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Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/14/09
Wang Leehom and Show Luo who were caught up the payola crisis at the end of last year, both received awards at last night's <Music Radio China TOP Charts>. Xiao Zhu was greeting Elva Hsiao from the same company, was next door to Leehom's room. The media wanted him to take a photo with Leehom, acting out a "reconciliation" scene; colleagues joked, "We have more people, we should be inviting them over instead!" Elva who wasn't involved in the situation, seemed very confused upon hearing this.

Wang Leehom won four awards including <Hong Kong & Taiwan Best Composer>, more than Xiao Zhu who won two awards including <Most Popular Singer>. There was an error with performance times and no-one wanted to go to the other person's dressing room to "break the ice" so they still couldn't meet up. However, when interviewed, they said that they had seen each other and said hi, showing excellent manners. When asked who he would choose if he had to either see former love Selina or Leehom, he didn't hesitate in choosing the latter, "Of course I'd choose Leehom, because we haven't seen each other in so long," not allowing the media to steer the topic in that direction.

Leehom who appeared in Louis Vuitton suit, was the biggest winner at the awards event. He was very touched saying, "Being able to take Chinese music all around the world, this award has given me encouragement and hope, I want to give this hope to the fans, so that everyone can fulfill their dreams." In regards to the disturbances caused by Jackie Chan's slip of tongue, he said, "Usually we chat about films and the script, we don't talk about politics."

It has been almost a year since the SiChuan earthquake disaster and Leehom revealed that he will be donating royalties from his works and will also put up promotional outfits for charity auction. He will be holding contribution events with fans from different places, to fundraise for <Shui Guan Elementary School> in MianYang, SI Chuan. Xiao Zhu who has just returned from learning dance in New York, has reached another level in his dancing, and will be filming an idol drama in June.

Jolin Tsai who had not released an album last year, came to the awards event as a guest performer, feeling very relaxed. She even compared weight and physique backstage with Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong and Nick. The four of them fooled around causing Jolin to say they were like <America's Next Top Model>, the guys also compared strength by carrying dumbells, all wanting to be her <Real Man>.

S.H.E who received the "Best Group Award", wore low-cut outfits, they kept bending forward cheekily, laughing, "For today's thankyou speech, we just have to bend forward and say 'thanks' that's enough." Ella wore 4-inch high heels; when Wu Chun walked up to her to compare height, he purposely teased, "You're not that much taller!" Angry, Ella punched him in the chest, laughing and scolding, "I'll make more you have more injuries."
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