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Posted 12/24/07 , edited 10/23/08

Group News/Updates


October 23rd 2008

amv of the month for October has been changed to the runner-up tungaroo. This decision was made after receiving a request from the winner (lovely-complex) who has decided to leave the group.

October 18th

AMV directory major update & stickied for convenience (several new amvs)

Congrats to Lovely-Complex for winning October AMV of the Month

Entries for November AMV of the Month contest are now open

Currently sifting through & deleting the remaining unwanted members (added by accident)

28th April 2008

I havent updated the news in a while, sorry. Heres some of the stuff that have happened recently:

Invite problems, please check out the post:

More publicising of the AMV of the Month voting. Now everymonth I will post a topic in the main forum advertising the voting poll and inviting others to watch and vote. This month's is here:

New contest winners! Yey!!

New Mod: WelcomeMeowsa


29th February 2008

Congrats to Lovely-Complex for winning AMV of the Month:


30th January 2008

NEW PAGES: AMV of the Month: Voting Stats and AMV of the Month: Suspension and Ban List.

Congrats to akw123 for winning AMV of the Month:

Winner of Valentines Comp announced: lilaznxgirl

Let me know what you think on the group wall. :D


15th January 2008

Updates to the following pages: Program Downloads, AMV Directory, F.A.Q and Anime Downloads - For making AMVs.

NEW PAGE: Movie Maker Guide Collective contains guides/tutorials for movie makers and other programs that can be useful when making AMVs. The following tutorials are completed and linked from this post: Adobe Premeire Elements 1.0 Tutorial and Windows Movie Maker 6.0 for Vista Tutorial .

NEW Logo:

Let me know what you think on the group wall. :D


31st December

11 New anime download sites have been added:

Updates have been made to the following topics: Song Library/Requests, Suggestions, Problems?? and AMV of the Month: Entries.

A new topic has been made: AMV Directory. This is were all music videos of the members of AMVM will be according to the anime they are based on. MODs are trying to fix it up for current members but any members that joined after 31st December 2007 must post their videos themselves, and we will update it. To see the topic go here:

A new topic has been made for all AMV of the month winners.

The winner of the AMV of the Month comp for Jan 08 has been announced:
Congrats, Cubano - Bleach AMV - What I've Become

All those who wish to see a screen shot of the voting results go here:


20-24th December

I wish u all a very merry christmas:

It has been confirmed, we are congratulating a new MOD! Congrats Cubano!!

We are now affiliated with Anime Legion (

Two new forum topics have been added, one is for 'Beta Versions' of videos so you can show other members what your working on. The other is 'Song Library/Requests', so if you cant find a song you want to use for an AMV others can try and help you find it and it will be put into a media library for others to use.

Nominations for AMV of the month have closed and voting will be taking place until 31st December. A factor of the competition has changed and the page has been updated with this change. From January only 5 AMVs a month will have the chance to run, because this was the first time the comp was run it was under testing conditions.

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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/2/09

AMVM will now be open to the general public There is no longer a requirement of having made an AMV to join. We still retain the right to kick people if we don't like how they behave and/or don't obey rules.

AMV of the year will be announced later this month following a voting by Cubano & I + guest judges (from outside the group). Details will be offered in a thread on the forums.

New ranking system as suggested by Kr3w (thanks!)
- Member: regular members who don't make amvs
- AMVMaker: by default everyone that was in this group prior to todays changes are this title (as everyone was suppose to have been accepted under that rule.
- AMVMaker regulars : watching too much prince of tennis recently... anyhoo these are people who make amvs and are active with the group

New Mods: Lovely-Complex & Kr3w (welcome guys!)

There is no difference in privileges between the ranks :3 If you were active recently and are not an AMVMaker regular please mention it on the group somewhere. In order to be considered AMVMaker regular you must have participated/won in a contest, are active on the group wall, photos or forums, etc

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Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
There will be a Private website for this group i will be making for people to download anime sources which would mainly be .mkv, raw or so... more details on this matter will be updated.
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