Vocaloid sTORY 13
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“Don’t you think it was just so nice of the students in Room A to give us these tickets to a free skiing trip~” Luka smiles happily entering the hotel that they’re going to stay at. Sean nods “theres so much space to fly in” is astonished and enjoying his time here. Prika sneaks a look at Sean and blushes “GOD! He’s so adorable” Prika thinks as she turns her head away quick.
>>>Everyone was paired up: Ruko & Sean, Luka and Prika, and Mako got a room to herself.
>>>”WOW! Ruko-Sama! Don’t you think this room is great?” Sean is all over the room enjoying the sight while Ruko is just laying on her bed listening to music and nodding her head to the music. Sean begins ot fly in the room and Ruko spots him and just stares “……” processing this information. She begins to get frustrated with him and makes him fall to the ground by grabbing his hand! Ruko gives him a scary look and apologizes with a puppy face and tears. Ruko sighs and gives up “no flying inside, it bothers me” Ruko turned her head “But not as much as you getting hurt” she thought. “THANK YOU RUKO-SAMA!” Sean hug attacks her “AH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”. Ruko and Sean fall off the bed and Sean continues to hug attack her “GET OFF OF ME WEIRDO!” Ruko tries to get him off but he won!

>>> “Oh, this room is so gorgeous~” Luka sits on her bed relaxing and getting into her pajamas since it’s late. Prika stares at Luka frowning “What is it Prika-chan?” Luka asked smiling “N-nothing” Prika goes to the bathroom closing the door behind her. “I wonder what’s wrong” Luka begins to think. Prika stares at herself in the bathroom mirror and touches her breasts “Dang it, Why are hers so big?” Prika begins to get annoyed.

>>>Mako begins to sharpen her blade and stare at it smiling. Flowers and hearts appear around her and turns it around and around getting a full view. A butler comes in “Mako-San I’m here to give you your-“ The butler stops in his tracks and drops the tray. “hmm? What is it?” Mako asks holding her blade in front of her. “P-please don’t kill me!” he pleads “What are you talking about?” mako gets up holding her sword “IM SORRY MAKO-SAN!” the butler gets up immediately and runs out the door horrified. “I wonder what was wrong with him…oh well” Mako grabs her towels and heads to the bathroom to take a shower.

Next time on vocaloid Story Everyone goes out to Skii and they meet someone NEW! And ask them to come back to Japan with them!? Who could it be!? and will the person say yes and join Room D!?
Find out next time on Voclaoid Story "14"
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