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Get Your Story Published In Dark Academy!

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cool i have a story that i want to tell and its an original
Death's Sword
Slowly walking through the woods I see a bright light. Surrounded by darkness it's like heavens lights shining down me. Making my way toward this heavens guide, I step into this mysterious light, my breath slowly coming out, then with the beat of a drum all hopw is lost. No mote heavens sign, i was drowned with the darkness, slowly losing myself. No... I cant lose myself, if I do they will surely come fot me. I have to find my way through this woods, I cant live like this. Silence...driving me into insanity I cant stand it. Why must I suffer, a human body with no soul. I was damned to hell, left to die. Too many bodies killed by my hand, no more, I dont want this life, I'll gladly give it up, but I cant. God meant to show me no pity. Cant I have a second chance too, God. I guess God hates me, I kill for a living cause I AM DEATH, himself.
The time has come, for Death to become mortal, once more. I dont need God's help, I can do this by myself. But first I must get rid of this curse, which bounds me to the underworld. This chains that hold me tight must be gone. Making my way to the only person that can help me. Right in front of me, sitting in his throne that rules this hell is Lucifer, the only angel that dared to rebel against God. A long time friend of mine, I owed him my pitiful soul. But as payment I do all the dirty work. "Dear friend of mine"-I say- "please let me be mortal once more".
"Why should I, you have killed too many to even be called human" said Lucifer with a smirk on his face. Why....why is it that with each corner I turn to I get the same answer. I dont wish to kill but I had to, it was the only way to survive in this hell.
Not even this devil will help me. I got into this mess when God abanded me. The only one that answered my pleas was the devil king, Lucifer. Even though he did save me from all that torture in my eyes he became a traitor. Leaving his Kingdom, I had an idea, I'll find the sword that can destroy Lucifer. I look back one time to see where my old friend stood, I know if Im ever caught leaving his side they will torture and feed me to the lower demons. But mortality is what I need, I cant live like this, killing without a purpose, following commands from a tyrant king. I need that voice which is deep inside of me to tell me what to do and it has spoken.
It said,"Mortality is what you crave for, it can save your crippled soul from Hell's gates". My soul is locked away and still alive, I need it if I want to survive this HELL Im in.
Walking fast I knew this was the only way I could get out. I have to kill him, its the only way I can escape this inferno. I was shocked at what I saw, Lucifer was before me and his true form showed. He was red, and his feet were hoves instead, and in his head he had horns that can kill. I had traveled from far just to kill him. In the deepest, darkess corner of hell I found the only weapon that could erase the king of this hell. As I traveled to the seventh level, where Lucifer's castle is, I thought "Why do i have to kill him, we were such good partners but how can he betray me, Im doing his dirty work for him, I kill and collect souls and send them to hell, but he still wont let me go". I have to leave.
Making my way toward Lucifer I shout "Lucifer.... I have come for your head". Lucifer finally spots me and laughs, pitying me. "My Death, why do you wish to leave my hell, I give you a home and peace, see...if I didnt let you become my partner in crime imagine what your life would have been if I have let you live". Raising my sword, I run toward him ready for battle.
He easily side steps the swing of my sword. He raises his hands and lighting strikes. The lighting is inhumanly, it seems to be alive, dancing toward me. Knowing if the lighting was to hit me, I would have no chance to ever be human. Every swing I make and every blow I get had caused me to slowly lose my energy. This isnt my domain, there's no way I can survive. Out of the blue, my attention was drawn to Lucifer's sword, and in that sword the handle had a black gem, which seem to contain something important. I didnt know why but I know I have to destroy it. All of a sudden it clicked, the sword, the gem,... my chains. I have no way of ever being mortal, for I am that very weapon that Lucifer is using. I am his immortal sword, to always fight beside him.
"So... You finally understand, this sword is you, and you are this sword", I stop fighting as I listen to him.
"You were never a human, you are called Heavens Curse, because of you I fought against God, because of you I rule this Hell" he said. It was me, I was the one to cause the war between good and evil. Now I know there is no way I can ever dream about escaping this place I created
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