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Posted 5/20/09 , edited 5/20/09
Things I learned from watching Noir:

• If you meet a quiet, angsty Japanese school-girl who has amnesia, then she is mostly likely a skilled assassin

• Japanese student ID card is a lethal weapon

• Dagger is faster than bullet

• Popcorns are better than infrared goggles

• The best cure for amnesia is to shoot a bullet right past your ear

• If your uncle suddenly pays you a visit after many years, it's probably a good idea to gun him down

• Q: a deadly assassin just found out you killed her parents ten years ago, and she's pissed, what should you do?
A: write her a love letter... of course

• The Stonehenge is located in the border between Spain and France

• Toy car is mightier than the gun

• Chidren process information differently from adults. For example, when a 5-year-old girl witnesses another 5-year-old girl gunning down a whole family in cold blood, instead of being scarred for life, she will instantly fall madly in love with the loli assassin.

• To save your partner from being stabbed to death, it's much better to shoot the dagger than the assailant

• All church bell towers have a bungee cord hanging from the top -- for precisely the reason that if you ever got chased up the stairs by a mafia hitman, you can jump to safety -- and shoot him down in mid-flight as a bonus

• To operate stealthily in the crowded streets of Paris, be sure to wear a lime-green cloak everywhere and you'll blend right in

• It's customary to wave hello to a roomful of security guards before you shoot them dead

• Real assassins aren't afraid to stand still in front of the opponent and let him use up his ammo first

• Real assassins aren't embarrassed about carrying their gun in a dainty little purse

So my fellow Noir fans, have YOU learned anything from watching Noir?
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Posted 4/12/13 , edited 4/12/13
I learned that something can be awesome for reasons that are very hard to explain.
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