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Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/18/09
Title: Of kisses, cards and gamble
Author: gachapin18/lialialia
Pairing(s): Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya, and a little bit of Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own the ones mentioned above.
Summary: Jin loves cards and gambling, but Kame’s kisses are what he loves best.
Author’s note: This is for my friend, Cher. I hope this’ll live up to your expectations. And also to you guys. The ideas in my mind got tangled up and that’s the reason why this one-shot became six times larger than my regular length of one-shots. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this.


“You’ll be mine tonight, Kame-chan” Kame fought the urge to make face hearing those perverted old man’s words. Instead, he gave him a very sweet but fake smile. “We’ll see about that, Yoruichi-sama.” Kame placed a complete set of cards on the deck.

That old man was just one of the hundreds of gamblers in that huge notorious casino in Shibuya. And that is where Kame works. It opens at daily at nine in the evening and closes at five in the morning. Having that casino in that area was prohibited, but due to the influence of the owner, the police don’t do anything about it.

Kame was his name. Whether it was a short version of his surname or it was his first name, he doesn’t really know. He grew up in an orphanage, where as young as he was back then, he already tasted how hell felt like. The caretakers of the orphanage said that he was found lying inside a basket at the park near the orphanage. An old, kind woman who was a volunteer at the orphanage that time brought him to orphanage.

When he grew up, things started to get terrible. Even with the big number of kids in the orphanage, he started to feel real empty inside. He didn’t even know his full and real name. Along with his fragile infant form when he was found at the park, was a half-torn parchment with the word ‘Kame’. The other kids started to tease him non-stop saying, ‘Turtle! Turtle! Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be living in a zoo?’ then after that, he’ll end up sulking in a corner, crying his heart out.

One time, the old woman who brought him there saw him crying in a corner with the usual cause. She asked with the ever gentle smile on her face, “Kame-chan, what’s wrong?”

He was sobbing as he answered, “T-that’s not my real name. I… I- don’t like that! That’s a turtle!”

The woman moved closer to him and hugged her, “Then, do you want to have another name?”

Little Kame nodded frantically, as if he was desperate to be called anything besides Kame.

“Then from now on, your name will be… Kazuya.” The woman said slowly, saying the last word with much affection.

“Kazuya?” Kame asked, looking at the eyes of the woman.

The old woman nodded. “You know what?” Kame shook his head. “That’s the name of my son.” She smiled at Kame.

“Where is he? Why are you giving me his name?” He innocently asked.

She laughed hearing the boy’s query. “He’s far up there, resting.” Kame tilted his head in confusion. At that age, he really didn’t understand what she really meant, not even a bit. Well, he did though, literally, that is. “And why am I giving you the same name? Because –“ The old woman looked at him intensely. “- you looked so much like him. Everything, even your hair.” She ran her hands carefully on his locks. Her eyes were watery. “So, it’s Kazuya then?” She asked.

Kame smiled and hugged her. “Uhn! I’m Kazuya from now on!” He answered happily. For a short period of time, he felt a bit complete, having his new name. But that didn’t last long. Months after, the old woman died due to an illness. He grieved for it so much. She was like a mother to him. She was the only one who cared for him.

He was clumsy and every time he did something wrong, even if it was forgivable for he was still a kid, the caretakers would beat him. There were no days when his bruises didn’t hurt, and there were no days he didn’t shed tears. In the end, his new name Kazuya didn’t help ease his sadness.

He was fourteen when he finally had the courage to escape in that living hell. He wandered in the busy streets of Tokyo, not knowing where he’ll be. But it was better that staying in the orphanage, he thought.

After a few days of wandering around, he met an old man, who happened to be an owner of a big casino in that area. At that time, he really didn’t have any idea of what a casino was. The old man said that he will give him food, clothes and shelter in exchange for him to work in that casino when he reach eighteen. He was really hungry and tired that time, all he wanted to do was eat and rest. Hearing what the man said, he immediately accepted his offer.

The man asked for his name and all he said was Kame. After all, it was originally the name with him from the start. In the end, it was his only distinctiveness, not any other thing, not Kazuya.

The man didn’t ask more questions and just said, “Well then Kame, let’s work together from now on.” They shook hands and little did he know, that was the start of his life in another hell.

The man wasn’t that ill-intended for true to his word, he gave Kame abundant food, clothes and shelter; it’s just that his business was his bad side. Sometimes, the man whose name was Johnny-san would bring him to the casino and let him watch from the side on what’s usually taking place inside. There were plenty of adults playing different kind of games which he didn’t understand. And also, there were young ones standing beside every table where the games are played. The only game he knew was the one with cards. He once saw some people playing them outside near the orphanage years ago. The man Johnny-san patted his shoulder and said, “See those young men over there? You’ll be doing the same thing when you reach the age of eighteen.”

He looked at those young men. What they’re doing seemed pretty easy but their faces tell the opposite. They looked empty and disgusted. And in his innocent mind, he wondered why.

The query he held in his mind was answered four years later the moment he turned eighteen. Somehow, he felt excited on his first day working. The higher workers in the casino gave him a bit flashy clothes to wear, just like the types he saw the other young men wore. He was smiling but the others stared at him with pity.

He just realized when the game of cards started, and a client won over another. The man, whom he thought was in his early thirties, stood up and walked up to him. “This is the first time I saw you here. What’s your name?” He caressed Kame’s cheek. “K – Kame.” He answered in a low voice.

Kame was about to shove the man’s hand away when Ueda, his co-worker spoke, “Yes, he just started today, Kimura-sama.”

“I see.” A perverted smile was drawn on his face. “Are you aware of your beauty, Kame-chan?” He whispered onto Kame’s ear. An unwanted shiver ran down Kame’s spine. “He’s mine tonight.” Hearing that, Kame’s eyes widened and he was just about to realize that he’d got into another hell, for the second time around.

Practically, what their smutty clients wanted as a prize for their winnings was not money. Well of course, they had plenty of them already in their pockets. What they wanted was a good fuck, just plain sex, and usually a rough one, money is just a secondary reward. His first time with that Kimura-san was just a continuation of Kame’s screwed, bloody life. Kame never expected that a hell like this could even exist. But he couldn’t do anything about it, still, Johnny-san gives him his necessities in life plus he had an income, from a dirty job. He wasn’t little Kame the orphan anymore, now, he was nothing but just a dirty whore.

He’s twenty-three now and he’s been doing that job for almost five years already. He was pretty much used to his rough and perverted clients. For the past years, he had perfected his ever sweet but truthfully fake smile to please them. They never miss telling him that he’s pretty. Even his co-workers told him that he was beautiful and that he looked so much like a girl especially with his shoulder-length, undulating hair. The most ridiculous line he had heard from his client was, “You know what? You’re far more beautiful and seductive than my wife.” And he just fought the urge to tell him in response, ‘Tell that to your wife, you fucking bastard.’ Yet instead, he just gave him a fake smile saying, “Please don’t flatter me that much.” Geez, in the end, he was nothing different from that infidel man.

Yuruichi-san was seated leisurely waiting for his opponent. Kame was waiting impatiently thinking who that client who’s wasting their time was. He wanted to thank him a bit though, for delaying his time to be with that perverted old man. He was ninety-nine point nine percent sure that Yuruichi-san would win. He saw him played cards countless times and he witnessed how good he was, as expected for a long-time gambler. Still, who knows? There might be someone who isn’t that good but very much lucky. Luck meant everything in gambling.

Not long after, Kame saw three men passed the entrance of the casino. Kame looked at them, as well as the other people inside. Surely, they got the attention of the ones they’ve passes by. For the last five years he’s been working in that place, he never saw clients as young as the three. The three of them were good-looking, and were wearing corporate attires. Since they were there, it means they came to gamble, just like the others. They were all practically the same. The only different thing was, they were far younger compared to those old businessmen.

Kame was surprised when the one who was walking in the middle stared back at him. He had shoulder-length hair, though it was a bit messy, it didn’t erase the fact that the man looked gorgeous and sexy. What was he thinking? Kame shook his head and turned his gaze away, the man smirked at him. Even from afar, Kame could tell how deep and sexy his eyes were. Kame saw the other man whispered something onto the ear of the man in the middle.

“We better thank Yuruichi-san for telling us about this. I think we’ll be having so much fun tonight, you think so, Pi?” Ryo whispered to Jin, while he asked Yamapi’s agreement at the same time. Jin grinned while his gaze still focused on that beautiful human being standing beside the man Ryo just mentioned. “I know.” Jin said, though he already knew this place before.

Earlier that day, Yuruichi-san told them about how that casino works. They were business acquaintances. The three of them were sons of rich old businessmen who were tied them early to the stressful life of being a businessman. Having a little fun once in a while wouldn’t hurt, would it? Besides, they absolutely love gambling. Especially Jin. His father was a huge gambler, a very huge lucky gambler. Though he doesn’t want that trait of his father, he seemed to inherit that one. His father never loved his sons, he never loved his wife. All he loved was gambling. It was his life. When he was still a kid, a day never passed without him seeing his father smoking his cigarette and gambling.

Pi and Ryo was his best friends. They were playmates and soon became classmates. In short, they grew up together. Other kids don’t usually approach them, knowing that they came from wealthy families, others immediately jump to the conclusion that they were the usual rich and spoiled brats.

Having those same images, they even became closer. And the day came when Jin started to gamble. He began to love it day by day. Playing cards was his drug. Ryo and Pi tend to call him Bakanishi for they said that he was an idiot for some reasons, but when it comes to playing cards, he was a genius. And not even the two, can deny that fact.

Yuruichi-san suddenly stood up and straightened his posture and said, “I’ve been waiting for you, young men.” It seemed like they were the opponents Yuruichi-san was expecting.

“We apologize for making you wait, Yoruichi-san.” One of the young men spoke. Now that they’re standing just a few meters away from Kame, he assumed that they have the same age as him, if not just a little older.

“It’s totally fine, Yamashita-san. Well then, shall we start?” Yuruichi-san asked.

Yamapi nodded and was about to move to the table when Jin blocked him by his arm. “Jin! Wha-“ Yamapi was interrupted by Jin saying, “I’ll be the one playing.” Jin’s seductive gaze went to the beautiful creature again. “He’ll be mine, only mine.”

Kame gulped hearing those words. He doesn’t really know who was the man named Jin pertaining to, but somehow, his blood started to boil all over inside him.

“B – But -“ Yamapi tried to complain by whining. But Jin just faced him and said, “Just fuck off, Pi. He’s mine.” Yamapi pouted.

Ryo let out a teasing laugh. “What’s this? Bakanishi getting all possessive over a man he doesn’t even know yet.”

Jin told Ryo to just shut up as he walked his way to the table and sat down facing Yuruichi-san, “So, shall we start, Akanishi-san?” The old man said again, with a tone as if challenging his young opponent.

Jin took his cards and uttered confidently, “Bring it on.”

Yuruichi-san laughed a little. “I won’t go easy on you, young man.”

Jin grinned. “Same here.”

The game started. Kame raised a brow on that Akanishi Jin, who seemed to have oozing confidence all through out his form. Ryo noticed him doing that and said to him. “Cocky, isn’t he? But you’ll be surprised, he’s far better handling cards than handling people around him.” Ryo smirked and Pi just nodded in agreement.

Kame was startled. He wasn’t supposed to let his clients see what he’s thinking. Kame bowed a little saying a soft, “I’m sorry.” Ryo and Pi laughed, “Its fine, don’t worry.”

He smiled a bit and returned his look back on the game. “Bingo” He heard Jin said and the next thing he saw was Yuruichi-san with a astound look on his face. Jin stood up. Kame was shocked as well. It didn’t even last for three minutes!

“Whoa, that’s faster than the usual, Jin.” Ryo said as he patted Jin’s shoulder.

Pi glanced at Kame and said, “The means he could hardly wait.” Jin grinned and walked up to Kame.

Kame felt his heart beat faster. He’s normally used to this, but why was he feeling this way? There’s something in this Akanishi Jin, he thought as he stared at the man who was walking closer to him.

Jin was standing right in front of the most beautiful man he had ever seen in his entire life. He was beautiful from afar and he never thought how gorgeous he looked this near. “It’s time to claim my reward.” Jin said seductive as he wrapped his arm around the man’s tiny waist, just like a girl.

“See you guys!” Jin said waving his hand back to Yamapi and Ryo and leaving Yuruichi-san, still shocked. Ryo smiled evilly at him saying, “We told you before, Yuruichi-san. Jin’s different with cards in his hands.”

Kame didn’t protest as he walked with Jin and with his hands on his waist. Well, he doesn’t have the right to protest either. It was his job, his dirty job. Yet somehow, he wanted to break from Jin’s grip. Somehow, he felt like if something will happen that night, something big will change. And he’s afraid of change. The gleeful times he spent with the old woman who took care of her when he was little, he wished he could go back there. That was the only thing he doesn’t want to change. But it did. Because the clock continued ticking. Because he grew up. Since then, Kame thought how scary change was, how scary growing up was.

That’s why, feeling the hands of Jin, on his waste, he felt his touch was something different. It was a sudden change from his usual clients. Kame looked at Ueda as he was walking. Since he started working when he was eighteen, Ueda who was three years his senior became his friend. Kame’s eyes were pleading. As if saying to his eyes were pleading for Ueda to help him get away from Jin. Ueda seemed to understand. Ueda raised his brows and mouthed, ‘Are you nuts?’ Kame pouted.

They were heading to the special exit and Johnny-san was there, with a satisfied smile on his face. “Jin-kun! My, my look at you. You’ve grown so much since the last time I saw you!”

They stopped for a while. Jin chuckled a bit, “Well, what would you expect? That was years ago. I’m pleased to see you again as well, Johnny-san.”

“How’s your father doing?” Johnny-san asked.

Kame noticed the smile on Jin’s face faded. “He’s doing good” Jin plainly answered.

“I see. Kame-chan here is a favorite of a lot of players here.” Johnny-san said as a matter-of-factly.

Jin tightened his grip on Kame’s shoulder. Kame looked up at him with a confused look on his face. “I thought so. I could see them glaring at me while I was walking here with him.”

It was Johnny-san’s turn to laugh. “Well then -” Johnny-san looked at Kame, then at Jin “ – enjoy.”

“We will.” Jin bowed and they walked past him. The special exit was headed directly to the underground parking lot. “Excuse me Akanishi-san, right? Where are we going?”

Jin smiled. He mentioned a five-star hotel nearby. They reached his car and went in. Kame was feeling really tensed for unknown reasons. Kame was finding it hard adjusting his seatbelt when Jin chuckled. He was ceased from what he was doing, “W-why are you laughing?” Kame asked nervously.

Jin shook his head and placed his hand on the wheel. “Nothing, you just, looked so cute.”

Kame felt his cheeks reddened. Damn, Kame cursed himself.


While on their way to the hotel, Jin could sense Kame’s tension. “So, what’s your name?” He asked the man who was looking outside the window.

Kame shifted his gaze to Jin and answered flatly, “Kame.”

Jin chuckled, “Kame?”

Kame wasn’t able to stop himself from saying, “Are you deaf?”

“I’m not.” He chuckled more. And Kame was getting pissed. “I mean your real name, not your nick.”

“I told you, it’s Kame.” Kame snappily answered. He had never been like this to a client, and he should never ever be like this.

“Are you normally irritable like this? Or are you having your period?” Jin says making Kame look at him in disbelief.

“I’m a guy!” Kame exclaimed the obvious.

Jin glanced at him for a while, smiled and said, “I know” Seeing Jin’s smile, Kame altered his look outside. He felt different seeing the latter’s smile. He knew it. He shouldn’t have come with Jin.

“Come on, tell me your name.” Jin continued persuading him to tell Kame his real name. He wanted laugh bitterly and say, ‘I don’t even know myself, and so how could I tell you my name?’

But after a while, his mouth spilled out a name, a name which he didn’t use for several years, a name which was given to him. “Kazuya” Kame mumbled and he thought Jin didn’t hear it but he did.

Jin smiled again, gaining victory, making Kame say his name. Kame didn’t realize that they were already in the hotel’s parking lot. They immediately got on the elevator and went up to the ninth floor. There was a woman standing outside the elevator who looked like a receptionist the moment they left the pulley. “Good evening, Akanishi-san.” The woman bowed and Jin just passed by her, grabbing Kame by his wrist.

Jin opened the room which was situated at the end of the hallway. Kame entered the room first, Jin followed. It was the first time for Kame to enter such a fancy hotel room. It was different from all he had been in the past. He heard the Jin locked the knob of the door.

He turned his back only to see Jin’s craving eyes. Jin suddenly pinned him on the white-painted wall and kissed him. The way he did it was pretty rough, but his kiss was different. It was the gentlest kiss Kame had experienced.

He was still not returning his kisses when Jin ordered, “Kiss me back” and he did. When Jin kissed him for the second time, he responded and kissed him the way Jin did to him. Jin began to wrap both of his arms to Kame’s slender waist. When they broke the kiss to grasp for breath, Jin cupped Kame’s chin with his right hand and said, “You’re beautiful, Kazuya.”

With Jin saying that name, Kame couldn’t think straight anymore. How could a person he barely know make him feel this way just by saying that name? Kame wrapped encircled his arms on Jin’s neck. Jin chuckled a bit, “Don’t rush, honey.”

“Look who’s talking, suddenly pinning me on the wall.” Kame rolled his eyes.

Jin smirked and kissed him again. Everything happened so fast, moments later they were already on the bed, clothes scattered on the floor, Jin kissing him savagely, moving with haste and with the lamp giving the room a tad radiance. Well, they don’t really need it. It was the very first time Kame felt numb by someone kissing him. That was just, unusual.


Kame was facing sideward, opposite Jin, while the latter had his hand clutched to Kame’s waist. Jin ran his on Kame’s hair and started giving him soft kisses on his locks then to his neck. “I know you’re awake.” Jin said.

Kame didn’t stir, and Jin pouted nuzzling his nose to the crook of Kame’s neck. The latter groaned and mumbled, “Jin”

Jin chuckled and tightened his grip on Kame’s waist. He cuddled him more. “You smell so good, Kazuya.”

Kame froze. He said it for the second time. Kazuya. “Say it… again.” Kame requested.

“Say what?”

Kame finally faced him; Jin was leaning on his elbow. Kame couldn’t help but admire how Jin still looked so good with his bed hair. “Say it, my name.”

Jin smiled sweetly and kissed Kame’s hair, “Kazuya” then his forehead, “Kazuya” then on the bridge on Kame’s nose, “Kazuya”, on his cheek, “Kazuya”, on his lips, “Kazuya”, on his chin, “Kazuya”, finally he mumbled huskily, kissing Kame’s neck, “Kazuya”. “Want more?” Jin asked with a teasing smile. It was very obvious that he was thinking more than kissing and cuddling.

“Thank you. That’s more than enough.” Kame smiled, genuinely.

Jin seemed to be disappointed. “But I want more!” He whined.

“And I don’t want more!” Kame playfully pushed Jin away from him. He felt great, he was laughing. Jin hovered on top of him, grinning, “Yeah, sure.” And Jin started kissing him again. This is going to be a long night, Kame thought. It’s not that he mind though.


“So, how was last night?” Ueda asked Kame as they were preparing themselves for the opening of the casino the next day.

Kame just smiled. “I see. The smile says everything.” Ueda smiled as well.

“Oh yea, I heard you’re with the other man with Jin last night,” Kame thinks for a second, “Ni-shi-kido, right?” It was his turn to ask, “How was it?”

“He’s a complete jerk.” Ueda uttered immediately with his cheeks flushed.

“Then tell me why you are blushing.” Kame teased.

“Shut up!” Ueda nudged Kame’s back. “By the way, Kame. I never heard you call a client with their first name before.” They were just taking turns in teasing each other.

Kame’s cheeks reddened this time. “Can’t I? And how did you know his name?”

“I didn’t say anything like that. Well, he’s famous. He’s the young and handsome CEO of Akanishi Holdings. In fact, he owns that gorgeous hotel nearby.”

Kame stared at him. “H-Hotel? You mean the one that was built a year ago?” Ueda nodded then said, “Geez Kame, you don’t even know him.” Kame fell silent. He never thought Jin was that wealthy, plus he owns the hotel where they stayed last night. Then he suddenly thought that Jin was so much for a gambler. He doesn’t have to do those things. Oh well, he was rich so he could do anything with his money.

Then it hit him. How different Jin was from his world. Kame laughed bitterly to himself. Why was he thinking these things anyway? Who was he, anyway? He was a whore and Jin was just a man who happened to drop by last night to gamble and chose Kame to spend the night with him. He barely knew him. That was yesterday and today, Jin might not come again. They might not see each other again.

Since last night, everything changed. The feeling he felt, it was different. True, last night was the best night of his life. Was he falling for him? That was ridiculous. How could he fall for someone in just a single encounter? Kame thought. He never fell for anyone before, but judging from his surroundings, he knew it was scary. Judging from the tears he saw from his co-workers who fell for their clients who loved nothing but gambling, he knew how scary it was.

Later that night, Jin came with the two again, to Kame’s surprise. “I’m glad to see you again, Kazuya.” Jin smiled. He tried to smile back, but he failed. What was he supposed to say? Was he supposed to tell him that he’s glad to see him again too? No, he will distance himself from him. He won’t let himself fall for Jin, that’s what Kazuya had in mind. He must, for he’s scared to fall hard. He’s not prepared, he’s never prepared. He doesn’t want to cry anymore. In the end he was still the little Kame, a fearful and coward Kame.

Jin furrowed his eyebrows when Kame didn’t greet him back. “Wait here.” Jin said to him and headed to his opponent. It was his way to get Kame. The cards were his bridge to Kame. While making his way to the casino that day, he laughed to himself thinking that he could just ask Kame to be with him. He was rich and he could give Kame anything he wanted as much as Johnny-san can give him. He thought that Kame doesn’t need to work in the casino anymore. Funny, but thinking that Kame’s with another man, he couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Kame was different. His kisses were different. That’s the reason why he couldn’t just ask him directly what Jin wanted. Kame might seemed experienced in his work, but seeing Kame’s eyes last night when they were together, he could see that he’s afraid and worried. He didn’t know why though. And what Jin had in mind after seeing that night was to take away those from Kame. He wanted to protect him. He wanted to be with him.

“Is Ueda still here?” That question from Ryo made Kame came back to reality. “Huh? Ah, yes, he’s there.” He pointed to the right side where Ueda was with some clients.

“Oh, thanks.” Ryo said leaving him with Pi. Kame looked at the man who was left with him. He looked like a child who was left behind by his parents who went to work. “How come I was left behind?” Yamapi asked sheepishly.

Kame couldn’t help but chuckle. “What?” Yamapi asked looking like a kicked puppy. Kame just shook his head and patted Yamapi’s shoulder.

For about fifteen minutes, the two of them were chatting and then Jin came with a smug look on his face. Yamapi just grinned, knowing why Jin had that kind of expression. “Let’s go.” Jin grabbed Kame’s wrist and dragged him out of the casino. Kame looked at Yamapi with questioning eyes, and Yamapi just waved his hand to him.

“Can you please let of me?” Kame asked annoyingly.

“I can’t” Jin said coldly.

Jin positioned him on passenger seat of his car just like last night and they drove in silence to the same hotel where they went. Correction, Jin’s hotel.

They went inside the very same room they were in last night. They sat on the bed saying nothing. Finally, Kame spoke, “What’s up with you?”

“What’s up with you chatting with Pi.” Jin retorted.

Kame could hardly believe this. Jin was acting like that just because he was talking with Yamashita earlier? “So? What’s wrong with that?” Kame asked with one of his eyebrows heaved. Jin didn’t say anything.

Kame laughed a bit and said boldly afterwards, “Don’t tell me you’re jealous?”

“What if I am?” Jin said making Kame stare at him in awe. “D-don’t joke.” Kame mumbled.

“I am jealous and I’m not joking.”

“Why?” Kame asked as he looked directly into Jin’s eyes.

“It’s because –“ Jin’s voice softened as he leaned closer to Kame and kissed him. “- I liked you since yesterday. And I think I’ll love you today.” Kame couldn’t say anything. Does he feel the same way as Jin?

“Don’t say things like that. You don’t mean it.” Kame stood up and looked at the glittering city lights that can be seen from the glass window of the hotel room.

Jin stood up as well and walked up to Kame. He slowly wrapped his arms on his waist from behind. “Kazuya” Jin mumbled.

“That’s not… my real name.” Kame said looking straight ahead.


“I’m an orphan. That name was just given to me by a kind old lady who took me to the orphanage the moment he found the infant me in the park. There was a small paper along with the basket where I am in, and ‘Kame’ was written on the paper.” Kame laughed a bit before continuing, “Maybe they thought I was a turtle”

Jin butted in, “A good-looking turtle, that is.”

Kame continued, “I’m a coward and I’m always scared, I escaped from the orphanage for I couldn’t take their beating anymore. Johnny-san found me when I was fourteen and asked me to work under him when I turn eighteen and that’s how I became a whore. I’m dirty Jin. My life is screwed up, wherever I go. I always end up in different kinds of hell. Don’t like me, don’t ever love, Jin. You’re just wasting your time.”

“You’re done?” Kame looked at Jin. “So that’s your story. Well then, I’ll tell you mine. My life is screwed up as well. My parents are living but I felt like an orphan. My father was a huge lucky gambler. I couldn’t remember if he lost even once in his every game. If he didn’t get sick, I bet he’d still gamble until now. And my mother, she didn’t do anything to stop my father from gambling. She was afraid that if she does anything against my father’s doing, he’ll leave her.” Jin laughed bitterly, “I hate my father’s doing but I was tempted to gamble like him. I guess I am really his son. I began to love gambling since I was in high school. Ryo and Pi would draw away my attention from it, but their attempts failed. Aside from the two of them, cards were my companion.”

Jin turned Kame to face him. “I think the only good thing that gambling brought to me was you. Playing cards brought me to you. And for the first time, I do not regret playing it, not even a bit. Just because it brought me to you.”

“I don’t care what your past was. I don’t care who you really are. I want to know you better and nothing’s going to stop me from doing so. You feel the same, right?”

Kame shook his head several times and for some reasons, his tears started to run down his face. He didn’t even notice them beaming from his eyes. “No. I – I don’t want this. I don’t want to risk everything anymore. I don’t want to gamble everything. With you, it’ll be different again, everything will be different. This hell I am living right now, I’m okay with it. I can live through it.”

Jin held both of Kame’s shoulder and looked at him in the eyes. “I’m asking you to risk everything and let me prove to you that the difference I’ll bring to your life would be nothing but good things. I will never put you into hell.”

After a couple of seconds, Kame hugged him. He was crying on Jin’s chest and said, “Please take care of me.”

Jin finally smiled, ran his hand on Kame’s hair, kissed him on the forehead and said, “I will.”


After that night, Kame’s life started to change, a change that he wished for all his life, a change where he can be truly happy. With Jin’s help, everything came true. In their life, sudden circumstances are inevitable. That short two nights marked the start of his new life.

Jin asked Kame to quit working in the casino. At first, Kame was hesitant. It’s not the he loved his job there, he just thought of Johnny-san. Even though Johnny-san was the one who put him into where he was before, it was still thanks to him that he lived a fair life under him.

He was with Jin when they went to Johnny-san. Johnny-san was shocked at first but didn’t go against his decision. In the end, they shook hands and Johnny-san patted his shoulder saying, “Live a happy life, turtle.” And all Kame said was, “Thank you” and smiled.

Kame was happy for Ueda too. He was with Nishikido now and he couldn’t be happier for his friend. He just laughed when the five of them went out together and Yamapi sulked in one corner complaining why he was left all alone.

Weeks after they live together Kame asked Jin something. They were sitting on the sofa, cuddling while watching a movie inside the entertainment room in Jin’s house.



“Can you quit gambling?”

The question made Jin look at him in surprise. After a while Jin replied, “That’s a pretty hard thing to do. Persuade me.”

Kame knew that it’ll be a tough thing to do for Jin, since he was gambling almost half of his life. He heard that people who gamble couldn’t get enough from playing. They just can’t get away from it. So he thought well of something to convince Jin. He smiled upon thinking of a simple and childish thing. But he swore to do it, no matter what, just for the sake of making Jin quit gambling.

“I won’t kiss you anymore and I definitely won’t make you kiss me.” Kame fought the urge to laugh after he said those words. It was very childish, he thought. But Jin took it seriously.

“Not even on your neck?” Jin said. He looked devastated when Kame replied, “Nu-uh.”

Jin sighed. “Okay. I’ll stop. I’ll try my hardest to stop, for you.” Jin kissed him.

Kame couldn’t believe it. His cheeky plan worked on a CEO of a big company. He’s actually impressed with himself. “Now, that’s a good boy.”

Jin smirked and asked seductively, “Since I’ve been good boy, I deserve a reward, right?” Kame just rolled his eyes and said, “Later” The both of them continued watching.

They said that gamblers will be gamblers no matter what, but meeting Jin, who gambled for him, who gambled to change his screwed life, Kame thinks otherwise.

--- End ---

A/N: A second A/N. XD Anyway, Cher! It’s done! I failed, right? I think this wasn’t really what you wanted. Still, please read it though ;___; And oh, piperr0919 I'm sorry I wasn't able to send this to you. And that leaves this fic un-beta'd. I just needed to post this immediately. ;__; but surely, next time I'll send my them!

As I was writing this, half of my mind was on the concert of KAT-TUN. I just wish I could watch even a single con. >.> The genres are mixed, and I totally failed writing smut. I mean there wasn’t any up there. I tried my best to write one though, but I just couldn’t. ;____; Please do tell me what you think guys! Thanks
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/18/09
uwaa~ your smut-ish fic didn't fail me!!!
it's been a long time that i haven't read any kind of
yao-ish fic like this. I mean I read some but not as much
smut-ish as yours!!i love it!

i imagined kame having those beatings and oh dear, i really
feel sorry for him.

At least JIN was there to change all that.

For some reason, it gave me the creeps when Kame's job was a whore..
for men gambling in there...O_O
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 5/18/09 , edited 5/19/09
so right geh-chan
Kame's job is a.. NO-NO for him
one of my fave authoorsss~
wow hahaha
yatta luff it!
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/19/09


I'm gonna look at this tomorrow again and read it and comment again~!
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118 / F / :]
Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/19/09
Well, to tell you honestly..
I'm not much of a yaoii fan..
but this one..
it's simply AWESOME!!

Your fics.. are giving me CHILLS!!
you're just so AMAZING!!
the way you wrote it.. was PERFECT!!
And I believe..this fic is more than just yaoii ^^
Kudos to you!!
Fanfic Lover
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30 / F / School Library
Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/20/09
It's so great!!!

"I liked you since yesterday. And I think I’ll love you today."
^ i think i'll never forget this ever...

i really freak out reading stuff like this
but i did not while reading this...
so beautiful...

i hope i can read more masterpieces like this again...
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25 / F
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09

anyway, thank you so much for your heart warming comments! I'm made another one and I hope you'll read that one as well
Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
wow really high quality fanfic I can really imagine the scene jin with kazuya I'm really naughty ne
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Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/28/09

SEVgi wrote:

wow really high quality fanfic I can really imagine the scene jin with kazuya I'm really naughty ne

Thank you so much I guess, that makes me naughtier for I actually imagined and ever wrote it XDDD
Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/28/09
so desu ne:D you should write a new fanfic such as that again plz ;P and of course I think you are naughtier than me but it s really good for you because I really admire you for fic~!!
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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/8/09
hahah I know that I read this months ago....
and this is only the time, that I felt like comment-ing and reading fanfics...
This fic is freakin' PG-13 but hey IT'S COOL!
I love it :)) \:D/
Well I'm not 13 anymore so whatever. :))
But still, it's great.
I'm jumping on my seat while I'm reading this.
And also, it give me chilllsss~~~~
Weee make more Lia-chan
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