SHINee's "Juliet" revealed!

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Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/19/09

It is Girls Generation’s Jessica’s lil sis, Krystal!

A 14 year old girl, Krystal Jung ,is SHINee's "Juliet." She has been training under SM Entertainment for a while now, doing CFs and modeling like your typical little pretty trainee. Hopefully, this little girl won’t garner such scandalous attention as her big sis.

For SHINee’s teaser, SM really took out all the stops and it looks AMAZING. Aside from SHINee’s questionably theatrical and fruity wardrobe, the SHINee boys are sporting fresh new stylish haircuts. The production value for this teaser is impressively high and the musical score sounds like it belongs in a movie. The general atmosphere of the teaser seems really sophisticated and dramatically tense. Just a note though, the song featured in the teaser is not the actual song for “Juliet.”

Krystal’s angel wings outfit and the modern vibe of this teaser are a total homage to Hollywood’s 1996 urban adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet.” I say “homage,” instead of plagiarism, because when you cite Shakespeare, no one can blame you. Of course, netizens might be up in arms about the “lack of originality,” but really Romeo and Juliet is as cliche as you can get. Yet, it seems like a fairly smart move because the SHINee boys and Krystal Jung are all about the same age as Shakespeare’s original Romeo (18?) and Juliet (”not-quite-fourteen”). If you are going to do Romeo and Juliet, you better do it while they are still young and ripe.

SHINee "Juliet" Teaser
Krystal Jung’s pre-debut CF: Always destined to be Juliet?
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/29/09
her face is not fully revealed in mv. still covered by the mask.
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