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Baleville Asylum... Some people fear it, some people praise it, but some call it... home. For years, people have been coming and going from the asylum due to one problem or another, but what no one seems to realize is that the people there, while different, are still people. They live and breathe just like everyone else, but there minds aren't quite the same. This is the world in which they live...

The characters in this RP are going to have various mental disorders, you choose what. There is also going to be 2 nurses who work there and are given on a first come first serve basis. I will be playing the Asylum psychiatrist. Please limit yourself to 2 characters max for now. You can attempt to escape if you'd like, but keep in mind that leaving the asylum pretty much removes you from the RP since your on your own. This is supposed to be about life inthe asylum, as told by the patients.

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Name: Hikari Fuji
Age: 20 (graduated from collage quickly due to intense hard work, though most assume it was because of genius)
Disorder: N/A (male nurse)

Bio: His half-brother, having been diognosed with a mental disorder, was taken away from their home when he was young, and hasnt been able to see him since, he doesnt even know what mental institute his brother is in. This is because his family is one with old money and they found it an embarassment to have such a child, and never even once mentioned the fact that they had a second son. He became a male nurse in order to come closer to finding his brother. He is kind to all, but because he is equally nice to everyone around him, no one can really tell who he cares about the most, which is why his relationships dont last very long.

Name: Cael (female personality) and Saku (male personality)
Age: 18
Disorder: multiple personality disorder
Appearance: (grahhh! i cant find a good pic of an anime guy that looks like a thats sad. well anyway he can be manly when he is in one personality, and really feminine when in another...he has long hair that is black and blue eyes)
Bio: His last name is classified information, as it seems that the government has been payed off to not reval this fact. It is also better for the patient not to hear it.........

Cael: She is a well mannered girl, who almost always has smile on her face. she likes to draw and is extreamly skilled at it, and is basically good at anything with her hands. She is the perfect example of a young lady. She is strangely obeident, and will do anything asked of her, which could easily be taken advantage of.

Saku: He is basically the opposite of Cael. He always has a troubled look on his face, or a face with no expression at all. He is bad with his hands and tends to get himself injured when he does try to do things on his own (which he normally does, since he wont normally accept help from others. He doesnt like to take orders and is a free spirit. He enjoys singing.
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Heres the Therapist profile.

Name: Dr. William Thorten

Bio:even though hes a bit young, Dr. Thorten was given the task of diagnosing and curing patients at Baleville. He cares greatly for his patients, and lives only to help them in any way he can.

And my character :)

Name:Mason Troy
Age: 19
Disorder: Schizophrenia

Bio:For years the voices have been talking to Mason. He believes that hes the only one who can hear them due to his own special perception of the world. He isn't a loud or violent person, at least, not while hes been at Baleville, and acts like the perfect gentlemen. He has currently been in Baleville Asylum for 4 years, the circumstances of his admittance are a mystery to everyone but Dr. T as mason likes to call him.
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Name: Marie
Age: 14

Disorder: Manic depression, mild paranoia.
Bio: Born to a family stained with alcoholism amongst other things leading to a general dysfunctionality, Marie was exposed to many different strains of abuse at a tender age. She rarely [if at all] trusts anyone or anything, and stays out of the way and to herself for the most part. She is a rather quiet girl but oft awakes at an unsightly hour to her screaming.

Name: Amber Thatch
Age: 27

Disorder: None.
Bio: Marie's aunt. She would be the one to stop the beatings, fights, and other issues in Marie's household. Finally, she took Marie into her care and eventually admitted her into the Baleville Asylum. She applied for a job there, but given her lack of experience in the field, her and the workers came to a mutual agreement that she was free to visit and comfort Marie during her fits of melancholy or bursts of uncontrollable rage.
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