide.

For the wedding, he wants something laid-back and easy. Most likely, he it will be a combination of Chinese and Thai traditions. For the honeymoon, going all natural, Tik plans to take his bride to the mountains. Honeymoon camping trip! So like Tik!
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Pu Praiya is Happy with Her Curvier Body

Since she got back from overseas “Pu” Praiya Suandokmai has gained a few pounds and appears curvier than usual. However Pu says she is not planning to go on a diet anytime soon as she personally feels being curvy is more beautiful…

Khun Dang on the other hand disagrees…

“I’ve been chubbier ever since I left to study abraod. But now I’ve lost 2 kilos and I think I’m okay now” Says Pu to

Did Khun Dang tell you to lose weight?

“Yes she did. At first she was shocked when she saw me but then when she saw me on TV she said I seem to look fresher and fuller. So far, I’ve completed 4-5 scenes for my lakorn and I don’t think I will lose anymore weight. I look okay on the tv monitor”

You like your new weight?

“I like it. Before I used to feel paranoid in all my outfits but now it looks okay, I like it”

Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09

Tik is just funny

I love Tik! Seriously, I do. I love things that make me laugh and he definitely makes me laugh. What I find very amusing about him is that he is not what we expect them to be. In our dreams, we see Tik in preppy clothes, well-polished, and doing romantic things for us. In real life, Tik is the absolute opposite of our dream guy. He is not at all romantic, he is a man’s man, rugged and filled with jokes.

His wedding proposal to his girlfriend Peach was very random, he pretty much said, “I’m ready now.” I know, Tik is not at all romantic, even Peach said so during their wedding press conference today.

“One day he said, I’m ready now, soon I will take you to live with me and I will take you to meet my parents. The conversation was very ordinary and I thought ‘huh’…”

During this time, Tik interrupts Peach and joked, “it is a man’s technique, krap. Man.”

“It wasn’t romantic at all but it was a very strong statement. I asked him several times “really” and he said yes, really.” Peach continued.

“I invited her earlier this year, I told her okay I’m ready now….end (Laughs). I didn’t know if she was ready or not, but from my guess I think she was.” Tik said about his proposal and bride-to-be.

Tik is a very consistent and sincere guy according to Peach. “Tik is a man who loves his family and a man who has a consistent personality, a sincere heart since the beginning of our relationship. From the first day, he is still the same. If he can do it, he will do it. If he says he will do something, he will make it happen. He has been consistent since the moment we met and has not change at all. That’s what I like about him. He takes good care of his family. I think if I’m with him, I will be well cared for too.”

Tik’s promise to Peach was very sweet and a big joke.

“I’m just…a regular guy who is not at all special. How should I say this? The thing is this…I love the intro essay from the band ‘T-Bone’. They said, I don’t know what you desire but as for myself my sincerity is great, very great. Like I have said I’m not a special or a great person, I’m just an ordinary man and the only thing I can offer you is goodwill, my love, and I will try to do my best to the best of my abilities krap.”

Tik ends his promise to Peach and everyone laughed. “The only thing this man is not is a sorcerer.” He said. I kinda don’t understand the joke but it was pretty funny when he said it. I loved how she laughed and made a face liked she knew he would say that. It was cute.

There was a part where Tik joked that all women made the world beautiful but then he corrected himself. “That’s not right, only this person here.” HAHA.
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Insane, Tik is married

I didn’t want to believe it would be this soon. Yesterday, Manager news website ran a story that Tik would be married today at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, I didn’t believe it. Just last week he announced his upcoming marriage to “Peach” Sitamon Taengsuwan. I really thought it was a hoax. At his press conference last week, he said he wasn’t sure of the date, they had 3 options but nothing was set. Today, I woke up, check the news, “Tik is married” headlines are scattered across every news outlet.

Tik, give us rabid fangirls a time to adjust. Weeps. Just kidding, I’m happy for the guy. Peach looks like a down to earth, sweet woman.

The wedding ring is huge, it was chosen by Tik’s mother. The dowry is not being disclose.

Tik said this about his bride, “What I like about Khun Peach…is that we understand each other completely. Khun Peach is a person who has a wonderful personality. She has a good heart, she thinks of others before herself, so I’m allowing her to use my surname Pholdee from now on.”

Previously, at his engagement announcement, Tik joked that he would want his honeymoon to be a camping trip up a mountain. Reporters asked Peach whether she would go, she said, “I rather not, it would be best if he went with his gang of friends.”

“I don’t want to inconvenience her, even I can’t handle it.” Tik interjects and joked.

If you understand Thai, you should definitely watch the interview, Tik continues to be hilarious.
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Noi talks about her pregnancy

“Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej, Ken Theeradeth’s wife is pregnant again with baby #2 and their first child is barely 10 months. Everyone is surprise because it was previously believed Noi would have trouble conceiving again.

“Ken had even said our second child came quick. I didn’t expect it to be this fast either. I wasn’t planning it or controlling it. The doctor had even said I would have trouble conceiving again. When the doctor learned of my pregnancy he was in shock and said, ‘congratulations you will have another child real soon’.” Noi said.

Even if they have a boy the second time around, Noi doesn’t plan to have another child. She doesn’t want to overpopulate the planet, she joked. Ken is severely hoping for a girl and Noi teased him, “if you want something badly, you might not get it.”

She is not sure whether her son Nong Koon is aware of her pregnancy, he is only 10 months. She has told him not to be too aggressive with her because she is carrying his younger sibling. At the moment, he likes to be all over her and be affectionate. Nong Koon does become irritable when people come up to her and ask whether she has morning sickness. I’m assuming they point to her stomach. He becomes peevish and refuses to eat. She doesn’t know whether he feels jealous of his younger sibling or whether it is something else. Kids are smart, I’m sure he knows something is up.

Noi is currently 9-10 weeks pregnant.
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Aof Pongsak cried on national TV

When he talked about the vicious rumor that has plagued him since the beginning of his career, the rumor that he has AIDS. Which by the way, he does not.

Aof was on the “Thotrahat Jai (Decoding the Heart, ถอดรหัสใจ)” show on Ch7, when he broke down in tears talking about the rumor he has AIDS. There was a time when he lost a lot of weight rapidly, people started speculating he had AIDS when really he was suffering from typhus. He felt beaten when he couldn’t defend himself and wondered what his parents would think.

Aof even discuss a time when he was suicidal. Years ago, he suffered from diabetic neuropathy, his body did not have strength, he feared he would be a handicap forever, so he contemplated suicide by jumping off a building. When the time came, something clicked inside Aof which made him want to fight for another day. Though the AIDS rumor was very hard on Aof, it did not compare with his battle with diabetic neruopathy. He will fight on.

The episode of “Decoding the Heart” with Aof Pongsak aired yesterday on Ch7. Poor guy.

He did talk about it but he didn’t cry about it. A retraction for this post.

From Diamend:”he aint cry cause of the rumor. he don’t care for dem rumors. he cried cause his sister and his mama talked on the show about how close their family is and what hardships they went through. they went through hell together. dude’s 24 y would a grown man cry bout a silly rumor? lol”
Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Meji is seeing Non

What is this? 2009 must be the year for love and relationships, everyone is either getting married, having babies, or in a long-term relationship. Even “Meji” Pimaksiporn Wingomin has someone, she has been seeing her ‘friend’, Non Phudit for the past 3 years.

“I have known him for a long time now, this our 3rd year. He is somewhat close to my family. When there is an event or if we go anywhere, he comes as my close ‘friend’. Is he someone special? He is more special than other people because I don’t let other people associate with my family easily. There is only a few people I let come eat at my house or do activities with my family.”

Though they are not official and she does talk to other men, her family loves him. He is the only guy she allows to associate with her parents and other family members. He is a decent guy who doesn’t complain. On her birthday, he always attends, no matter big or small. Non puts an effort to be there.

He has such a good relationship with her family when he is not at the house, her older sibling would ask, “is Non not coming over?” They don’t ask that question with her other friends. It’s understood that Non is going to be there. If he is not, it’s strange to them.

Oh Meji, it’s been 3 years, just admit it, he is your boyfriend.

Non Phudit is an actor too, he was recently in the Thai film “Roommate”, as one of the roommates. HAHA.
Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
No Return for Pinky and Aum

Some are noting that Pinky Savika is very jaded when it comes to her break-up with Aum Atichart, she appears more cheerful and nonchalant about her break up. No tears, no regret. Some are even pointing out, she looks more beautiful.

Pinky is happy with that observation. “Really? I’m prettier. Really? Now that makes me happy. I think I’m still the same, I have more time to myself, thus I have more time to take care of myself. Perhaps for some people, when they are single, they become more beautiful and also feel more happy.”

Reporters asked Pinky about her cheerfulness, she replied, “you only have two choices to suffer or to be happy. I choose happiness because I don’t want to choose suffering because I still have friends around me.”

Pinky admitted she and Aum ‘officially’ broke up at the Siamdara Star Party. They found a room, shut the door, and agreed to a break up.

“Yes, we have cleared it. At that time, everyone agreed it was our personal business. Up to that point, we did not have the opportunity to talk to each together. We talk about our happiness and suffering and about our personal situation, there were a lot of things we discussed. As a result, both parties involve are happy. We do not hate each other. Up to this day, we still talk because in the past, media coverage of our relationship made it confusing so we cleared it and have ended our relationship well. I feel great about it.”

About Aum’s birthday present to her, Pinky said, “he has not given it to me. Truthfully, he doesn’t need to because it has already pass and will never return. From this point on, I’ll probably be alone. There are a lot of people who are giving me support, but whoever is coming into my life at this moment, I’m just not ready.”

Wow, she is implying there is a lot of guys pursuing her but she is not giving them a light of day. Good gosh, she is really over Aum Atichart.

The more I read about their break-up, the more I find their relationship to be superficial and childish. This will definitely be my last post about Aum and Pinky’s break-up.
Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Chakrit is a womanizer…

…for his new movie “Fan Gao (Ex-lover)” from Avant productions. His film character is very similar to him but Chakrit denies the similarities. He is only a womanizer in films and not in real life.

Chakrit about his new film with Avant and RS: ‘This time around, it is my first project with RS. Right now, I don’t have a contract with anyone, I am a free agent entertainer. Firstly, the reason why I have chosen this film is because I know P’Tom (Piyaphan Chuphet) for a long time now and have been following his work. Secondly, the character is very interesting. In the story, I am an actor who has a girlfriend then they break up. He immediately starts dating another woman, his co-star. My character is like a playboy, every person he dates, he breaks up with and immediately starts dating a new woman. Eventually he starts seeing Gybzy (Wanida Termthanaporn). He doesn’t realize how much he has hurt his ex-girlfriend, who is Oom (Nawadee Mokkhawes), to the point where she wants revenge.’

Though he is known to be a playboy in the media, his character has nothing to do with him. He even joked with the director on whether the role was modeled after him from tabloid news articles about his fickle heart with varies women. Chakrit said its just a role in a film. One day the rumors of his Casanova ways will be erase by other news. It is just how things work.

His hi-so gf, “Petch” Boonyapa Benjarongkul of 4 months said Chakrit is not a Casanova at all. He is a good guy, a man who takes good care of her.

Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Pinky Savika has moved on

Well, that was quick. This break is officially a break-up. Pinky Savika has stated she does not move back, she only knows how to move forward.

Reporters asked Pinky at the Siamdara Star Party this past Wednesday whether her break with Aum Atichart is officially a break-up, she answered, “I don’t know what to say. Are we separated? As for myself, I don’t consider it a separation, I only know how to move forward and not move back. If you say it’s a break up, it’s probably that.” I must add she was all smiles when she said that, very indifferent to her break up.

Pinky is even rumored to be seeing another guy, some high-society young lad name Tiw. Apparently he likes to call her “baby” and reporters questioned Pinky whether that was a term of endearment, she denies it.

“Baby–you see he is a farang kid from America. The truth is, it’s part of their culture, it’s not strange at all for him to call me that. A lot of my friends call me that. He is not trying to court me, she is a crazy guy, he is my friend, we have known each other for a year now. Right now, I’m not seeing anyone, I’m still regretful and sorrowful. There is no one I’m seeing and I won’t be calling anyone my boyfriend for a long time.”

Um, I live in America. No one calls me ‘baby’, then again, I’m from small town America, the boondocks of American civilization. The culture might be different from places like Philly or NY. My brother and his long time girlfriend uses the term ‘baby’ as a term of endearment. “Babe, take out the trash.” He doesn’t use that term with anyone else and she doesn’t either.

Pinky doesn’t know the reason for their break-up. “The truth is I don’t know, as for P’Aum, you have to ask him yourself about his viewpoint. As for myself, if I love someone, I love them sincerely. Since the beginning of this issue, I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I think I have done my best and P’Aum shouldn’t have sulk for that long, I have given my full 100% and I’m happy.”

Pinky doesn’t know what to call this situation, it’s not a separation and they have not said they have broken up. What’s confusing about it, it’s a break up, be more clear about it.

Has Aum tried to reconcile, reporters asked. He has, Pinky answered. “He has called me on my birthday, he calls me a lot, we don’t hate each other. It is still the same but we are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. I have tried to reconcile, I’m regretful but I’m not to the point of shedding tears.”

Don’t worry about Aum, apparently he has someone new too. He is denying it, she is merely a friend, he said. Sure, sure!

Below are photos from a magazine spread for this month, I don’t know which magazine. From the sign, it was taken at a rundown amusement park in Japan.
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