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Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Aom Piyada’s engagement

Did my blog just become the We: Wedding channel? Lately, all I have been doing is updating my blog about celebrity weddings and there has been a lot of engagement and wedding announcements too, especially this month and last. It just seems like everyone is getting married.

Our sweet as cherry pie nang’ek, “Aom” Piyada Akarasene is the latest to ‘officially’ get engage. She got engage today to her long-time boyfriend ‘Art’ Sara Jutharattanakul. He’s a warm and romantic guy, Aom said about her fiance Art. They are not disclosing the dowry amount, they want to keep that private among their family members.

Art is just precious, when reporters asked Aom about how long they had been dating, instead of answering the question herself, she turned to Art and asked him. He replied: “1 year, 1 month, and 22 days’“. And the herd of reporters bellowed with laughter.

The ring they are using for the engagement is a ring given to them by Art’s father, it’s a family ring, an heirloom.

I do like Art a lot, he comes off as sincere and stepping up to the plate when it comes to their relationship. They both are, it’s a mature relationship compared to other relationships in the Thai entertainment business.

Congrats to the happy couple!
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Pae Arak is Secretly Hot!

For the latest issue of Sudsapda, former dirty boy, Pae Arak has shown us that he is secretly a butterfly that has shed out of the cocoon. No wonder girlfriend Koi Ratchawin sees something that we don’t see before he shed his poofy hair. I personally loved Pae in his band, Slur, but his new GQ look has made him a total hottie!
Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Kob & Brooke Still Hasn’t Signed Marriage Certificate

Actress “Kob” Suvanant Kongying has been married to “Brook” Danupol Boonakan for quite some time now but the couple still hasn’t legally signed a marriage certificate to lawfully enforce their marital status. This leads to speculation that perhaps Kob’s rocky relationship with mother in law “Darika” Boonakan has something to do with it.

“I’m busy because of Brook’s work and it’s also partly my intention but we will get it done, we’re just waiting for a lot of other things to settle”

“I want everything to be ready, it’s not that I don’t want to sign the marriage certificate. And some people might think perhaps Mae Darika (Brook’s mom) is forbidding this, no she is not. It’s got nothing to do with it, she is very cute and P’Brook understands that”

You’re waiting to have a child and then sign the marriage certificate?

“Maybe. This is one plan that we have in mind but we haven’t settled on anything. Right now we have no plans and from what we’ve talked about we just want to spend our time together as a couple first. Our intention is not to have children yet but we won’t leave it too long because we’re getting older now”

“P’Brook is not in a rush to have a child and neither is his mother. His mother already has 3 grand children so we will have children when we’re ready”

What work do you have in store for us?

“Right now, none but I’ve had 2 other offers which I turned down. The reason I had to turn them down is because the character is not suitable for me. I have to see first whether if I changed my character will I still have a lot of roles to play. Now that I’m older I want to play something different than what I used to before. Some of the offers I get are still the same, some are different and if it’s not suitable for me I will turn them down. I want to choose the best thing for myself and honestly I can’t play as a young girl anymore, I am too old. No one will believe that I’m still young”

Kob reveals her contract with channel 7 has expired but she won’t be leaving to work for another channel anytime soon

“My contract with channel 7 expired a long time ago. Right now I’m still with them purely from the heart. I don’t know if any other company are giving me offers but I certainly won’t be leaving. I plan to stay with channel 7 forever”
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
An adventure with Aum Atichart

His ex-girlfriend Pinky Savika takes on IN magazine’s issue cover for their July 2009 issue as the (NOT) so sweet babe and he is featured in one of their side stories, titled, “Close-up: Adventure with Aum-Atichat”, talking about his love for shooting guns.

“The first time I shot a gun, it was very exciting. It’s a man’s sport. I like it, it feels like I’m in the movies because I am able to use a gun like James Bond and really shoot too…when you put the bullet in the gun, you put on the protective headphones, you can’t hear anything but the natural sounds your body makes. It feels great. You shoot and you make your target…you feel proud of yourself.”
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Aff is not upset about the Critics on ‘Prajun Sree Rong’

Lakorn “Prajun Sree Rong” by channel 3 starring “Aff” Taksaorn and “Bie” Sukrit is currently in its intense phase. Since the lakorn aired there has been much debate about this drama such as the leading cast are not suitable for their roles and the leading girl Aff is getting less limelight than the father of the male lead ‘Aof’ Pongpat. Last night Aff appeared at a function to congratulate her friend “Aum” Atichart in his new role as lakorn producer and the actress was asked about how she felt regarding the debate on her own lakorn.

Aum is a lakorn producer now, how do you feel about that?

“I’m very happy for him and I’m cheering for him and supporting him. If ever there’s anything that I can do to help him I would be more than happy to but if you ask if P’Aum is taking me out to celebrate, I don’t know. I don’t think so, he hasn’t invited me and we’re not like that. As for the rating of my own lakorn, I’m still anticipating and the pra aek is starting to turn bad now, the plot is getting more intense”

How did you feel about your appearance at Bie’s concert?

“I felt good, I felt like I’ve received more fans and new experiences and if Bie shall invite me again I will have to see. I didn’t feel under pressure from having to sing onstage because everyone at Grammy was very cute but I was just excited because I’m not use to performing live on stage. Bie has a lot of fans and they were screaming very loudly so I was excited”

Are you interested in becoming a singer?

“I’m interested in being a guest, that’s enough”

If Boy contacted you for a musical would you?

“Oh! That will have to depend on the opportunity but if I could develop my skills in other areas it would be a good experience for me”

“As for my lakorn right now, it’s almost ending so please watch ‘Prajun Sree Rong”, it will end in two weeks and in this lakorn P’Aof’s character is a tear jerker”

P’Aof gets a lot of scenes in this drama and the importance of this drama lies heavily on Bie and Aof’s character. Do you feel that your role is less superior?

“Mainly this lakorn is about father and son. As for me I’m the girlfriend and I make them understand each other and it’s okay if people feel my character is less superior”

People say you’re not a suitable match for Bie in this lakorn

“That’s up to people’s opinion. I am just doing my job as an actress as best as I can. Sometimes it’s out of my control. For me, when I get given something, I will study the script and try my best. And in the future if I was to be paired up with Bie again, I will accept the offer”
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
Rita and Aun, will they work?

We’ll find out soon enough. Sirita Jensen and Aun Witthaya from horror lakorn “Saab Poosa (Cursed Fabric)” are paired together for the first time for Broadcast Thai’s upcoming lakorn, “LeumPrai Lai Ruk (Brilliant design of love)”. The lakorn is described as a mystery, crime, romantic comedy with a twist. Rita and Aun are from warring families, like Romeo and Juliet but no one dies. Technically they shoulnd’t be getting along but they did and fell in love.

Rita’s character is going to be very avant-garde, she is a girl from abroad while Aun is the opposite. He is very proper. She will continuously tease him, kinda like Matt Peeranee in “Kuan Kammathep (Cupid Group)” to Tye Nattapol. The suspense aspect of the lakorn will be an assassination attempt on Rita’s life. Groups of people will want her dead because they want her inheritance. Your typical lakorn plot.
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The latest news is Pinky and Aum broke up in June.
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