Akatsuki Break Down
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My Akatsuki run down.
First off the akatsuki are the most powerful shinobi in the naruto world. Each one is able to caoture a biju or its host. Theres so much still left to learn but from what we do know there no boy scouts. I'll give my opinion on whos the strongest and why. One thing that bothers me is the rings. Zetsu places so much on those rings there must be a connection with that statue they use to seal the biju in. On this I think the statue is a wood element because Nagato (which has been proven as Pain) can use any jutsu he wonted since the age of 10. Plus wood jutsu is the only one able to control biju which is what made shodaime hokage or hirashima senju the most powerful ninja of his era. We really dont know if thats the same statue that shodaime used or not its possible it is and isnt but we dont really see how shodaime controled them. All thats know is that he used the necklaces like the one naruto has on his neck to control them. This organization is the main enemy in shippuuden and as of now have 7 biju sealed away and almost had 8 if it wasnt a bunshin of some sort. Who is the real leader of akatsuki? This question is on kishimoto has safe guarded for a long time know one knows. Itachi told us that after madara was defeated by shodaime he created the akatsuki to hide his movements which is why he took the form of tobi the goof ball. Recently Pain said he created the akatsuki for world domination and world peace all at the same time. How ever tobi was seen giving pain orders to capture the 9 tails. This causes more questions if pain started the akatsuki how did he recruit madara over to his side, as it by force or by a releated idea? If madara created akasuki was nagato pain yet and how did he win over the man who has the tools of god (rinnegan created the ninja world and all its jutsu)the power to destroy the world or save it from ruin? I'm sure will find out later on but very interesting questions indeed.
Now my break down from weakest to strongest as seen in the manga so far.
To start off my recap coming in as the weakest so far is.....
We only see him being able to fuse with the wilderness around now and we never see him fight. Something interesting is during the sealinging of shukuka the one tails pain ordered zetsu to use the body with the longest range. We dont know if he has more then one body but what we do know is this jutsu his unlike attack prevention like orochimaru used in the chunin exam because zetus literaly becomes one with the surrounding while orichimaru is seen being sucked into the tree and was able to be pulled out my anko and striking shadow snake hands. Because we havent seen much of his powers he gets my lowest rank. Also we seen in the manga tobi/madara reporting to zetsu on his meeting with team hawk and pain. We do know Zetsu is one for the senior members because he made it clear that he hasnt been in konoha for the same amount of time as madara saying it been to long far to long since we've been in konoha. This ha something to do with there barrier jutsu I would guess (the one that detected pain).
Second up is...(jashinsama dont kill me over this)
Its not that his ability isnt great thats not the case its just it only works on close range slow fighters like asuma. If asuma would hae used wind instead of fire he would have won by slicing him up from a ranged distance. What is known is hes an experiment from the hotspring village under the jashinsama cult. He has to kill all the time as he said to the the ghost cat 2 tails its a sin not to kill. This is important because if he dosent kill he loses his immortality. The fact that he has to get the opponents blood and eat it is pretty hard if there faster them him like kakashi was in there fight. Overall hes still strong enough to be akatsuki with his ability but not a strong one he even admits to being the slowest of all the akatsukis members.
Third up is...
Even though she is most likely the only paper using shinobi she is pretty powerfull. The only reason jiraiya beat here was he knew here secret. Think about it most fire and water jutsus are straight on attacks and she would be able to wrap you up from the back or side unless your using water wall which is A ranked and would exaust the user fast. Shes also very usefull with here ability to turn into millions of paper butterflies. During this arc the hunt the 9 tails arc she had several shinobi wrapped up in papper about to kill them we dont know if she can harden the paper but we know she is strong enough to take out serveral jonin level shinobi with here paper.
Forth up is...
Everyone might be saying wait hes the strongest or close to it but with his know powers not really. Hes only shown us that he can make attacks phase through him and that he can teleport with out using hand seals. Beside the sharingan hes nothing more then a goof off. any skilled close ranged ninja could counter his attacks from teleporting around and phasing there attacks which would tire him. Lets say him verses rock less rock less is pure taijutsu not to mention faster speed wise and he uses no chakra if tobi stuck to only those moves he would lose from chakra over use and exaustion. We know hes Madara and the Mizukage as said by Kisame and we also know the san daime hokage was stronger then any of the other kages so it stands to reason that madara isnt very strong unless hes been hiding his moves. We know hes has the highest level of sharingan and that hes well over 100 yrs old. He also helped itachi kill the uchiha clan and turned sasuke against the leaf. Besides that and the fact that he used 9 tails to attack the leaf which is the event that caused naruto to have the beats sealed inside him hes still a mystery.
Fifth is.....
Hes about half way up in rank and with the right reason. He took out garra by himself and lead to the capture of 3 tails. He almost beat sasuke with the cost of his life if not for manda who was kille in sasukes place the avanger would have died. His bombs are a forbidden jutsu know to his village of the stone or rock. Hes an artist and loves to blow things up aswell as admire other art forms. Hes the only member we seen being recurited into the team when he lost to itachi.
sixth is....
This man was awesome not only did he kill the third kazekage a.k.a the iron master he was the best puppet master to ever live in the sand village. In the end he died from saskura and Chiyo-basama's team work hes by far is the most impressive shinobi in the akatsuki. He had over 100 puppets in play and destroyed an entire nation with them. Not to mention his poison which was cured by sakura the replacement for tsunade (there the best healers in the shinobi world) I think if it was naruto and kakashi he may have won because of the iron sand kakashi would be forced to use the mangekyou sharingan more then once on his red secret jutsu 100 puppet display.He is also a senior member.
Seventh is...
We all know he has the most chakra of akatsuki and his skill is awesome he almost beat guy just playing around I wont to see him get serious. His water jutsu is at a higher level then the second hokages for sure and his shark frenzy is almost unstopable. Did I mention he beat the lava master and 4 tails all in one go?(there the same person the 4 tails host). His strenght is compareable with tsunades as he held asuma down with one hand on his sword and asuma used both this trench knives. What adds the gravy to the potaoes is samehameda and its ability to cut and absorb chakra if he slices near you your chakra is gone. He is also a senior member.

Eight is...
His powers are one to not be messed with. All though hes was tough to beat with all his attacks he isnt fit to be crowned # 2 or # 3 because if you killed one of his hearts while out side his boby he would lose it. No one had the chance to do it since hidan was around but I'd say kakshi could have taken him out with yamato's help with some effort. I had to determine if he was stronger then orochimaru and from seeing them both fight oro is stronger by a small margin and it stands to reason that he could take on itachi and win is susanoo isnt used. He uses his villages most powerfull jutsu the fear of eath grudge which he stole from the hidden waterfall village after hes escaped prison and killed the elders. Cant blame him since he lost to shodaime and was put in jail for it. He is also a senior member.
nineth is...
Orochimaru the sannin with pale skin. He could be stronger the itachi or at the same level since he is stronger the jiraiya (because jiraiya doesnt wont to hurt him) and itachi said hes no match for the toad sage even with kisames help. He lands # 3 because he never showed us his real power only his snake moves. Weres all his forbidden jutsu at I was let down by his moves but he was able to hold his own with 4 tails naruto and even had 4 tails pinned down. Hes the former hokage canidate that wasnt picked in favor of minato so he fled the village after being found out for killing and experimenting on leaf shinobi. He killed the third hokage but he was dying anyway from the reaper death seal so its a coin toss on that on.
Tenth and the #2(if your an afro samurai fan) is.....
Itachi Uchiha
His powers are supreme and his speed is a blur. Itachi is by far the most impressive uchiha thus far. We already know how strong the moon reader and shining heaven jutsus were but the storm god jutsu was to powerful. We still never saw his real power he was playing with sasuke even madara mocked sasuke saying he wouldnt have won if he didnt wont sasuke to kill him. He was a senior member and the killer of his clan and best friend. I'm amazed at how fast he hit sasuke with moon reader. Its a wonder why he never fought pain himself to end the akatsuki, not saying he has a chance with the six paths but he would have faired better then j-man but he would have died sooner to.
The # 1 and eleventh is....
Is there anything he cant do? He is pretty much way to powerfull even though naruto was able to kill 5 realms god realm is about to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Its seen he can use more then on jutsu and the jutsu get stronger the closer he is to nagato. What cant he do is right can summon infinite monsters, bring himself back to life, steal your soul, fire off missiles, absorb all your chakra and push or pull you to his will. The fact that there six of him and each one can do something unique its hard to win fighting him and if he sticks you with his black spear your done you'll get a dose of his chakra and your finished unless you have helpers like jiraiya did. We know he wa orphaned in the third great war and was taught by jiraiya along side yahiko and konan (konan is in love with him for those who dont know see the episode with pain telling hidan there goal he says for love and we see konan making a nasty face about it). His friend was almost killed and he awakened the rinnegan. Yahiko died and them pain was born. Yahiko is god realm and he is protected by the other pains at any cost. Pain killed salamaber hanzo the main who gave the sannin there name and killed jiraiya and shizune. Were waiting on kakashi but he killed a lot of the villagers when he destoryed it with shinrai tensei, and banshou tensei is no childs play either and now we can only wait to see chibaku tensei next week.
The akatsuki is truely a group of the most powerfull shinobi to ever exist and they all have freakish abilities from turning into paper to stealing hearts and using then to live longer and gain all the elements.
This sums up pein's akatsuki run down post your input and thoughts and if you liked it digg it or bookmark it its not going any where lol.
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yeah, ok, i'm not sure why you have so much time on your hands to write this much stuff, or maybe you just copy and pasted it but the point is barely anyone is going to read it.

i read two or three sentences and gave up.
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just an advice few that if no one will read a post that long
any way sorry but i'm not trying to be mean but for your beautiful eyes i will read it all
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Very well written but sort of long. I wish you could edit this and shorten it so everyone can post more feedback, since you did a really great job with this.
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I say it is to long, most would not read it due to the length, truth is i skipped it at first then went back up then went damn will this ever end, Sorry if I am being mean about it.
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Wow, nice piece of art man.

You put facts with each character, I try to find the word or so to come up with an aswer to who is the weakest to the strongest by facts, and how to prove with an example.

Yes, it was a long too read, but reading books for me, it was like a piece of cake.

Yes, I agree, Sasuke brother could have won the battle like I stated due to the mange, he seem to be toying around with Sasuke like he was still a kid, but then again if he was sick like Madara stated, then he wouldn't be able to fight at 100% due he was dying in the process.

Yes, as for Och, I hate the fact they didnt have him use some of his other jutsu that he learned over the years, not just the snakes or shit.

As for Zetsu, We havn't seen what he does or how he fits or how he made it into that group.yes he can spy and eat ur dead brother body but beside that he is useless.

Over all I don't feel like explaining more on each person, cause it will make it hard to read :p

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sasori should be ninth

the reason he lost so easy is because the people who make the anime needed to get people exited about watching the show otherwise he would have wasted

now itachi is better but i think orochimaru and sasori are tied

and to all of you who are saying this is to long YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ IT!!!!!!!!
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