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name of job: Red queen
Type of job: Extermination
location:larva forest
drop off: (N/A)
target(s): red queen
Job information: it has come to my knowledge that there was a toxic spill in my business. and due to that, massive mutation surrounds larva forest, In order to cover this up, I want the massive mutation to disappear, in order for that to happen, I need the forest to disappear, from my sources, I have discovered that there is a queen among them, she has taken refuge from the middle of the forest, and has surrounded herself with her massive mutation friends. I need you to kill her, and take a DNA sample from any part of her body, and then I want you to burn down the forest.
pay: Red queens Death 1 mil, DNA example 500k, forest burned down - 4 mil.
14119 cr points
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