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Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/19/09
What you should, and what you shouldn't do in CharaWorld!

Hi everyone. Welcome to CharaWorld! Like any other, this group is a Shugo Chara fanclub, but not like any other. We offer positions, membership cards, games, discussions and many more. Here's a special guide provided by the mods, if ever you get lost.

1. Register as a Chara in the rankings first before asking to be a higher one. Request it in Lower Rank Dorm.

2. When you are approved as a chara, go to the membership cards forum and apply for one. Not to worry. This can be renewed once you upgrade to a better position. Members who didn't apply as a position can also get membership cards.

3. Do you wish to upgrade your position? Make sure you have enough ranks. To obtain ranks, please look at the profile rules (in the group's page). Once you have enough ranks, please go to either the lower rank dorm or the higher rank dorm. Characters and charas are only allowed to post in the lower rank dorm while Guardians/Easter/Exclusive postions and transformations are only allowed to post in the higher rank dorm.

4. Here's a hint to get more ranks, post in each forum to obtain ranks; but be reminded that you only get one rank in a single forum topic so posting twice or more wont give you more ranks instead one rank only. The wall? You can get only one rank there and not anymore. You can get additional ranks in certain forums, an example of that is the pick your dorm forum.

5. Differences of Lower rank members and higher rank members. As you continue to upgrade your position, certain changes are made too. You see Lower rank dorm members and higher rank members have different beneficials. Higher rank get more chances on becoming a member of the month or eventually mods. Because they have reached one of the final positions or the final position themselves and their cooperation, they have many benefits. Activeness and cooperation is also one of the main factors, the current mods had before they became mods. being lower rank member isn't bad, even if you have lower benefits, you have more chances of being active and reaching your desired position.

6. Did you see the forum called 'Chara of your Own?' ? You get number of charas depending on your ranks and position, for more information please go to the profile. If you have any problems, please ask a mod right away.

7. Do you want to be an affiliate of CharaWorld? Then go to the forum called "Afflies" However there are certain rules, check the forum topic for more.

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