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Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/20/09
Radio programe
Interview online Andy Wang of F4 concert Japan
[Xing He Cui Chien Sien] Taiwan radio interview of reporter who went to Tokyo F4 concert

Translated by [email protected]
thanks to asia for asia of tsinoy-vic thread for posting

The DJ interviewed the reporter who participated in F4 Japan concert at Tokyo Budokan on 7 Oct 2008

DJ : Lin Jia Hong has just returned from Japan to Taipei and is here to give us a special report via phone. He has just participated in the F4 concert in Japan.

Reporter : This is my first time watching a concert in Tokyo Budokan.

DJ : And they have a series of concerts in Japan.

Reporter. Right. Actually it is difficult for a Taiwan artiste to enter the Japan market. To be able to hold a concert at Budokan, before that from Taiwan there was only Jay Chou who had 2 shows and following is F4. But what’s unique this time is that F4 will be performing in 3 cities . They have just completed Yokohama and Tokyo and will be going on to Osaka. Total of 7 concerts.

DJ : So 7 concerts in 3 cities. Wow! About their fans….let me ask you….F4 definitely has influence in Japan. Performing 7 shows straight, this means they are also very confident of the fans’ support.

Reporter : That’s right. F4 managed to capture the Japan market through Meteor Garden and their albums are also very popular. In the Budokan hall there is a total of 12,000 audience, fully packed. Mainly females, ranging from young to old, including housewives. Actually, sitting in the hall amidst the audience, we feel really touched. All the audience are mainly Japanese and on stage are these 4 singers/ artistes from Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, I felt really proud.

DJ : I can understand that. Now most of the fans are mainly ladies. Are they familiar with the songs from F4? Do they sing along together with them? F4 mainly sang mandarin songs right?

Reporter : They sang half in Chinese but also sang some Japanese numbers. What’s really touching is that Japanese fans are really very disciplined but also very passionate. They will use mandarin to greet them, for example ‘Zai zai-ah”, “Zhu Xiao Tian-ah” ,”Wu Jian Hao”. At the concert, you can hear them calling out the Chinese names with Japanese accent, this makes me feel very touched.

DJ : At the stage, for these 7 concerts, did they plan anything special?

Reporter : For idol singers, the idol attraction and appearance is of course very important. And in terms of singing and concert performance, should not compare with the “serious singers”. But I can see that F4 has continuous improvement all the time. Although there is still room for improvement in their singing, you can see that since their debut they have spent time and efforts in this area.

DJ : So you can clearly see their improvement…

Reporter : That’s right. At the beginning, they sang together as a group. Then after that each of them have their solo performances. Before the concert, they made special arrangement to stay in Japan for more than half-a-month and each of them rehearsed their own parts. And you can see at the actual concert that the performance/ effect is pretty good. For example, Zhu Xiao Tian performance was focused on Music and Instruments (sytwo : not sure of this part) and you can see his efforts in this area. As for Wu Zian Hou, he demonstrated his strength in dancing, wearing a vest that reveals his beautiful body, making the Japanese fans scream out. And Zaizai is also very sincere and dedicated. He performed in an extravagant dance show… there was a red sofa in the middle of the stage, and ZZ wore a long fur coat and acted out a scene with 2 dancers on the red sofa. The whole stage was very extravagant. Later on, he also performed hanging on wires and flipping 3 times in mid-air. Seems a bit like a XXX (sytwo : not sure of word) idol show.

DJ : The Japanese fans must have really screamed out loud.

Reporter : Wah, the fans were going crazy! But the Japanese fans are very disciplined (sytwo : not sure of this). At the start of the concert they will all stand up. But they will not stand on top of the seat and even their movements are very graceful/ gentle (sytwo : not sure of this). One unique thing about the concert tickets in Japan is that there is only one price. No matter which seat you get, it is the same price of 12,000 Yen. Unlike in Taiwan, Mainland China or Singapore where the front seats are more expensive and cheaper on 2nd floors and so on. Japan concert tickets only has one price.

DJ : That’s very unique.

Reporter : Yes. And so because of that, the staging and stage arrangements will not only take care of the audience at the first floor. The raising of the platforms/ stage is very important to them. You will see that after a few songs, they will change position on stage and they will also be raised up to the 2nd and 3rd floor so that every one in the audience can have a good view. Now I understand why concerts in Japan has so many of these stage special effects etc. I only discovered this when I went for this concert.

DJ : Besides their performance, dancing and costume, is there anything else that is special for this concert?

Reporter : Yes, something that made our heart stop. We plan to watch the concert on 7th Oct. At about 6.30pm Japan time that day, we receive a call from the record company that Zhu Xiao Tian has been sent to the hospital. During the rehearsal, there were changes in the technical stage arrangements at Budokan. Maybe the communication was not clear, but Xiao Tian did not realize/ forgot that the trap door was behind him and as he walked backwards he fell down and hit his shoulders against the stairs. During an interview with them, ZZ said that the three of them suddenly realize that there is less one person and found that Xiao Tian accidentally slipped and fell down. The three of them quickly rush over to him to took care of him. Xiao Tian said that at the beginning he could not really feel anything, maybe because it was too painful. But when he started singing, and after day 2 when he was doing the interview with us, that’s when the pain started. He can still lift up the mic but could not raise his arms up.

DJ : After you have left Japan and arrived in Taiwan, do you know what is his condition?

Reporter : Actually we interviewed him just before we came back. So the condition is the same which is he can only raise his arms half-way. The doctor said he probably XXXX (sytwo : can’t understand this) but fortunately there are no internal (or bone) injuries.

DJ : Besides Zhu Xiao Tian slipping and falling, there was also another incident on stage.

Reporter : There were really quite a lot of incidences this time. This is the first time in a concert that I saw a performance being stopped in the middle for 8 minutes. It was during ZZ’s solo performance, when he was suppose to sit on a red sofa with 2 dancers and the middle stage was supposed to be raised up to the 2nd and 3rd floor so that the audience there can get a clear view. But at that time, in the middle of the performance, the stage could not be raised up and got stuck in the middle.

It’s a good thing that ZZ still has not gone up yet or else he would have been stuck up there which would be awkward. ZZ realize something was not right and the director use the earphone telling him to move away from the middle stage as there is a technical problem. ZZ’s reaction at that time was very fast. He could not move towards the middle of the stage as there might be trap doors there and it would be dangerous. So he can only move at the side stage. The 2 dancers were also very professional and moved together next to him, performing in line with ZZ. We, the audience, actually did not realize there was a problem, until they turn up the lights and announced that there was a technical glitch and need to stop the concert for the time being. Wow, the whole hall erupted in surprise, and we did not know how long the delay will be. Actually when we interviewed ZZ later, he said that when he was at the bottom of the stage, he really wanted to laugh as this has never happen before in any concerts he has been in.

DJ : How long was the delay?

Reporter : We calculated it, as this was a big news. It was a total of about 8 minutes. After the technical problem was corrected, ZZ repeated the song all over again. I felt that ZZ is very ke-ai (adorable). When he came out to sing the same song again, he use his fingers and signaled “one” to the audience, to tell everyone that he is going to sing one more time. His expression was able to turn what was a negative situation into a happy atmosphere. And the audience, when they saw his playful/ cheeky expression, was really laughing away happily and the atmosphere became high again.

DJ : The Japanese are normally so professional and excellent in what they do. So it is really surprising for this incident to happen.

Reporter : After the concert, the Japanese staff wanted to go to the hotel to personally apologize to Taiwanese staff and the artistes. The artistes were very tired and went back straight to rest. And the Taiwan staff went out with us for supper. They were told that the Japanese were waiting for them at the hotel so they asked the translator to tell them that it is OK, just ensure it does not happen tomorrow and ask them to go back to rest. But when they returned to the hotel at about 2.00am, the Japanese staff were still at the hotel waiting for them as they really want to personally apologize to the Taiwan staff before they can continue working. We estimated that by the end of this whole incident, it was already 4.00am.

DJ : So you can also see their professionalism and work attitude through this.

Reporter : That’s right. Actually, the F4 concert this time was something that did not happen easily. All four them are now with different management companies, and have their own work and development. And just for this Japan concerts, they came together again. The last concert was 2 years ago at HK Hong-Guan. At the interview later, we did question them if this Japan concert will be their last one. Wu Zian Hao said that although they cannot say anything for now, the main challenge for them to get together is really more of each other’s time. But from what we understand, we think that the challenge is more than just time. The bigger challenge is the four different management companies.
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nice one!.
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taiwanese f4 concert in japan? cool
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are they going to have another concert in japan?
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whoa...i wan to se their concert too!
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F4? the original one?
lol niiice!
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Wow thats great
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