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Posted 5/13/09 , edited 5/14/09
Moderator exams are 3 simulations based on these: strategy, skill, and trust.

1st simulation strategy; defeat a whole empire, SINGLE-HANDEDLY Wheher you pass or fail this does not matter, however, I will be looking at ur strategy against the empire.

2nd simulation, skill: You will have to fight against a member, the same member, n tht memeber's identity is a secert. It's not me or is it? o.o passing matters for this.

3rd simulation, trust: i have no idea yet but it'll come for sure.

And let me kno when u would like to do teh exam, if u want to be a moderator tht is.

Role playing missions(let me kno in the forum or pm if u want to do the mission, the letter & # is there for that reason do it in a group or singlely, it doesnt matter for newcomers but as ranks goes higher, it matters. Also ur gold/money u have will be calculated n a shop will come soon.....) :

N1: Head to the oceans and destroy the pirate ship known as Akumahane and collect the loot. Meaning Demon Feathers.
(my mind is blank at the time....... anyways the rest will be coming soon.)
Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/14/09
If you wanna be a moderaotr,for the second simulation, you have to fight against me, aka Kasumi.^^
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