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Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Flamming Soul
Description of the Zanpakutou: Double Bladed,, blades are thin but unbreakable, the handle is in the middle with a curve over the handle and three spikes on it, the blades are cut 2 inches between the tip of each blade, handle is black
Words to release Shikai form: Tamashi (soul)
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai: can become one or double blade if summoned, powers up with a limit of souls, summons help from the dead
Words to release Bankai form: Soul Stealer, I realease!
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai: can turn into a large scythe, increase strength rapidly & speed, high accuracy, fast motions

History of the Zanpaktou: was found as a necklace (Soul Charm), charm was a scythe crossed over a sword. It was over used by a previous person who used up so much power that the soul charm consume its whole soul and body. A very dangerous weapon if falls into dark hands. Helpful to some but deadly to all.

Drawbacks & Weaknesses: using too much souls to power up will take almost half of life, weak against light
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Name of Zanpakutou: Izanagi
Words to release Shikai/Resurrección form: Shine with truth
Describe looks & Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai/Resurrección :

It has a strange ability that if it strikes a person with no evil with in them with the sharp edge of the blade it will pass straight through without leaving any effect. Meaning the only way to hurt a pure person while in shikia (and also banki) is to hit them with the flat edge of the blade.

100 Truths: After making a small circle in the air with the tip of the blade the circle will glow then fire a beam of bright searing light

Lights Rain: Starts off like 100 Truth though instead it it firing one beam of light the beam splits into many smaller weaker beams which home in on the target.

Describe looks & Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai: A suit of white armour forms along with a large pair of white wings. It's small form increase's his speed, defence and power.

Banki's release word's: Show me the truth Izanagi-no-Okami

It's small form increase's his speed, defence and power.

1000 Truths: A 10 times more powerful version of 100 Truths

Feathers Light: Lots of feathers fall from his wings. Each feather turns into a a arrow of light which home's in on the target.

10,000 Truth: A extreme version of 100 truth with huge distructive power, though if used on someone with no evil with in them it can bring them back them back from the brink of death though at a large cost to James's own physical condition.

History of the Zanpaktou: Unknown
Drawbacks & Weakness's: His banki puts a very large strain on him and the move 10,000 Truths can only be used once per use of banki and once used it automatically causes his banki to break from the huge strain it puts on him.
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Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/11/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Kichigai Bakugekiki(Mad Bomber)
Description of the Zanpakutou: in its unreleased state it looks like a regular Jian with a red hilt, its guard has two grenade pin in it(decoration) in its release state it becomes a black Jian with an orange dragon in the middle with no proper cutting edge.

Words to release Shikai form: "Make all that is Useless Vanish"
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:
1. Explosive slashes-the sword explodes when its swung and makes impact this effects all its other forms as well
2.Rocket Bomb LVL2(sword version)-Several(10 max) circles appear on the sword releasing red clylinders Each one, once thrown, causes the backside of the bombs to fire up and rocket towards her opponent like high-speed missiles which then explode on impact, they can change direction once after the launch.
3.Time Bomb- the sword creates a temporay double in a spot when its swung, that double will explode if its touched and in a certain amount of time.
4.Ice Bomber- her sword turns blue and her explosions turn into releasing freeze gas on the opponent.
5.Silver Dive Bomber- the sword becomes twice as wide and gets holes in the middle. the holes catch air in them and send gusts at the target when swung, the wind sent at the target is explosive and explodes on impact.
6.Flash-the slash done releases a burst of light to blind the target.
7.Desparado Bomber-an atk that sends a large series of explosions towards the enemy in a straight line.
8.Sticky Bomb-the sword releases black slimeballs with orange centers that stick to whatever they touch exploding over time.
9.Chain Bomb- her sword changes into a long chain with a weight at the end, she uses it like a whip , when any part of the chain hits it explodes also if it gets broken the broken off piece will explode getting stronger as it goes(weight strongest first link weakest).
10."Hellzone Grenade"-Her sword breaks apart into several sticky bombs that now float around the enemy making it hard for them to move with out setting one off.
11.Sinclaire-her sword transforms into the sword in the spoiler,It can cause large explosions and create warped dimensional spaces with great enough pressure to annihilate anything. Also it this form the sword is able to cut.

-most of thing atks can be combined, but Silver Dive Bomber can't combine with "Sticky", "Hellzone" or "Time".
Words to release Bankai form: TT_TT still thinking
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:TT_TT still thinking
Other: because of the dangerous power of her zanpakuto she also uses regular low-grade dynamite,Flashbangs, smoke bombs,and exploding shuriken.
History of the Zanpaktou:None
Drawbacks & Weaknesses: Although her Zanpakuto is powerful it can also hurt her if she uses it too long or isn't careful, also her atks are weak against water
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Posted 8/17/09 , edited 1/6/10
Name of Zanpakutou:
Tsumetai Ookami (Cold/Freezing Wolf)
Normal Form

Description of the Zanpakutou:
Shikai Form

Anyone who touches him that is not the master will suffer from icy cold temperatures that may freeze the blood if in contact for a certain amount of time. Tsumetai Ookami's ice is special, it can totally freeze once's spiritual energy or cut it off. It also doesn't have any spiritual energy coursing through the ice he makes, making some of the attacks almost impossible to detect. His ice is so cold that it can freeze fire over. The sword becomes 30 inches long and becomes dark with a blue rune inscription going near the guard to the middle of the blade.

Words to Release Shikai Form:
"Let your howl be heard in the blizzard"

Powers/Abilities Gained From Shikai:

Name of Bankai:
Zettai Tsumetai Ookami (Absolute Freezing Wolf)
Bankai Form

Words to Release Bankai Form:
"Hunt them down in the blizzard"

Powers/Abilities Gained From Bankai:

Similar to his shikai form, he still freezes anyone who touches him other than his master. Tsumetai Ookami's ice that he creates is much stronger as in it cannot be cut or smashed so easily, still with no spiritual energy coursing through it. In his bankai state he give two special abilities and boosted attack, defense, speed, agility, and strength to his wielder.

Frost Shielding: Zettai Tsumetai Ookami will form a shield on his own to block an attack as fast as I react to it.

Ice Slips: ZettaiTsumetai Ookami allows his wielder to step into the ice and move around freely to sneak up on the opponent. It can also be used as a form of transportation for hard-to-reach places.

History of the Zanpaktou:

Physical Form

Drawbacks & Weaknesses:
After using his most powerful attack Guardian of Ice, there will be a time limit before it shatters and melts away. Once it's reached, Tsumetai Ookami reverts back to his Shikai form and has another time limit before he changes back to his sealed state. I must wait 12 hours before I can used that attack again or go into bankai. Though with more training, the time limit of holding Guardian of Ice will increase and the time I have to wait before going into bankai again will be reduced.
Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/19/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Grasscutter Sword)
Sealed State:

Release Command:
Aegu, Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Breathe Hard, Grasscutter Sword)
Shikai Form
Kusanagi becomes a blade of wind. It can solidify to block attacks or it can remain in its gas like state to pass through solid objects. Kusanagi can levitate in the air and move in the direction I wish. She possesses powers resembling that of a Quincy. She can use the spiritual energy around me or within me to form any object which is made of pure power and energy.

Bankai Name: Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)
Bankai Form
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi has similar properties as her shikai mode. Her blade can become a gas like state, she can levitate and move in the direction I wish, and she maitains her quincy like abilities. When I say her full name once more her true abilities show. Thunder clouds darken the sky no matter what the weather causing heavy rain and hail. Along with the thunder clouds is a super dense fog that covers the battlefield in every direction making it impossible to sense any reiatsu at all. The fog is so dense that it actually makes it harder to move through. It sort of feels like you are walking through an ocean of mud. I, on the other hand, can detect any and every movement that takes place within the fog.

History of the Zanpaktou:

Physical Manifestation:

Drawbacks & Weakness's:
My main weakness is defense because Kusanagi is an offensive type of Zanpakuto she lacks in defensive techniques. Also her strongest attack (Boufuuryuu) can only be used once after which Kusanagi reverts back to her sealed state.

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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 10/20/09
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Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09
Name of Zanpakutou: KaiheiKo (Marine Child)
Description of the Zanpakutou:
Words to release Shikai form:
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:
Words to release Bankai form:
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:
History of the Zanpaktou:
Drawbacks & Weaknesses:

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Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09
Name of Zanpakutou: Shikaze (Lit. "Deathwind")

Description of the Zanpakutou: In it's unsealed state, Shikaze takes the form of wakizashi with a rounded tsuba that is gold and green with a swirl design. The blade is black and silver and there are three ribbons tied to a ring that's attached to the end of the handle.
Fuyuko and Shikaze in unsealed state:

When released, Shikaze's shikai takes the form of a short-handled scythe with a thorned tail. When in battle, Shikaze's tail can be used somewhat like a whip and can extend to great lengths when needed.
Shikaze's shikai form:

Words to release Shikai form: Are Kurue, Shikaze! (Rage uncontrollably, Shikaze!)

Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:
1. Increases Fuyuko's speed and agility.
2. Kaze No Tate (Wind shield) Creates a column of fast moving wind that creates a barrier between Fuyuko and the enemy and can completely protect her from weaker attacks.
3. Ryuu No Dansu (Dragon's dance) Upgraded version of wind shield where four tornadoes are summoned and circle Fuyuko protecting her from attacks. This move can also be used offensively, as Fuyuko can control the tornadoes and direct an attack accordingly.
4. Kaze No Ha (Wind blade) Scythe is swung in an arc and an energy blast is emitted which takes the form of dozens of tiny rapidly spinning blades which cut up the target and weaken their reiatsu.
5. Kaze No Naosu (Healing wind) Creates a soft whirlwind around me that can fully heal my wounds. (Can only be used if I have enough reiatsu left to activate it.)
6. Ryuu No Iki (Dragon's breath) My palm is held out and a small compact tornado is summoned that can cause great physical damage by causing the enemy's flesh to be cut dozens of times upon contact. This attack also drains away some of the enemy's reiatsu.
7. Kaze No Hanabira (Petal Storm) :Creates an illusion of a swirling petal storm around the enemy to first confuse them and then the thorns on Shikaze's tail may be shot off striking the enemy with a multitude of tiny energy daggers and poisons them with yuudoku na toge (Poisoned thorns), which is a slow acting poison that will slowly numb the enemy causing them to either slow up dramatically or be totally paralyzed. The poison can accumulate and increase in it's potency every time the enemy is struck with the thorns. This attack affects three of the enemy's senses as it appears as a storm of cherry blossom petals that fill the air with the scent of flowers and the sounds of howling storm winds.
8. Yuudoku Na Toge (Poisoned thorns) When Shikaze's tail is wrapped around an enemy and is then released, the thorns on the tail can rip through flesh releasing a slow acting poison that will slowly numb the enemy causing the to either slow up dramatically or be totally paralyzed. The poison can accumulate and increase in it's potency every time the enemy is struck with the thorns.

Words to release Bankai form: Bankai

Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:
When Fuyuko calls out Shikaze's bankai, the immediate area becomes dark and misty(which serves to both confuse and limit the enemy's field of vision) and Fuyuko sinks into the ground with Shikaze. When she reappears, she pops back up behind a female grim reaper type figure who greatly resembles Fuyuko, but is much taller and carries a larger scythe. Fuyuko controls the summoned figure who's scythe carries the same abilities as the shikai form, but has increased power and coordinates her attacks accordingly. If Fuyuko becomes entangled in a heated battle or is distracted, Shikaze can think and act independent of Fuyuko's will to help her defeat her enemies.

History of the Zanpaktou: None

Drawbacks & Weaknesses: Since Shikaze is wind-based, it is weak against and vulnerable to earth-based attacks. Shikaze's bankai requires a vast amount of reiatsu to control it, which makes the user very weak afterward and requires an extended time period to heal and recover. If the bankai is overused, Fuyuko will lapse into a coma. The amount of time required before she can wake up depends upon how long Fuyuko had gone beyond Shikaze's limits, which could actually take years.
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Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/22/09
Name of Zanpakutou:Chiyu tsubame

Description of the Zanpakutou:

Words to release Shikai form:Heal, Chiyu tsubame

Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai: While in this form,his healing kidou increases, and the scapel can instantly heal all wounds by a simple touch of it, it can also re-attach and regenerate limbs, such as if you were to lose an arm, in about 2 min, the scalpel with create a whole new arm for you, on the offensive side, the scalpel can also act as a weapon, as it increases kidou and is a very sharp tool, somebody with great combat skills can easliy use this as an offensive weapon

Words to release Bankai form:Release, Chiyu Tsubame

Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:

In this form, his scaplel becomes a giant black sword with a hole trough the middle of it, with a small swallow flying next to him, the swallow can Help with kidou and attacks, as well as heal when the swallow flaps its wings at the person it is trying to heal, the healing works the same as the scalpel, but this time it takes less time and can be used during combat, The sword is used for offensive attacks, as it can use Black Lighting-based attacks that shin created himself, the circle in the middle is used for his strongest attack called Hikudo, this attack can only be used once per battle, and when it is used, the hole in the middle dissapears, if the sword touches you twice ( doesnt have to be in the same spot) while the hole is gone, those two holes will disinagrate everypart of you body with special acid like fluids but the whole will only be gone for 5 minutes

History of the Zanpaktou: There is no known history of this zanpaktou, but its spirit was a crazy doctor who can heal anything, but always went crazy at the end of his sergerys and ended up killing somebody

Drawbacks & Weaknesses:
Not Very Strong Agaisnt Earth -Based Attacks
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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/28/10
Name of Zanpakutou: SendoHone Ryuu (Death Bone Dragon)

Description of the Zanpakutou: While sealed, SendoHone Ryuu is a standard sized katana whose guard looks like an enraged dragon's head. Upon release the blade grows in length by 12 inches and obtains bone dragon carvings on both sides of the blade.

Words to release Shikai form: "Rise from the grave, SendoHone Ryuu!"

Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai:
The bone dragon carvings “come alive” and come off the blade to form one or two very large (Hyourinmaru sized) dragons that looks as if they are completely made of bone. Each dragon has a hole in the place where a dragon’s heart normally would be. The wielder of SendoHone Ryuu can use these dragons to attack a target or targets or defend, but only if they have full control of this Zanpakutou. SendoHone Ryuu is also able to create and fire energy shots towards the target(s).

“Strike” – The wielder can call out “Strike” while swinging the blade, telling the dragon(s) to fly at top speed toward the intended target(s) then return to the blade after impact.

“Cero Shot” - This creates a literal cero attack that can be either: 1) Shot from the blade itself. 2) Shot from the dragon’s mouth when they are out of the blade.

Words to release Bankai form: No Bankai release phrase. Name of Bankai is SendoHone Ryuu Chi Kuro-Supaiku (Death Bone Dragon Four Black Spikes)

Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai:
In Bankai, a second dragon carving appears on both sides of the blade, totaling four dragon carvings. The hilt changes from a dragon’s head to four black glass-like spikes. The blade also grows another 12 inches in length.

In Bankai, 4 dragons are able to come alive from the blade and are in total command of the wielder.

"Dance, Four Dragon Strike" - a unique formation in which all four dragons come out from the blade. One flies around the target(s) in a circle to trap them while another flies high above them. The other two fly up on the side of the target(s) and fire two large cero, after which, all four dragons slam down on the target(s). After the formation is complete, a glass spike shatters from the guard.

"Dance, Four Dragon Blossom" - Another unique formation in which the wielder stabs the ground with SendoHone Ryuu and all four dragons materialize underground. They then "dig" their way to under the target(s) and burst up from the ground, in an attempt to injure the target(s). Once all four are out of the ground, they all shoot a powerful cero at the target(s). After the formation is complete, a glass spike shatters from the guard.

History of the Zanpaktou: The history has not been recorded in fear of the Zanpakutou being destroyed.

Drawbacks & Weaknesses: It takes much more reiatsu to release more than one dragon at a time. The four black spike indicate the time limit of Bankai and when they are all shattered, the zanpakutou seals itself and cannot be released (even in Shikai form) for several hours
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/5/10
Name of Zanpakutou: Honoo
Description of the Zanpakutou:

Words to release Shikai form: Release the sacred flames, Honoo.
Powers/Abilities gained from Shikai: as the flames release, Honoo gains power and strength until it is capable to release a fire tornado..
Words to release Bankai form: Unleash your true powers, Honoo
Powers/Abilities gained from Bankai: It can manipulate huge fires at my own will, make it a fire tornado or something else.
Drawbacks & Weaknesses:
If the bankai is used for a longer period of time, the zanpaktou will slowly lose its powers until it is unable to unleash anything.
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