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The term Internet dynamics refers to the culture which has developed throughout the years with the appearance of the Internet. This invention has changed in a revolutionary way the form of the communications between people, and has created a considerable cultural impact on our generation.

1st we must make a new layer 350x19 pixels and rename it as background (Its purely optional to rename it
but to avoid confusion with what layer we are we label it

2nd crop our logo we can use lasso and pen tool but here I only use magic wand because the logo I get has fine and clear edges

3rd take a sample of color from our logo using our eyedropper

adjust the gradient color as desired

4th using gradient tool drag the mouse to our background to fill colors

5th make 2nd layer and rename it as scanline

6th make 3x3 pixels transparent layer

7th draw diagonal line using pencil tool with 1x1 pixel

then rename it as scanline as our pattern

while we are in our top layer press edit>fill>pattern use the pattern we made a while ago then reduces its opacity as desired

8th add new layer for our borderline

while we are in our top most layer press ctrl+a (select all)

9th then go to edit>stroke choose our border color (here I choose black border and 1 pixel width)

10th make new layer we will rename it as our scanbars to add gloss effect

using marque tool we will cut a portion in our at top most of our userbar (here I use elliptical marque tool)

note: before we cut check if our foreground and background are in its default setting press "D"
then delete the selected layer press ctrl+backspace this must what you have

while we are in our scanbars layer reduce its opacity as desired to reveal the next layer
(here I use 23% opacity)

11th next make a new layer rename it as text

then using text tool type any words describe to our userbar like this one, here I use a white color for my text
and simple tahoma text with 10 pixel height

to add border to our text right click our text>stroke I use black color and 1 pixel width

then this is what it look like then save our work tadaa! we our finish

other sample userbar I made

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wow cool thx but i didnt bother adding text lol nice tutorial!
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cant wait to try
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..somewhere in yo...
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hmmm, maybe i can do this w/out a tutorial, just wonder around PS
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cool thanks xD
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