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Posted 12/24/07 , edited 1/24/08
Merry Christmas [Iple Message from DBSK / TVXQ]

ALL: hello! we're dbsk!
YH: finally, what we've been waiting for: christmas!
[love the cool acappella!]
YH: yeah, it's finally christmas, and we're still thinking of what we want for x-mas. how should we spend it?
JS: first, i hope it'll snow. i want a white x-mas.
YH: oh, i don't know if white x-mas will go well with JS' face [a red face joke ^^;]
JS: i wanna play snow fight on a white x-mas. and put little stones in the snowball and stuff. [lol!]
YH: how could you say you wanna throw a snowball to YC? i think it's a good idea. [lol!]
JJ: oh, and if it's a white x-mas, i want to make a snowman. i wanna make one with all the great features of each member and make the world's best-looking snowman. [totally!]
YH: it's be one and only snowman.
JJ: how about you?
YH: i wanna make a x-mas tree together. actually, last year, CM decorated x-mas tree by himself, so we felt bad. so this year, we wanna decorate a tree together.
YC: the funny thing is all 4 of us were like, ah, we feel bad, we feel bad. but we all went out anyway. [lol!]
oh, this year!
YH: this year!
YC: i wanna go ice fishing! we'd make the round hole on the ice. and put JS in it. [lol! they are hilarious here!!]
YH: oh, that's a great idea! and after we catch the fish, we'd put the frozen fish on the tree. [lol, omg, yh! too funny!]
JS: we put the fish on the tree? lol!
JJ: great idea. how about CM?
CM: first of all, i want it to snow. but i want the snow to melt on the way down. 'cause then it won't accumulate. if snow accumulates, then there will be conjestion.
YH: oh, as expected, CM is realistic. [lol!]
JS, JJ, YC: realistic? no, it's [i can't hear what they're all saying, but so cute!]
YH: i'm just trying to say nice things about all members! [lol!]
well, this year is almost over. if you've had any bad experience or memories, we hope that you'll begin anew. and next year is the year of...
JJ: rats.
YH: yeah, it's the year of the rat [zodiac].
YC: it's the year of mickey mouse. [kawaii~].
JS: year of ddolghi. [it's a character from "꾸러기수비대" ("Eto Ranger"). i'm so curious what CM is whispering to YC... T_T]
JJ: oh, ddolghi. in the manga.
YH: you have to be careful of how to pronounce the name.
JS: 자축인묘 (子丑寅卯)'s 자(子). [chinese character about the zodiac.]
CM: wow, you know about 자축인묘?
JS: yeah, 자.축.인.묘.진.사.오.미.신.유.술.해. [the 12 characters about the chinese zodiac.^^]
YC: oh, you've really watched the anime well. [lol!]
JJ: anyway, next year is the year of the rat. which means to be diligent. full of joy and health. we really hope that you'll all have a safe, healthy start of a new year.
YH: we'll continue to do our best in the new year. please wait for us, and continue to support us!

credits: yoochunsa604

And heres the video to this:
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Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/13/08
yunho and his fish on the tree
aww, changmin deco-ed the tree alone
and the rest went out =="
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Posted 1/24/08 , edited 1/24/08
hahaha yunnie and micky r always laughing XD
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