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Please quote the questions and your answers:

Who do you want to be?:
How old are you?:

Alfea School for Girls

Headmistress Faragonda:

Teacher of Plant:
Teacher of Magic:
Teacher of Transformation:
Teacher of Poison:

Redfountian School for Boys

Headmistress Salidan:
Teacher of Dragons:
Teacher of Fighting:
Prince Sky: Evan

Witch School for Witches

Headmistress Griffen:
Teacher of Dark Plant:
Teacher of Dark Poison:
Teacher of Dark Magic:


Season 1)
Icy: Kelly
Darcy: Sophia

Season 2)

(Season 3)

Season 4)
(4 people)The 4 Wizards of the Black Circle:


Season 1

Bloom was going to the park one day, and Kiko(her bunny)was exploring all over but he/she came back right away.Kiko told Bloom to follow him/her.They walked and found a girl fairy fighting a ogre(Nut).Bloom managed to save the girl and they became friends.Bloom discovered her powers while she was in Alfea,a school for fairies.Bloom had learned so much.After she had the break, she saw some kind a vision.She found out that she was adopted.Stella was the name of the fairy who fought Nut.At Alfea,Bloom met 3 other girls.They became the Winx.They had their transformations and learned so much.Bloom,Stella,Musa,Flora and Techna were great friends.They all had different powers.Except at last when Bloom had seen that Brandon was actually Prince Sky.Bloom had wanted to quit Alfea School.She returned to Gardenia,not knowing that Icy,Darcy and Stormy followed her there.When the Trix got the dragon flame and told Bloom that she was the LAST PRINCESS OF DOMINO,Bloom was heartbroken.Stella came at the end of the trixy game.Stella told Bloom to return to Alfea to solve it out.After Bloom had met her sister again(Dafne),Bloom had her powers again and felt stronger and had won over the Trix.

Season 2

In Season 2,there was a new girl named Layla.She was trying to help save the pixies.But then a new enemy,Darkar had fought Layla.Layla joined WInx Club and she was part of Alfea school too,by now.With Bloom,Stella,Techna,Flora,Musa and herself,Layla had been able to save the pixies.As no-one knew,Darkar had setted Icy,Darcy and Stormy out of the place of where the trix's hate.The Trix and Darkar teamed up and they were a little bit been able to defeat the winx.5 of the winx's had got their charmix,except Flora.Flora only got her Charmix by saying that she loves Helia.
The Trix got the 4 codex's,and Bloom.Darkar turned Bloom to Dark Bloom but Sky saved Bloom by saying the things that he adores Bloom.Layla and the other winx were not able to save Bloom,but Musa saved Riven,Flora did not save anyone,Brandon saved Stella,Faragonda,Griffen and the other teachers saved the Winx and themselves.The winx were once again UNITED!

Season 3

In Season 3,the Winx had a new enemy,Valtor(Baltor).Valtor had also teamed up with the Trix after Darkar did not need them anymore.Valtor wanted Bloom to team up with him.Bloom refused.Valtor gave only 1 chance left and Bloom again,refused.Bloom only wanted to be enemy or no be a fairy.Bloom was useless once.Bloom was once again transformed to Dark and helped Valtor,Icy Darcy and Stormy.When Bloom had turned normal,Musa was dark,when Musa was back,Stella was dark,when she was back,Layla was dark and when Layla was back,Tecna was dark.They turned to dark Enchantix when ever they say Enchantix and has darkness.Only when they are defeated they are back to normal and when they feel something and their is no light,they turn to dark.Everybody had to find the girl's boyfriend to transform the girl who is dark back to normal.The girls had had Enchantix by the time they were 17,18 or 19.(years old)

Season 4

In Season 4,the winx were teachers and they were famous until one person hated them but finally became a good person and wasnice to the winx.
There were new boys(because that Bloom had once been a girlfriend with someone else and then she breaks up with Sky and that boy that is new has friends),a new girl(Roxy),and new enemies.The 4 dark wizards of the black circle are the new enemies.The specialist's were mad ( )The winx got their Believix and they have 3 wings on their back.Roxy also got her believix.Roxy became a part of the winx but missed the other transformations.The winx had the Love & Pet Store and Roxy went to the internet and she is always getting the pets.
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