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Post Reply !!Your Zanpakutō!!
Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/15/09
A Zanpakutō 斬魄刀; [lit. soul-cutter sword] is the main weapon of the Shinigami, the Arrancar and the Vizard. The art of using a Zanpakutō is called Zanjutsu [swordsmanship].

this is where you create your zanpakutou for your made up character, please take note of the following:

make sure that your zanpakutou has a weakness, there is no such thing as a god-like zanpakutou
the creator and mods have the right to comment should we find the zanpakutou to be god-like and should be edited by the member within a week

for shinigamis and vizards, please follow this format:

Name of Zanpakutou:
Description of the Zanpakutou: [pictures are encouraged]
Words to release Shikai form:
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:
Words to release Bankai form:
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:
History of the Zanpaktou:
Drawbacks & Weaknesses:/blue

for arrancars/espada, please follow this format:

Name of Zanpakutou:
Description of the Zanpakutou: [pictures are encouraged]
Words to release Resurrección form:
Powers/Abilities gained from Resurrección
History of the Zanpaktou:
Drawbacks & Weaknesses:

Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/15/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Omega
Description of the Zanpakutou:

Words to release Shikai form: Destroy All in Sight Omega
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:
creates a barrier of highly dense rieastu for defense all around me
increase in speed to the point that if my opponent isn't stronger than me it appears i disappear completely
the flames on my sword grow stronger to the point that even if the flame doesnt touch u the heat is still strong enough to burn u
the dark chi becomes more powerful and faster it can now also inflict burn wounds and when not as the black chi mass i can now use the black chi like the fire on my flame sword
Words to release Bankai form: Crush it, Destroy it, Burn it, Revel in destruction Omega
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:
2 dragons similar to Hitsuygaya's ice dragon appear but they are fire but they don't have the limiter like his and they can be used for attack and defense, one is red and one is black.
increases speed even more
strength increase to the point that a single blow can cut through any espada's hierro
Gren Ray Cero
Crush the world: Alpha's dragons split and one goes into the ground and the other goes into the sky and a barrier envelopes the opponent and it shrinks until it is a small ball, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it then as it shrinks it crushes the enemy
Shattered Cannon: The 2 dragons both shoot flames at the opponent but the flames disappear and they continuously appear from random directions and strike the enemy without warning or sound.
Time Constraint: Makes my opponent move incredibly slow. It also affects their reflexes, vision, etc.
Serpents Despair: Allows my body to move in ways normally impossible by ignoring the normal stress on the joints but this does not affect my power or speed.
Brain Reduction: If in the 30 seconds after this is used, if it makes contact with your body your mind is regressed to the same level as that of an infant.
Space Warp: Allows me to take stars that are going supernova and launch them at you as they explode. However, this attack wears down my body and damages the ground below but not seriously.

History of the Zanpaktou: red and black fire swords created for the simple sake of destruction that are only wielded by those who do not fear death or destruction. Though much of this zp's history is still unknown. There is one very controversial fact about Omega and this fact almost led to its destruction. That fact is the wielder of Omega gains the ability to use cero's of all levels including the Gren Ray, even if the wielder is a shinigami. It is not known why Omega can grant the ability of cero's nor was it investigated after the Central 46 forbid any further investigations, even the noble houses were not allowed contact with Omega. The only record on Omega other than it is a fire type is that the sword is believed to be cursed. Either the rest of the records were destroyed or there never was any to begin with.
Drawbacks & Weaknesses: my super speed and barrier cannot be used together and my attacks are slower when used in concert with the barrier. But other than that no weaknesses have ever been found and recorded
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24 / F / in my OFFICE
Posted 5/15/09 , edited 6/11/09
Name of Zanpakutou: YukiGaze
Description of the Zanpakutou:

Words to release Shikai form: Blow and freeze everything around you, YukiGaze!...(take the true form)

Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai: *a circling wind forms, around the owner, from the tips of the combined double-sword after the words are said
* the ability to suffocate people hit by the formed wind (command word: blow) or to freeze everything the wind hits (command words: chill them to death)

Words to release Bankai form: Blow and freeze everything to death, Tsuki no YukiGaze!
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai: the same Shikai abilities plus the radius range of attack widens up to 50 meters away from the zanpakutou
History of the Zanpaktou: the only wind and ice/snow type zanpakutou throughout soul society. It has lost sometimes in battles despite of its abilities. It's Bankai also takes the form of a pair (like Ukitake-taichou of Div 13 & Kyouraku-taichou of Div 8) of large katana.
Drawbacks & Weaknesses: if it faces against a fire type zanpakutou.. and other unusual zanpakutou (e.g. zangetsu)
Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/15/09
Name: Kaminari ko Tachi (Thunder blade)
Type:Doton(magnetic),raiton& sound
Release command: Awake the spirit of Thunder
Normal state:comming soon
(1)On the command it is in the form of a scroll tat lets me choose & use from a range of eight type of weapons:
Katana(2),Bow,Staff,armour,metallic braces,gloves & a pair of thrower axes(but I can use only 5 type of weapons at a time)

(2) Infuse my techniques & reatsu with all my weapons,armour & all over my body
(3)Attacks based upon raiton & doton can have no effect upon me......tat means such attacks will easily be absorbed by me to use it aganist the opponent or increase my reatsu.
Shikai attacks:comming soon along with limitations in each
Physcical manifestation of Zanpakuto:A mystic alpha male wolf with a bright & glowing star upon his forehead,it can talk & understand normal it can talk with me along with other Vizards.
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24 / F / In Ichigo's Closet
Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/18/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Kuroi to Shiro
Description of the Zanpakutou:This ZP name means Black and White.....Half Dark Half Light....This ZP can also means Demons and Angels...its color Half Black and Half White....not too big not too small...
Words to release Shikai form: Let's Play with Darkness and Brightness!!!
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai: the side bigger then te last one...the color become grey...and it can make darkness around and make the opponent cant see well and make around as bright and hot as in the sun ....
Words to release Bankai form:Don't Hide anymore!!! Let's show your True Form KUROI TO SHIRO!!!!!
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai :turns into bIG SICKLE....with Black and White colors on it...can cut anything arund it with a single can make the user lost control...
History of the Zanpaktou: This is the rare ZP in Soul Society...coz it can make the user lost control and dun remember anything when using the bankai and the color is Black and White....The user might be have two is devil side and one is angel side...
Drawbacks & Weaknesses:when it use darkness the weekness is fire element...and when it use brightness the weakness is ice element
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24 / M / Within my own wor...
Posted 5/20/09 , edited 6/16/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Tomoshibi(light)
Description of the Zanpakutou:

Words to release Shikai form: Shine, Tomoshibi
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:

My speed increases, and I can shunpo with much higher frequent occurrences. My blade shrinks.
Light Touch: the ability to kill by touching my opponents with my zanpactou's blade.: Each time I touch/cut my opponent the point of impact starts to glow, if I touch the same point of impact once more the point of impact releases a toxic poison that begins to attack the major organs of my opponent’s body.
Solar Peirce: Swords of light for around my opponent that soon stab them from multiple directions at once.

Solar Slice: I gather energy from the sun and mix it with my spiritual pressure, then I make a slicing cut in th air towards my opponent that sends all the gathered energy and hurls it toward my opponent.
Solar Shine: A circle forms below my opponent. The circle keeps my opponent within itself, meaning the opponent can’t leave the circle. I hold my blade straight in the air, and then swing it straight down. As I do a large solar beam of light that burns as hot as the sun which hits the opponent.
Words to release Bankai form: Shine as bright as possible, Tomoshibi!
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai: My opponent is trapped within a sphere of bright light. The light causes illusions to confuse my opponent, once i say Solar Engulfment The sphere shatters into a hundred thousend swords of light that strike my opponent from mulitiple directions.
History of the Zanpaktou: unknown
Drawbacks & Weaknesses: Due to my shikai being such a small blade i have a disadvantage against opponets with larger blades do to the fact that blocking the attacks with my smaller blade is much harder that it would be with a full size katana. In bankai my swords weekness would be being able to not use it within an rual area, for if i released my bankai within a populated area the spiritual pressure plus strangth of attack would most likely destory/kill everything within a forth of a mile radius of the attack.
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 6/18/09
Name of Zanpakuto- AkaRan 血の蘭 (Bloody Orchid)

Words to release Shikai form- Bleed 裁ち切り
Describe looks & Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai- The Zanpakutou remains the same as it always is except for a change in it color.It casts a green aura representing the orchid (Earth). The Zanpakutou absorbs the blood of its opponent like the roots of a flower absorb the nutrients or whatnot from soil.

Ken no Chishio (Blades of Blood)- This ability is initiated before any battle.It makes the weilders lost blood form into many blades that hone the opponent.

Koshi Ichi (Dying One)- This attack must take place with the opponent standing by a tree.The limbs of the tree come alive and hold the opponent in a Position of Death.The wielder strikes 3 times on the throat,torso,and legs.As the blood seeps out it is formed into Reiatsu that the Zanpakutou absorbs instead of it absorbing blood as it usually does.

Enkō (Arc)(Halo)- This will shortly become the wielders most favored attack due to its level of destruction and power.The blade glows and from its tip one arc appears then from the end of that arc two arcs appear and they begin to multiply by two from then on and they are aimed for the opponent(s) and if they are hit they will be sliced through immediately upon contact unless they are of FukuTaichou or Taichou level.An aerial view will show that the arcs have made one gigantic arc.

Rindou (BellFlower)- The Bellflower is the symbol of the Yonbantai,meaning Those Who Grieve Are Loved.It is also a healing property of my Zanpakutou.To heal,I must impale the injured with the blade and recite its name.The injury will then heal itself due to the blood properties of my Zanpakuou.The ability is virtually painless to those who are being given the treatment.

Name of Bankai: AkaRan ChikyuuKami (Bloody Orchid Terrestrial God)
Describe looks & Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai- In Bankai the Zanpakutou becomes the exact opposite of shikai though it is still small.The reason for its little size is to compact all of the power and speed so the wielder will have more chance of reserving energy and speed rather than letting it go unwillingly.The Zanpakutou is now an earthy-green and the aura is blood red.Its blocking ability has increased hundreds of times over because the vine affect has taken over,meaning that when a strong attack makes contact with the Zanpakutou it is absorbed.
History of the Zanpaktou - unraveling the mystery
Drawbacks & Weakness's - Pure natured Zanpakutou and Kidou abilities
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29 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 3/9/11
Name of Zanpakutou:Senjuu
Description of the Zanpakutou: a very unusual zanpakuto instead of being in the shape of a sword it is a large black seed and a constant Shikai. His sword is also at a constant Sentience(alive and can think)
Words to release Shikai form:Futaba(sprout)
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai: it grows instantly it can become a Black wooden sword capable of cutting and matching steel,any plant even fictional plants,and even wooden dummies.It is considered to be one of the most Versitle zanpakuto in all soul society.
Namihana(flower whip): Senjuu becomes a large Vine whip connected to Shido's arm.
Ikegaki(Hedge):After Senjuu is thrust into the ground,a grid of light appears on the ground, followed by a boxed wall that shoots up from anywhere on the grid to capture the opponent. Any attempts to attack while inside the box are futile and can be directed back at the captured. The opponent only has half a second to avoid imprisonment.
Toge: causes several form to become barbed making them more dangerous
Fuudou: when Senjuu is thrust into the ground a large black wooden arm is summon to defend -it can also be compressed taking the form of a Gauntlet
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26 / Neptune.
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Carmesí Rey (Crimson King)
Description of the Zanpakutou:

Words to release Resurrección form: "Rule from fear! Carmesí Rey!"
Powers/Abilities gained from Resurrección Powers, abilities, and looks of released form is all unknown, for I have never had to release my Zanpakutou.
History of the Zanpaktou: Unknown.
Drawbacks & Weaknesses: Drawbacks/weakness' will be put up once I release my Zanpakutou.
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09
Name of Zanpakutou: ZugaikotsuHone (skull bone)
Words to release Shikai/Resurrección form: Claw Out

Describe looks & Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai/Resurrección: A skull appears inside of the air within my mass of Reiatsu.My Zanpakutou looks as if it were made entirely of bone but it's not.It's just a compression of my Reiatsu surrounding my sword.


Assaiki (crusher)- a large disk of yellow Reiatsu appears above my opponents and if I turn my hand over with fall down at a quick pace.Crushing all matter of things in only seconds.
KasekiKusari (fossil chain)- while holding my Zanpakutou,facing the point at them of course,and I speak the delivering words for this attack the blade rockets off and following the blade,making it extend,is a bone chain and I can direct my Zanpakutou around anywhere I would like making it unpredictable.
YonKabe no Tozainanboku (four walls of north,south,east,and west)- This attack is like a bakudou.A square is formed around the opponent and an orange light connects the top half of the square to the bottom half,fencing the person in.It negates any spiritual from within but if forces it from the outside.It's like a box of pressure,it will soon shrink and will continue until there is nothing left of the opponent.But it will only work properly on shinigami or hollows with a very low level of power.(Bankai Attack)
Kamen (mask)- a void appears in between me and an oncoming attack.The voids ends are bended back allowing for the attack to just roll off without causing any amount of damage to me.It's able to block all Hadou from number 1 up to 75.
HoneShin (bone marrow)- an orange beam streaks from my blade and spikes outwards and if it makes contact it pierces the opponent(s)
Bonified Demon- I clapse my Zanpakutou in between my hands horizontally.My zanpakutou awakens.A dragons head will appear at the tip and then it will move towards the opponent,getting longer and longer until it becomes a full dragon with a mask of a hollow.I am able to control this demon with mental or physical effort.(Bankai Attack)
Funbo no SeishukuKigai- a realm appears behind whomever I am willing to protect.Once they are shoved inside of this dimension they are out of harms reach but there is no escaping until all danger threatening them has been depleted.(Bankai Attack)


Describe looks & Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai: BoketsuTaoremasu no ZugaikotsuHone (Grave Collapse of SkullBone)
The Earth under my feet and my opponent(s) feet will begin to sink creating a deep,deep pit.Once we reach the bottom a pile of bones are scattered upon the ground.A large four-legged dragon appears behind me with bent-back horns and red eyes.I can become one with the beast or it becomes a part of me.Whichever I choose my powers will be magnified 10 times over.

History of the Zanpaktou: ~soon to come~
Drawbacks & Weakness's: The Zanpakutou is a protection-type.Meaning that I can't go into shikai or bankai without someone being in trouble and I am having to save them.This is not always good at times because that means I'll have to rely on my sealed form to get me out of alot of tough spots.

Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09
Name of Zanpaktou: KouuKongouseki (Rain Diamond)
Words to Release Shikai: Dampen the Earth
Powers Gained from Shikai:
1) Increased speed
2) Healing
3) 1st Attack Gouben no Gekido Mizu (Pool of Raged Water)- The zanpaktou glows with a white reiatsu and after I stab it into the ground a wave resonates under the enemies feet and then the wave begins to spin creating more waves and steadily begins to sink the enemy and then when they go under they drown
4) 2nd Attack Shiryuu (Tributary)- The Zanpakutou's blade turns into loose water which shoots at the enemy like a dark and with it's frozen tip,it can be used to impale an opponent
5) 1st Attack 'Sakeme Kanashimi' (Tears of Sorrow)- This attack shatters the opponents reiatsu and uses it against him.The
reiatsu will take the shape of white beads that shoot towards the sky and
this time with a vertical motion of my zanpaktou the reiatsu will fall upon
the enemy in the form of tears.They have a burning stinging affect.
6) 2nd Attack Shiryuu Shukan Tsugi (Tributary Part Two)- a more advanced form than in Shikai.It allows me to control water freely and it's many various forms (ice particularly)
7) 3rd Attack Mizu Fenikkuse Namida(Water Phoenix Tears)- This attack is alot like Former Captain Kaname Tousen's Benihiko attack.I start this attack by moving my zanpaktou around me in a circular motion.My zanpaktou will
start to pulsate and then with an abrupt point at my enemy with my zanpaktou it
shoots clear pointed diamond needles at them. They appear to be no longer than an inch but they are a couple of feet long.
8) Dramatically Increased Speed and Reflex

Bankai: KouKongouseki Hoshi (Rain Diamond Star)
The Zanpakutou surrounds the immediate area in water,hopefully turning the battle into my favor and a spiraling whirlpool raises from the waters and towers over me and my opponent(s). The water is fused with diamonds giving off a strong bright light and it causes the opponent(s) optimal nerves to overwork themselves and causes the opponent(s) to go blind whilst in my Bankai.And the water is in constant motion and since the opponent(s) is blind they will sometimes walk into the wall and be sent flying inside the wall,thus drowning and choking him if he/she is inside for too long.There is no escaping this watery hell unless my Reiatsu is completely obliterated for the time being.

Drawbacks and Weaknesses:
My attacks may also become weaker against abilities that manipulate large amounts of fire.
Earth based Zanpakutou are very effective against my Water-type
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31 / M / Unknown
Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Takeshi (Violent Warrior)
Description: Typical katana. Black hilt

Words to release Shikai: Strength from within

Shikai form/powers: My Zanpakutou turns into two spears. Both black, one with red flames stretching/swirling from bottom to top and the other with blue flames running the same course. The spear tips are actually made up of energy from my reiatsu. The more reiatsu i'm letting off the sharper and bigger the spear tips become eventually becoming tridents.

Powers. I only have one called Takeshi Byakurai. I gather Reiatsu from myself and release a beam of lightning through the three tips of my spears ( 6 beams total)

I have not reached Bankai yet.
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31 / M / Unknown
Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09

That's an idea of what the spears look like... imagine red /blue flames painted on one or the other and the spear tips glowing with reiatsu.
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F / stalker!!! :O
Posted 6/16/09 , edited 6/16/09
Name of Zanpakutou:毒とげ (Poison Thorn)
Description of the Zanpakutou: The Poison Thorn blade is one of the most beautiful Zanpakutous in the soul society. It is wielded only by one who proves himself worthy to merely be in it's presence
Words to release Bankai form: Leak: Poison Thorn
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:The ability to poison your enemy in just one touch, and it spreads through the body, draining the victim of its energy.
History of the Zanpaktou: having been crafted and runed of flower petals and Poison Ivy, it was once an old blade resurrected from a war with the soul society long ago. This weapon had been buried with ashes and smoke, it being its weakness, people shutting it away from the world, until someone brave enough could take it.
Weaknesses: Fire, Steam, Smoke

Posted 6/23/09 , edited 6/23/09
Name of Zanpakutou:Flame Fox
Description of Zanpakutou: it's bright red, with a fox head in the center.
Words to release Resurreccion form: Fox Fire
Powers/abilites gained from resurrccion: you have the abilite to use fire at your own will, you look like a fox, and you gain speed.
History: was made from the heart of a raging volcano were a fox had died. And became the Flame Fox.
Weakness: water
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