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Posted 5/16/09 , edited 5/16/09
Okay. So, since I'm starting this out, I'll go over some of the places that I've been to:

Virginia, New York (state), S. Korea, Hawaii, Minnesota, Germany, Ireland, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Texas, Georgia

Most of the places I've been have been work related, through the Army. I grew up primarily in Virginia; New York to visit my grandparents; S. Korea to visit my other grandparents; dad was stationed in Hawaii for 3 years and took my family along; went to Minnesota to visit my in-laws at the time (not really my in-laws now since I'm divorced...); Germany and Ireland were lay-over stops so the plane could refuel between Kuwait and the states; Kuwait on my way into Iraq; Iraq for 15 months because of my deployment; Qatar for a 4-day pass to relax.

so what are your stories?
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