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Frozen Tears; is about a girl, who's eyes, can see into the past & future. As she sheds a tear, a portal opens. . .and she can see how it will be 100 years later, or how it was 100 years ago. But- one day, after seeing into the future too many times, she gets trapped in a different time, other than her own. To realize the consequences of her actions- She spends eternity there- until she can rectify and make right of her time there.




We both took a deep breath, and tried to hon our skills and instincts, to somehow figure out where the girl was...that we were supposed to be protecting.
I let my eyes shut, they started to squirm. Almost as if they didn't want to be opened to the possibilities of not finding that girl, having her die...and me not getting my payment!

I then opened my eyes, and ran off somewhere where my instincts were saying to go.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING, SERENITY!?" Trent, my partner shouted out, I was already far from him.

A eerie scream was heard as I ran.

My feet stopped moving.

"[deleted], Now where did THAT scream come from!? WHICH WAY!?" There were paths I had to choose from, and I trusted my instincts and took the middle path...

You don't have to suffer any longer girl...I'm here to take away all your pain...

"NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!" My hair blew in the wind, as I ran breathless to see the little girl and with a black suit and scythe!?

"YOUR A [deleted] GRIM REAPER!?!?" My eyes opened wide, in astonishment but mostly sympathy felt towards him. A dead man...who just does what he has to do to relieve the pain and suffering of the dying...he just goes around doing his job because he is eternally damned to do so...

Whoa, in a way...he's like some aspect, with the whole doing my job for eternity, "saving lives", and doing my job until I can rectify the careless things I've done...but, I SAVE lives...they're IS a difference...Isn't there?

The girl shook in fright, falling unconscious to the ground.

"HEY, GIRLLLL!" I ran to her side, kneeling down beside her.

"JUST SPARE HER! YOU HAVE NO REASON TO KILL HER!" Did I shout loud enough? Loud enough so Trent can save me?

"I relive pain and suffering to the dying...I don't, Kill."

He spoke, with a death glare, that gave me cold chills threw my spine.

I squinted my eyes closed, covering the girl with me body as a shield.

The Grim Reaper lifted his deadly looking Scythe up in the air...


The voice I craved to hear, came to my rescue...

He pulled out a pistol out of his coat pocket, and shot at the Grim Reaper all over his body.

"That WOULD of worked on me, IF I WASN'T ALREADY DEAD!!"

The Grimm Reaper stepped back, due to the gun shots Trent had fired. But now- The Grimm Reaper was even closer to us.

"TRENT YOU IDIOT! GET THIS [deleted] AWAY FROM ME AND THE GIRL!" I growled anxiously. Still trying to protect the girl- no matter the cost.

"Just let me do my job here, and I'll leave you two." He grimaced at both of us.

"Uh-uh. Nope. That's not the deal Mr- how about YOU leave us all the hell alone- and MAYBE just maybe I'll never have to see your [deleted] face ever again!"

Trent laughed under his breath. Knowing my words would just get us all killed.

"I'm not supposed to go after anyone but the little girl...but you, I'LL MAKE AN ACCEPTION WITH YOU AND YOUR FOUL MOUTH!"

I shrieked, quivering as his scythe grazed into my flesh.

The blood was bleeding down my arm, like a fountain.

"SERENITY!" Trent shouted protectively.

"YOU...YOU [DELETED]! YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!" I held my arm with a tight grip, to try to stop the blood from running any further. But my arm was hurting so bad.

"That was a fair warning, give me the girl, OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!"

Gun shots were fired in the Grimm Reaper's back. It didn't really do anything to him.

Trent stood in front of me now- saving me from near death situations like always. Kicking the Grimm Reaper's stomach to get him away from us.

He looked over his shoulder and asked me, "You alright?"

I laughed weakly. "This...IS NOTHING!"

The Grimm Reaper laughed. And picked up his scythe and started to run toward us.

"[deleted]! This isn't one of those good Grimm Reapers...he plans to kill ALL OF US! WITHOUT ANY MOTIVE OR REASON AT ALL!" I shouted, the pain in my arm became worse. My blood dripped onto the little girls cheek.

A man appeared with a blinding light, in font of Trent, stopping the Grimm Reapers scythe with his palm held out.

Fool...what would he say about all of this? Didn't you have only one patient to deal with here?" The person, was also a Grimm Reaper...or so it seemed. The only difference was that he wore a black cloak and no scythe in possession.

I peeled my eyes open to see what the hell was going on, the light this person's so blinding...I could tell Trent would go blind. His arms were covering his eyes desperately.

I'll take care of this girl, and I'll tell him that you FAILED.

I was still unable to see. I could see a blurry vision of Trent just standing there, eyes still covered up.

The other Grimm Reaper lifted up the little girl by her shirt collar, and punched his fist threw her heart, holding out her heart in his hand. And the girl in his other.

Blood splattering on me...This all happened WAY too fast...

I now I knew she was dead, the blood splattered...everywhere...

"[DELETED]!" Why does A GRIMM REAPER have such a blinding light!? The other one doesn't...! I'm going blind was like staring directly into a shining light bulb.

"See you all later." The Grimm Reaper dropped the girl next to her heart.

And both Grimm Reapers vanished. Trent winced and noticed what happened behind him.

He panicked.

"THE GIRL!!" He walked up to me and the dead girl slowly. Horrified at the sight of her.

"We weren't...even able to do anything..." I blinked a couple times trying to re-gain my perfect vision.

He lifted her head up, her head leaning on his shoulder. "I'" He mumbled to her ear.

"Trent..." I sighed disappointingly. Getting up and walking to them both.


I broke down crying before I even got close to the dead girl.

"I can't...look at her..." I fought for breath, my tears were overpowering my voice.

"We should...give her a burial." Trent said, compassion in his voice.

"I still don't understand why they were after her...why HER!? What kind of pain and suffering was she going threw...? I guess we'll never find out either way..."


After the Burial of the little girl...

We jumped back to our usual selves- me and Trent- had always had to deal with death and life, both were painful. We seen people dying everyday...It's the way of life...thought...I still felt responsible...the image of her unconscious face was haunting me...I didn't tell Trent though...but...she can't REALLY blame it on us...the Reapers were after her for a reason anyway...she was going to die either way...but still...

We went back to our boss's place. He payed us yen whenever we accomplished our missions. We worked for him full-time.

"YOU STUPID [DELETED]!" I threw our boss across the room, his head inflicting damage onto the wall.

"I don't think you should do that...Serenity..." Trent's voice was calm.


"Ahhh...the Shinigami were there?" His slow way of processing this into his mind really pissed me off. {Shinigami means; Grim Reaper}

"Boss...did you know?" Trent's voice then became more alarmed. I could feel he was getting angry as well.

"Well...I would have hoped you would of saved my daughter from them...and let me see her one final time...but- never mind." He coughed, getting back up on his feet.




" it that...the Grimm Reapers were REALLY after you, Serenity! They just lured you in...because they knew you would come to the little girl." The retarded [deleted] boss held up a flashlight moving it around his face, it was dark and his spooky voice was getting gayer by the minute. I punched him in the face, his saliva dripping down his mouth. "You shut up!"

"Serenity..." Trent says walking up to us.

"What?" I said in a normal voice.

"It seems, we have another controversy 5 towns ahead."

"That soooo? LET'S GO THEN! I'm not sitting on my butt and not getting yen this time!"

"Oh no you don't!" Trent shouted gesturing with his hand.

"Oh..this? ITS NOTHING REALLY!" The cut on my arm didn't seem to graze deeply into my arm. But still...It stung. And when it did I would be reminded of those damned Reapers. It's kind of like a battle scar actually...

"It could be infected! You know- if we didn't have Shinigami eyes, and weren't able to see them- you would of died just by they're mere touch! They're deadly- remember that." {Grim Reaper Eyes; Shinigami no Me; Serenity & Trent have them, not the Boss though}

"BUT...I WANNA HELP YOUUUU!" I whined pouting.

"The only way you could help me is to stay here and let the Boss take care of your arm."

"That's...just...perfect." I snickered, glaring at the Boss evilly.

He backed away slowly.


"YOU WANTED YEN!" He defended.

"Anyway...once I come back, I'm taking a break got it, Boss? It's already midnight...and 2 missions per day is enough for me...especially since we wasted 12 hours looking for your daughter...who would already die anyway. There's no use trying to escape Shinigami that are after you..."

Trent walked off and waved his arm unwillingly, his back turned as he walked off.

"BYE BYE TRENTTT!" I shouted cheerfully. Waving back at him.

"Your gonna catch up with him later, aren't you...? The Boss had a hunch.

"YUP!" I smiled.

"So tell me...what's this mission about 5 towns ahead?" I asked with a tilt of my head.

"Don't you think that's Trent's problem? I mean, he doesn't exactly know who to meet once he arrives there."

"BUT, then how would he know they needed our help!?"

The boss wandered near a bulletin board, and teared off a Wanted Poster.

Questions piled inside of my mind...SINCE WHEN DID WE HAVE A BULLETIN BOARD?!

"Here." He threw the wanted poster on the table.

"People from other towns come by here- and stick these posters onto the bulletin board- demanding for our help. They can just confront us with they're problems- but people have they're own ways of doing things. And as always- there are rewards. "

I grabbed the poster, glanced excitedly at the reward, "1800 YEN!?!?"

I slapped the poster back on the table, the table almost falling to it's side.

"DAMN DAMN DAMN! TRENT IS SOOO LUCKY!" I hissed, feeling jealous of him.

"Huwwy up and make my arm all better!" I said like a little child.

The Boss sweat dropped, "Uhh...I'm not sure how were cut by a Shinigami's scythe..."


Boss hides under table.

Who knew it would take THIS long to arrive there...

I was still not even past the 2nd town...


"You probably will." The Boss whispered still under the table.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" I then lifted up the table with my arms, who knows what crazy things I'll do next...

"You'll probably die within 2 hours, unless the Shinigami hurry up and find you themselves." The Boss didn't even seem bothered by this.

"YOU WILL [DELETED] DIE WITHIN 2 MINUTES IF YOU DON'T FIGURE SOMETHING OUT TO HEAL MEEEE!!" I threw the table back down, the Boss rushed in a corner, knowing hes un-protected now.

"I dunno..." He shrugged.


"Look, I'm at a loss for words for you now...I just found out I won't be able to see my daughters face anymore...can you lower down your voice please?" He asked politely, but all I wanted to do was be healed already...

"LISTEN, DAMN IT! I'VE BEEN WITH TRENT FOR AS LONG AS I REMEMBER IN THIS TIME...AND I'VE WORKED FOR YOU FOR AS LONG AS I COULD REMEMBER! AND FOR YOU TO JUST TELL ME I'M GOING TO DIE WITHIN 2 HOURS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!" My face grew red, more stress building up. And my wound began to re-open again. Blood was begging to appear again. "[deleted]..."

"Come here." He grabbed my hand and walked me to the river north from his place. He submerged my hand under the water, the blood flowing down the stream. "Trent's kisses aren't going to help this fatal wound, he can't kiss all your boo-boo's this time, Serenity."

I sighed peacefully. "I know..."

The flow of the river, and the sound, made me come at ease. For once...I felt as if Trent was right beside me. My arm remained flowing in the rivers current, the blood still coming out. How long would this last...?

This is getting to be a drag...I still have to pass 2 more towns...

"Serenity, have you figured out the careless things you've done in your past?" Boss asked so suddenly.

"No..." I answered.

"Well, never give up. That's what Trent would always say to you, huh?"

"Yeah...he will..." I smiled, a faint glow of hope crossing threw my smile.

The Boss smiled back.

The smell of rain pore tickled my nose.

Rain...? We haven't had any rain in a while. I thought expecting something to definitely happen...

"Where is HE...!? Maybe no one is going to help us..." A woman, peasant looking. With an eye-sore dress on. Whispered to herself in distraught.

She stretched her head further, seeing a person coming nearer. The moon shining behind him.

"I'm here." Trent said making a delayed arrival. Still left everyone awe-struck.

"YOU CAME!" The peasant girl shouted, running toward me with open arms. The towns people staring.

Did I...know her?

She ran into me, hugging me herself. I didn't hug her back. My hands remained to myself.

"Eh? You probably don't even remember me...It's okay. You will."

She lifted her head upward, staring into my eyes, her chin against my chest as she looked up.

"Are you...the one who needed our help?" I asked, ignoring her gaze on my face.

"Yeah." She nodded full-heartily.

"You need to kill a certain someone for me. As you may know by now, he's picture is on the Wanted Poster. It's your job to protect me for this one night from him, kay, Trent?" She laughs as she uses my name in her sentence.

"How do you know my name?!" I pushed her away from me then, she was beginning to creep me out.

"Let's go inside my home! I'll give you the details there." She asks, walking off somewhere- I followed. It was a job nonetheless. And I didn't want to go back to Boss's with some yen.

"This is my home!" She kicked open the door, and turned to me and smirked. "You probably don't even remember ever being inside of here..." She said yet again, something about being acquainted with me.

I reached into my coat pocket slowly, my fingers touching my pistol.

"The person after me is from Ronin village. Many miles away from here- far from here. They're ninja's that stealth kill on they're master's commands, I don't know what reason they have for doing this, but they're main target tonight has become this town...and I'm next to die...I just know it...also- this wouldn't be the first time they've came and killed, and then just left. People want to leave...but they're hearts remain in this town...ever since they heard of you coming- they have hope now...You don't have to particularly kill all of the ninja's- just the main one that controls them all. Once that is done, the ninja's will stop they're assassinations. Can you do this for me tonight?"

"So what...we just wait here until he shows up, is that it?" I asked, grinning. Having second thoughts on the pistol. I took a seat on a chair near me, and put my feet on a table and crossed them. "Let's wait then." I said calmly, closing my eyes.

"That's not, oh- never mind." She shook her head, ignoring my dirty feet on her table. Hey- she needed me, there was no complaining from her heard.

"WHERE IS SHE!?" A bewildered, voice struck from the outside, towns people screams were heard.

"That was real quick." Trent smirked, sighing.

I opened my eyes wide, surprised he already showed up...

My heart started to beat faster.

"Stay inside." Trent said, and walked out the door. Pulling out his pistol.

"Be careful!" I closed the door, breathing heavily against the door. Don't die...

"HEY YOU THERE!" Trent's voice raised and serious.

The ninja turned to Trent. The towns people successfully out of the way- no one would get in the way now.

"Prepare to die, [deleted]!"

Trent's pistol fired, but the ninja evaded the attack, with speed unimaginable.

A pistol...seriously? The ninja laughed at the thought, throwing 4 Kunai's Trent's way.

"IS THE GIRL INSIDE THIS HOME!?" Dodging the kunai's easily, we collided then, both rushing at each other at the same time, the claws that were sticking out threw his index fingers met my knuckles. They started to bleed a bit, but I enforced more strength into my arms and luckily pushed him back, away from coming any further from the girls home. He flipped backwards into the air, pulling out a black Katana as it seemed, and came at me once again with fast speed. I got a handle of my pistol now, and fired it at his Katana. No effect.

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Oooooh, very nice picture :D
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lolsz i knoe it fascinated me *-*
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Oooooh, I hope she can do it!
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I tried recording myself once, but some jealous idiot in my class destroyed it.
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yessssssssssssssssss~ CX cool~ cant wait 4 more!~
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