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Posted 5/16/09 , edited 5/16/09
Here I start first....
The person:Utau
The Chara:Miki
Chara Nari name:Rainbowish Charm!
Outfit:It looks like this(the one that Miki wears):
Spade Boomerang!:It does damage to all of the enemies around her.She puts her hand and gets the spade symbol over her hat and then she trowss it,while turning like a tornadom
Notes of Silence:It's like "open herart!"which Amu does but Utau does it and she does it with a flute.She plays some notes and then the X egg/character or the ? character gets purer then before.And the egg returns in to it's owner.
The words(like hop,step,jump):Sing,Sang,Song!-It helps her to have a very loud noise which,if you hear,can even make you deaf.
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