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[News] May 2009
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
090528 Toho Mobile

During the promotion!

“Stand by U” promotion,

We worked hard ♪

Today there are line ups for shoots and interviews ☆

source: tohomobile + [email protected]
trans: [email protected]
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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Stage Layout for DBSK’s Mirotic Concert in Beijing Announced

After the first stop of Nanjing in the Mirotic Concert Tour, popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki is going to Beijing’s Workers’ Stadium on July 11th to start off the “Dong Bang Shin Ki TVXQ! Third Asia Live Tour China – Beijing stop”. The official design of the stage came out today and according to the spokesman of the concert organizer, the concert in Beijing wants to let fans have a closer and short-distance interaction with DBSK. They are going to move all the gadgets and machinery from the Extension Stage(the one that looks like a catwalk) onto the main stage to design a layered look and form a 3D-stage. The structure consists of a 2400 square metre gigantic sound and light castle, and such a big-scale stage is a first for Beijing Workers’ Stadium.

The requirements of the venue management authorities in the different cities of Beijing are different, and Beijing has a requirement that the audience have to be at least 10 metres from the stage. This is not much of a problem for a normal concert. But for DBSK’s concert which emphasizes greatly on close interaction with the fans, if they were to follow this requirement and have the Extension Stage, the fans who are supposedly closest to the stage will be arranged to be seated/stand at the back of the stadium which is a distance of 65 metres from the Main Stage. Most of DBSK’s songs and dances would be held at the Main Stage, and that will result in a really distant view even for the fans who are closest to the stage and most fans will not be satisfied. For the sake of closer interaction between the fans and DBSK and still maintain the organization and completeness of the whole stage performance,
the organizers changed the structure and design of the stage 5 times. They eventually gave up on the Extension Stage, and moved ALL the gadgets on the Extension Stage onto the main stage to form the majestic layered Main Stage.

As for the “make-over” of the stage, the organizer explained “The Cassies who have seen DBSK’s concert should know, the Extension Stage holds much importance to the overall concert itself, and it will always be a part of the concert. However, due to this safety requirement on the side of the authorities, an Extension Stage like that which is going to be used in the Nanjing Concert will increase the distance between the fans and the Main Stage which DBSK is mostly performing on. Therefore, we are going to do away with the Extension Stage for the Beijing concert and move all the Extension Stage gadgets onto the Main Stage to form a 3D stage. This ensures that the fans closest to the stage will only be at a distance of at least 10+ metres and at most 50+ metres, to have a better visual effects for the fans compared to the Beijing concert last year. The 3D stage and the stadium’s viewing platform/area is almost parallel, therefore the people in the less expensive seats are also much closer to DBSK, AND the concert ticket prices are much lower than Nanjing. This change had not only been approved by the venue authorities, but have also ensured the completeness of the concert, and it also encourages strong interaction between the fans and DBSK.”
Other than the sound and light castle on stage, the live LCD screens in the concert venue is also a key feature. Because the venue for this concert is held in Beijing Workers’ Stadium, the Main Stage is going to be much wider and bigger than the Nanjing concert, so the LCD screens which act as the main backdrop of the concert stage will also follow suit, and the effects can compete with that of the opening ceremony in Beijing Olympics where LCD screens were also used. The width of the LCD screen will be as wide as 78 metres, and can clearly capture every movement, action and smile of DBSK. Even the little dazzling gazes made by the members unintentionally will be clearly seen by everyone.

Interested in going to the Beijing Concert? You can visit here:

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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tae Jin Ah debuts in Japan, Goal is to become the DBSK of the Trot World

Singer Tae Jin-Ah (56 years old), challenges the Trot hallyu and is going to debut in Japan’s music industry with a new Trot single in mid-June.

When questioned about his late entrance into the music industry at the age of 56, Tae Jin-Ah says “Speaking of debuting at this age in a foreign market, everyone will persuade me to stop, but having new challenges enable me to discover more about myself.” He also mentioned “The hoobae that I like Dong Bang Shin Ki has debuted successfully in Japan, I wish to be like them too, being active and succeed in the Trot music industry”.

Credits: (TJA picture) + lotte duty-free (DBSK picture) +
trans: [email protected]
shared by: [email protected]
Please take out with Full Credits

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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tohoshinki featured in [Nikkei Entertainment! Artistes' Ranking Complete Book]

[Nikkei Entertainment! Artistes' Ranking Complete Book] to be published by Nikkei BP on 22nd May, under the section of [Increasing or Decreasing Popularity? Analyzing 300 Artistes "Value of Popularity"], Tohoshinki will be featured.

trans: [email protected]
shared by: [email protected]
Please take out with Full Credits.

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
UNOFFICIAL: All About DBSK 3 to be Released in June

Still unofficial. The rumor of AADBSK 3 will be released in June has been spread since last year (or beginning of this year) though…
Check out the photos under the spoiler...DBSK with their dogs, so cute!

Dong Bang Shin Ki in Korea, what did they do?

Rumor has been spread that they’re doing secret shooting for All About Dong Bang Shin Ki 3.

This time, the scenes are with their own pets. Must be interesting.

All About Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 is scheduled to be released in June. Right now the staffs are hurrily collecting every scenes.

source: Japan web
credits: 东方神起全球中文网 + hoobs
trans: [email protected]

All about DBSK with their dogs – fancams

Yunjae+Vick n Typhoon Part I

Yunjae+Vick n Typhoon Part II

Jaejoong Vick+Sha ki

Jaejoong+Vick [shinestar]


Junsu+Shaki Part II


Credit : [email protected]+kimjaemylove
Shared by: sharingyoochun

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Stand By U in Amazon TOP 5 pre-orders

Credits: DBSKnights

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tohoshinki ‘The Secret Code’ Album Featured in POPClub Magazine

Credit: kpop jjang
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
50 Reason Why YooSu is Real

credits: dbsknights Trans: Bee @ DBSKnights
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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Fan Account of Secret Code Live Tour - Saitama

Opening Movie
This Opening Movie was continued from T(And everyone seemed to be wearing black suits)
The DBSK members were fighting the enemies, Yunho used a flying kick and Yoochun attacked from the back
I forgot about all the rest XDD (laughs)
After stealing the artefact/treasure, the 5 members gathered outside the building

Secret Code
When the movie ended, 5 LCD screens appeared
and the 5 of them appeared with grandeur
Junsu was actually standing

Share the World
Not much recollection of this
I only remembered Junsu spoke

They sang this on the Main Stage,
A certain P actually forgot this song XDD

Take Your Hands
Junsu only stood, but he did not walk around
Everyone also raised their hands,
Take Your Hands and GO!

-MC Segment-
Everyone replied enthusiastically to Yunho's "楽しんでますかー?"
Then there was the self-introduction
The cheers for Junsu were the loudest,
and it's still the same sentence for him "I'M SORRY"
So cute
The screen was also showing his big head XD
The people continually shouted Junsu's name

Stand Up!
At the "hey ho" part, everyone's hands were really waving madly
Everyone were waving their lightsticks in rhythm
JUMP!! All in all, it was really HIGH!

Beautiful You
Jaejoong was really SEXY here
When he sang
you are beautiful
baby you're special one
you're such a beautiful dream
you are beautiful
baby you're special one
you're such a beautiful dream

On the main stage, there were different heights for the stage
Listening live is much better than listening to it on the CD

My Destiny
Junsu seemed to have sang this while sitting
The others..No recollections

Movie 2
In a desert
This movie was really great
Junsu was the Master Roshi who uses Mafuba Technique (laughs)
Yoochun seemed to have kicked out a round shaped object
Jaejoong used fire fist
Changmin seemed to have something metallic
Yunho was holding a sword
Everyone was emitting a different color

Everyone was playing on the treadmill
Jaejoong was at the very front
Junsu was also moving around slowly

Purple Line
A super HIGH song
On the Center Stage

Started from the Main Stage
First time seeing the Japanese version of Mirotic
The dance steps are the same as the Korean version
but it emits a different aura
The original white clothes changed to black ones
Stripped stripped XD
Remember vivdly the ending pose

Heart,Mind and Soul
Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Changmin appeared on stage first
Then Junsu walked slowly onto the stage

Jaejoong's song
I sang along attentively
Not much recollection XD

Movie 3
Went back a couple of hours before stealing the artefact/treasure
This video gave me the shivers
Why did they get foreigners
Firstly, Junsu had his arm on the female's shoulder
and they parted after Junsu said "sorry"
Changmin hugged with the girl,
why do I feel that Changmin was dumped
Jaejoong was having wine with the female on a sofa
Jaejoong let go of her hand after having held it (angry)
Yoochun was on the car, and the female lead returned a ring to him
Yunho on the other hand, gave a ticket to the female lead and left
Everyone gathered in the end

Yoochun was playing the piano on Center Stage (love)
A super touching song
The piano~really the best!

Nobody Knows
Standing in a line using standing microphones

My favourite LIVE song!!
Could totally feel the sadness within this song

Forever Love
Still sang standing in a row
I also love this LIVE song!!
Everyone was singing together

Box in the ship
This song became their modified songXD
Jaejoong's "どーゆーこと?" was replied with our "しょーゆこと!!"
Yoochun was "みんな~OK" and we replied "あたし~OK"
OH-E-OH-E-OH E-OH-E-OH 1.2.3
OH-E-OH-E-OH E-OH-E-OH しょうゆうこと
OH-E-OH-E-OH E-OH-E-OH どうしてジュンスを好きになってしまったんだろう?
I really love this song
Everyone was so cute
and everyone was really HIGH! HIGH! HIGH!
Didn't know what Junsu was saying at the beginning,
but when he finished his sentence, Yoochun started laughing loudly

O Jung.Ban.Hap.
[Let's do this] music started
"O! O! O!" Everyone went "O! O! O!"

Choosey Lover
Someone's tone was really intending to seduce people

The screen showed a backdrop of a blue sky
One of my favourite songs too

Somebody To Love
They sang this song with their towels in hand
Everyone JUMP JUMP JUMP together
Junsu was jumping on the spot, but his actions were not too big

Summer Dream
Saw a certain someone holding hands with a certain someone
Not too much memory of this XD

-Band Member Introduction-

A new change of clothes
They shouted "とうほうしんき"

Movie 4
Replay of all videos in the past
Felt like a turn back in time
But it was only one sentence for each song (laughs)

The Way U Are
In this song, the audience were shouting their name
just like when they sing HUG.
But at the end they didn't continue shouting (laughs)

Break up the shell
This song recollected fond memories of the first concert
They didn't sing this in Five in the Black and T concerts.

New song introduction was done by Changmin
They used this to bully Changmin,
and Changmin suddenly became Jaejoong's first love
FIRST KISS at 12 years old
We had really big reactions

Stand by U
An additional round stage appeared on Center Stage
5 of them were all sitting down
and the lyrics were displayed on the screen

Kiss The Baby Sky
Jaejoong said that this was the last song (but there turned out to be 1 more)
Everyone sang "Baby sky All the dreams and hopes made of your eyes
明日もきっと晴れる そのままの君でいて with me" together~

The stage turned dark, and an orangey-yellow light appeared
This is really a tear-jerking song
Really good
The person beside me cried

The last sentence
Saitama FTW!
Tohoshinki FTW!

I cannot remember whether it was Summer Dream or what,
Yunho and Yoochun carried Changmin off the stage XD

Trans: [email protected]
Shared by :popasian

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Ray Magazine – July Issue: Jaejoong

Handsome face and warm personality, and easy to get close with.

Jaejoong described himself easily in TALK section.

Through those clear eyes, what can we see?

1. Curry

I can’t live without curry (laugh). Almost everyday I eat it! I really like spicy food. The spicier, the better.

2. Speechless (T/N: not sure)

Old song, new song… must sing them full heartedly. La la la~ That part, need a high voice when singing, to make it good.

3. Me

Recently, I’ve been appreciating myself more. Watching “Heaven’s Postman”, I want to create a happier me as well.

4. Car

I just bought a new car. Driving it for only 4 times up til now. I really like to drive a car and wandering around. The feeling of being one with my car.

5. Spring

A season where there’s no challenge. Season that fits to take a walk. I’m hoping to meet my destinied one (laugh).

credit: baidu + + hoobs
trans: [email protected]

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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tohoshinki Mentioned in CanCam Magazine

Cancam Magazine is famous, Its one of those few japanese magazine available in my country. (I don't know what country they're talking about...^^)

The one with the Red Underlined, is the part talking about Tohoshinki

“The long-awaited Tohoshinki! Changmin Saranghaeyo”

“Tohoshinki to appear, Live at Budokan DVD(?)”

and Planning for it~ XD its a Made-up story~ but still its Tohoshinki XD

They Looked Inside a Models Bags, is it a coincidence, these 2 might be friends, the other one has a Bigeast ID card, and the other a “ShoyuKoto” and as indicated, its because of tohoshinki~

Credits: DBSKnights +HeroismyHero
Shared by: [email protected]

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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
A-star magazine June’09 Issue

Crebeau Tour

Crebeau is the cosmetic brand from China and our 3 boys (Yoochun,Junsu and Jaejoong) got their own branch in Korea

Crebeau Jeff (Jaejoong) stands for Crebeau just especially for face! located in Star River building in Jamsil which is the heart of the shopping center in the South eastern part of Seoul. The shop speciality is to take care of your face (sounds very Jaejoong to me) and the shop environment looks very clean and very high class (just like the beauty research institution)

Crebeau kiss (Yoochun) When you step in, you’d feel how fashionable it is. This shop speciality is looking after your beauty from head to toe (all over your body) Crebeau Belle is located in Kangnum , near Yoochun’s goong.

Crebeau Belle (Junsu) is located in Ilsan near misarangpizza place. The theme of this store is like Junsu character and the products are very samiliar to Yoochun’s products (Yoosu product lol)

Example for CreBeau Belle (The writer only went to Crebeau belle)

-Basic Skin care (Toner,serum, emulsion,lotion and sun care) for facial treatment

-Hair & Body such as shampoo and conditioner, hand cream etc

-New product such as Crebeau ampoule – - the serum from Sheep placenta extract and preal conchiolin for your facial treatment

You can visit for motr details

and can risgter for the member at

Thanks Junsu’s dad and mom for being our VIP guide

Crebeau grand opening in China

source: A-star magazine
trans: [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Junsu is Winning Over Oyaji Fans in Japan!

SYC/N: This is quite old one, I know.. The Secret Code in Sendai. But this fanaccount is too sweet not to be shared
however, as it’s written by Junsu’s fan, dun be surprised that it’s Junsu biased, lol
I edited some typos so that you wont be confused (coz I dunno why she called Junsu as Junce??) ^^

Note: The Japanese fan wrote the fan account in Japanese first, and then she translated it to English herself.
Nothing was altered here (:

Live report from Japan @ Sendai 5/17! ^^
(Since I rushed to translate this, sorry for my English mistakes.)

Today, Junsu danced even more!
He danced “Summer Dream” lightly, then danced “The Way U Are”,
not only that, he also danced the next song “Break Up The Shell”!!
I was surprised even more than yesterday.

Everyone was so excited when Junsu danced with other members.
I love to see him dance as Junsu is my favorite one, but I could not keep my eyes off from him worried that he may over dance. (;_;)

Second day @ Sendai was rainy, JJ said to us “Rain must wet your feet, thank you for coming” which no other idols in Japan would say such a word I think. All of us were so thankful for his really kind message.

Changmin had shared Junsu’s secret talk at the make up room. ^^ Junsu told other members, “Hey, you guys sweat a lot since you dance all along and the make up wash off, but I don’t sweat, so, I have such a beautiful clean skin through out the concert time. More fans may love me more since I look better than you guys”. ^^ hahaha, everyone laughed hard hearing that episode, and we were all so glad that he is getting better to the point that he can even joke about it.

Prior to his first dance, Junsu said “I think I can dance~?”, we were so worried then. When he was stepping on the stair ways, we all stared at him hoping he will not fall or hurt himself.

At MC time, he was the star of the day! Very funny as ever. We laughed a lot. After his famous Oyaji Gag, he said his new gag from 007 TV, then Yuchon imitated Junsu which was way too funny. Every burst in big laughter. So much fun for sure!

When the first film was shown @ the concert, as soon as Junsu appeared on the screen, everyone screamed and cheered so loud, which made me recognize once again that there are so many Junsu fans out there. ^^

Yuchon was so sexy as always.
JJ’s hair moves as he move and he is just so beautiful.
Changmin and Yunho have wonderful slim body, they look so cool like model.
Junsu look more handsome in person, even better looking than when I see him on the TV.

Each one of them can be a star of their own with their super gifted talents, but when I saw Junsu dance with other members, I felt that because they are five of them they can perform 100 times or gazzilion times better than when they are alone.

After saying I am OK and danced few songs, I felt “Junsu, your heart to wish to show your dance to us is more than enough”, please take it easy Junsu! Get better then dance, is what I wish and what I want to tell him.

Junsu you are the best, I will forever be with you!! Love you Junsu!!

P.S. My fan friend at Sendai went to concert with her 50 year old father. He is a big fan of Junsu! ^^ And he was so happy to see Junsu in person. He is even talking about doing his hair done like Junsu. ^^ To her surprise, there were older man than her dad right behind them yelling “wow they are too cool!”. hahaha may be because Junsu is known for his oyaji (father/older men) gag, He is winning these oyaji fans in Japan! hahaha

source: Junsulvさん
shared by: + [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tohoshinki On Popular Japanese Programme “Tokyo Park Friend2″

Another article

TOHOSHINKI, whose 4th album was awarded Platinum on the 12th, have confirmed their appearance in Japan’s longest running programme “Tokyo Friend Park2″.

“Tokyo Friend Park2″, which has gained alot of popularity in its 15 years, is a game show broadcasted by TBS every Monday, 7pm. It’s an energetic programme where you have to use your body to get through various challenges. Many popular artistes like Arashi, NEWS and more have participated in this programme, and Tohoshinki’s appearance in the programme has garnered a lot of interest from Korea and Japan.

A group of Tohoshinki fans expressed,: “Tohoshinki is still doing their tour right now, and Xiah Junsu’s leg has not fully recovered, so we are a little worried about their participation in the show.”

Credit as tagged
Source: Baidu
Translation credits: [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
090524 Yoochun's Birhtday Party - Fanaccount

Mickyfan site set up a party for him and this is what happened there. Mrs park was there and she told stories about our dear Yoochun.

090524 Micky Party FanAccount (all stories inside told by his mom)

Today I went to Micky Party and posted this at home

There were so many pics of yuchun oppa from the entrance. I took so many pics and waited for 2 hours to get in to the auditorium.

At first , they opened Seolleim Cf and I was surprised so I strated screaming.( sorry to uni students sitting in front of me)

Then after video session., special guest for this event appeard.

It was Yoochun Mom.

She really made us happy with her story. Especially about her dream .

She dreamt about getting two gold bananas and the meaning about this is she would receive big treasure at young age. She thought about twins at first. It was likely to be lovely daughter or if it was boy he would be beautiful and pretty like woman. He/she would be musician or get jobs relating to art. He/she would be scared of lots of thing and good-looking for both male and female. (OMG sooooo true)

Moreover, she told us these stories.
Yoochun is really scared of bugs . If there was only one fly ,he would hold a bracket and wandered around. Sometimes if those insects were still there, he would use one can of F killer (insecticide i think) to kill them all. There was a day he asked yoohwan if that spider ( He is scared of them the most) and yoohwan said it was dead, Yoohwan used his hand to do stamping and then he responded with choking sign. (How cute chun scared of bugs )

He likes to dance since he was young, At the student exhibition, if his friends did it wrong, he would leave the chair and get them to make it right. He liked to sing to himself too, Since grade 2-3 ,he started to collect CDs and more than 100 of them had been collected when he was in grade 5-6. Besides, he would always clean them carefully and put them in order. (chunnie is sooooo neat at this young age )

Since he was young, he had interested in dressing up.( our young fashionista)
His mom also loved to buy him clothes. ( she said sorry to yoowhan too haha)
Therefore, since he was young,he really liked mickey mouse shirt,(since then it was micky)

He paid attention to his hairstyle too. He really liked putting jell on and parted his hair by 2:8. When he went to school, he would use spray to fix his hair and if he found out in school mirror that it gets bad ,he would come back home again. (rofl Chun hair style~~)

Harang did come to this party too. She told us about harang. She said yoochun is still not recover from allergy and there were times he wore shades on stage because of allergic symptom. She told him to just take harang away but yoochun said “how can he do that to one member of family”. He calls himself daddy and take cares of dog-do and sometimes curses at him too. Harang is really smart. When he plays with yoochun and suddenly his mom appears( she is the one feeding him), harang will come to his mom. Yoochun’s so upset so she would avoid poping out when yoochun plays with harang.

She talked about his cute behavior. When he is back from drinking, he does back-hug her in the kitchen and he sits at wine bar with his legs swinging up and down talking to her until she finishes her kitchen works.
“there’s no son like this?” she explained that when she looks at yoochun and yoohwan, yoochun is so feminine ,cute and scared of lot of things while yoohwan is rather dignified and more manly.

She also told us story behind Love Bye Love. Yoochun asked her about the titile of the song. About one year and one month, while staying in korea, yoochun came up with title sarang annyong sarang. When he finished one part, he would ask her to listen to it. Yoochun really likes wines so he always has a glass of it when he composses. There was one time she even drank a bottle with him

Food he likes to eat is native Korean food (of course kimchi~) and because of his small stomach, he has to eat just a little each time but so many times a day and that is so troublesome.

She said yoochun is not perfect but more than that he’s hard-working. She even said sorry to yoochun and thank you for letting her here to talk to everyone.

Harang was here today too and we took picture with him too.
His mom blew the candle on birthday cake for us.

And it was the end for part 1 and we had a break and started part2.
They opened yochun’s video and did some activities together. Moreover, Yoochun sent us message from japan and we were sooo touching. It was a very great event. We had lots of fun.

credit to mickyfan
translated by [email protected]
shared by [email protected]

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