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Posted 5/20/09 , edited 5/22/09
ok well this is were you put up your profile about your characters

this is mine for an example

(after the incident)

(before the incident)
name: amelia
doll codename: Alpha
race: active (human)
history: amelia joined the dollhouse 2 years ago after the tragedy she had witnesed so she joined the dollhouse to forget but she got more than she bargined for when they tryied to upload programes into her that would make her inhumanly fast and storng so she could become the first weponds grade active however it whent horribly wrong and 48 diffrent peronaliys were merged into her and resulted in split personaliy and her other half isnt so kind hearted her other personality is a phycotick killer and she feld now she lives in hideing planing to take the dollhouse down so she can try and rid her self of her other side
goals: to expouse the dollhouse and get rid of her other self

name: Elizabeth
doll codename: Echo
race: active (human)
history: she joined the dollhouse 4 months ago when she was caugth by the police and they made her drop off the map however a month later she was attacked by Alpha however she wasnt killed its unknow why Alpha left her alive since there she hasnt been allouwed to go on the more heavery missons however she is one of the most requested dolls and she has shown signs that she is very adaptable and works better that they predicit
goals: to rember
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Posted 5/21/09 , edited 5/21/09

Race:rogue doll
History:Mary has been in the dollhouse all her life.She is a rogue.Meaning she rebels against the dollhouse.She despises what they do.She has to sides.One is a sweet doll type character.And the other is mean,rude,and violent.
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Posted 5/22/09 , edited 5/22/09

Name: Kira
Race: Android
History: Kira was here her entire android life, sh seems to be Lasar related... she wishes to be free from being used through high risk engaements with actives tahst all she wishes but she is sweet and nice yet violent and has a temper tantrum problem and she almost has no feelings at all and her wepon is mostly a lasar sword and she alwasy wears a white dress with a red ribbon
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Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/31/09

doll codename: Lolita
race: active (human)
history: Rina was a lonely and quiet girl but snice she join the dollhouse she became active,cheerful,sweet,kind,she is a lolita doll type,she likes sweet and cute things,her clothes is pretty cute
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