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Welcome everyone to the Chibi shop.Here all of the angel students,teachers and the staff can buy their own chibi for their character I will show a couple but there will be more.Thers a price for each chibi.If you can pay well Im sorry but you dont get a chibi as a mod I have to make sure that every student or teacher payes for the chibi they have bought.So here are some examples desu:3

Check out the chibies :3
To get a chibi we need this:

Name of the chibi or her nomber:
Will you pay for it (I will check if you have payde later) :


1.Feryal Ishizaki - own by Amu_love_Ikuto
About her: Feryal is a kawai little chibi she likes animals,sunsets,rainbows and flowers.Shes cheerfull and hyper.
. She has a younger sister caled Nachi,she love her very much.She loves Kayand Suzu her best friends.
Price: 100 buddyes and 12 photos

2.Nachi Ishizaki -
About her: Nachi is a shy little chibi,she likes animals and toys.Shes playfull,very cheerfull and shes Feryals younger sister.
Price: 100 buddyes and 25 photos

3.Miruru Misaki
About her: Miruru is a sweet little chibi she loves the stars and the moon. Shes cheerfull and shy.
Price: 100 buddyes and 15 photos

4.Keichi Maebara
About him: Keichi is hyper and friendly chibi. He loves music and cars.He has an older and a younger sister.(just a hint even thow theyre just chibies the fall in love (Keichi likes Feryal)
Price: 150 buddyes and 20 photos

5.Serenia Mebara
About her: Serenia is kawai chibi.She likes nature and all animals :3
She has a younger brother Keichi and a younger sister.
Price:100 buddyes

6.Sora Maebara
About her: she is a baby chibi like Nachi theyre both very good friends.Shes hyper and ver sweet.
Price: 100 buddyes and 10 photos

7 .
Shia Cross- own by akari-uchiha
About her: shes a mean chibi well not realy inside her heart shes a kawai chibi and very shy.Dont mess with her. :3
Price: 200 buddyes

Mika michiru
About her: Shes sweet and nice.Likes candy and rainbows.
price:50 buddyes

Hana Kururu
About her: shes nice and very sweet.Loves flowers and the water.Makes a kawai friend.
Price: 100 buddyes and 15 photos

Ari Hanashi
About her: Shes a maid so if you work in a cafe shes a perfect helper and friend.Shes sweet and loves cafes.
Price: 100 buddyes and 10 photos

Kay sorara
About her: shes a kawai chibi likes animals,flying and plays.She loves her friends Suzu and Feryal .
Price: 100 buddys and

Suzu Mikami
About her: Shes cute and very friendly.She loves animals and shes a princess in her life .Friend to Feryal and Kay shes Misakis younger sister.
Price: 100 buddys

Misaki Mikami
About him: hes a good and kawai chibi and Suzus older brother.He loves her and hes Keichis best friend.
Price: 100 buddyes

Dawl Hoshina
About her: Shes cute and shy,loves flowers,animlas and Misaki kun.
Price:100 buddyes

Kiryuu Hururu
About her: Shes a cute and hyper chibi.Likes to fly,hand with friends and play.
Price: 100 buddyes and 5 photos.

Hira Mashiro
About her: Shes a grown ,kawai and awsome chibi.Hoby teacher.Like her sudents and friends.
Price:300 buddyes

Vania Hotoshi
About her: shes cute,nice and very shy.Loves nekos and sunsets..She makes a kawaiiii friend.She has a sister.
Price: 200 buddyes.

Waio Hotoshi
About her: Shes Vanias older sister and she loves her very much.She cute,sweet and nice.Likes kimonos and the sea.
Price: 300 buddyes

Dont worry more will c0ome soon
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Amu_love_Ikuto wrote:

Shia Cross
Buddies: Done!
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Its done desu
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